Meet 7 Best Research Apps for College Students

Best Research Apps for College Students

Today any student can boost the knowledge of using different technologies. When it concerns studying, they seek ways of easing this process. Then applications come into action. The Internet daily releases an overview of apps. The ones which are available for free and the others where you should pay fair value. One of the most helpful ones is for research writing papers. Check how you can improve your college grades by turning to useful software.

APA Style Citing

If your assignment demands a proper style of its composition, this app will help you. The 6th edition contains the guideline on how to cite research in your paper. Also, it shows the ways of formatting the material and its preparation for publication. It is a set of fixed rules, which will meet the requirements of any scientific paper. By inserting your text and passing it through the system, it will avoid plagiarism.


It is a kind of your personal library but without borrowing or buying the books. Students and researchers may find it useful by carrying PDF files in the pocket. Anytime, you can search your library for necessary keywords or highlighted phrases. The application can be used either online or offline, the files will not disappear. Sync all the annotations across all devices.


An analog of Wikipedia, where a student can learn how to do anything. The platform avails around 180,000 articles on different topics. It is the best helper if you cannot decide how to spend your time besides studying. For example, it gives tips on such a popular college question as how to write a research paper in a day. Check the articles, and you will find out the information you have never known before.

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An application that can teach anyone how to become a scientist. The fastest way to become intelligent in different fields of science. Thousands of articles on academic papers and their composition. Unique content contributes to research and shows how to teach others professionally. Bookmark article to read it later. Highlight citations and track your progress in reading trending topics.

Thesis Examples 2019

Save your time by browsing the thesis examples. More than 200 samples show how to compose professional academic work. Tips on writing an essay without plagiarism and common mistakes. The application helps to correct the context and make your text look decent. Such correction services usually are chargeable, with this app forget to spend money.

Academic Writing in English

It is a complete guideline for writing academic essays. Lots of interactive exercises aiming to teach you how to master academic papers. Keep in mind, it does not do all the work for you but provide you with hundreds of tips. The tips on avoiding plagiarism, conducting proper research. Following the rules of text composition now, a student may start thinking critically in a short time.

Oxford Learner’s Academic Dictionary

Now this helper can be found even on your smartphone. No need to purchase a book online, once it can be in your pocket. Learn the words and phrases necessary for academic writing. A free version gives you 100 sample entries for your assignments. If there is a need in a full version, buy it at a cheap price and enjoy the scientific vocabulary.

Review all the above-listed options and download them for your convenience. All of the apps are available both for iOs and Android. They do not require much space. If you still need help with your research papers, place a custom order on and dedicate your time to relaxation.

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