The Best SD Cards For Your Camera

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File storage is a need in order to store our files that are in digital format. Without digital storage, we won’t be able to access our digital files at all. There are many storage devices, such as the memory stick from Sony. Thumb drives are an option as well. Thumb drive sizes differ depending on the storage capacity and other features, such as data transfer speed. However, despite the abundance of storage devices, not every storage device is compatible with a gadget. Luckily, a universal form of file storage is here to help, which is the SD card.

The SD card is a data storage device that can work with almost any gadget. However, the SD card is more frequently used with a digital camera. There are many types of SD cards, but almost anything will work with a digital camera. The only difference is that SD cards can differ when it comes to storage capacity and data transfer speed. As for quality, you should know that the higher the storage space, the better quality your shots turn out.

Below are some of the best SD cards you can get for your digital camera today.

SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-II

This SD card is one of the best types of SD cards from SanDisk,and it easily solves your problems when it comes to storage for your camera. It has a storage capacity of up to 128GB. It’s perfect for the photographer or videographer who wants their output to be of high quality. Not only that, but it also has a data transfer rate of 300MB/s, which is very fast. If you want the SD card that will give you high-quality output with fast transfer speed, this is for you.

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SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-I

Like thumb drive sizes, SanDisk’s memory cards also differ from each other. In this case, this SD card is a budget-friendly version of the previous SD card. The Extreme PRO UHS-I has one significant improvement over its successor, which is its storage capacity. The UHSI’s storage capacity goes up to 256GB which is still higher than its successor. However, a downside with the UHS-I is that it has a slower transfer rate at 170MB/s. Nevertheless, it’s still a good SD card if you’re not looking for a fast SD card while still retaining high-quality output.

Lexar Professional Class 10 UHS-II

Lexar is a well-known and go-to brand for photographers and videographers alike, so it only makes sense for one of their products to make an appearance on this list. In that regard, the Professional Class 10 is that product. If you’re a professional photographer or videographer, the Professional Class 10 is what you should get. Even raw files shot on this SD card turns out to be of high-quality. Not to mention that the data transfer rate is at 250MB/s, which is still considerably fast.

Sony SF-G Tough SDXC

This memory stick from Sony lives up to the name. As part of Sony’s Tough series line of SD cards, it’s bulked up with protection that shields it from dust, grime, and dirt. It also has a degree of water resistance. As for storage capacity, it goes up to 128GB. It has a fast data transfer speed of 300MB/s. This SD card is good for the outdoor photographer or videographer who wants the best quality out of their work.

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It’s only right for you to have a high-quality SD card if you’re a photographer or videographer. When choosing the right SD card, you should consider your budget and your chosen purpose for an SD card. One such example is if you’re going to use an SD card for pure photography, pure videography, or a mix of both. With a high-quality SD card, even your raw shots tend to go out with high quality as well. Combined with your creative eye, your shots will surely turn out to be better than expected.


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