Best time to Visit Vietnam and Fun Facts about the Country

The image shows the beauty Vietnam can offer if we make it there on the right time.

Deciding the best time to visit Vietnam greatly depends upon different factors, for example, celebrations and occasions. The best time to visit Vietnam is from December through February. As that is when the temperatures are milder, and the downpour is insignificant. There are a number of good sites only that can help guide tourist actives and others that may do similar. We suggest thorough and careful research!

A Brief of the best time to visit Vietnam

Vietnam’s long, tight shape implies that the three essential areas (north, focal, and south) consistently experience various kinds of seasons and climate occasions. Picking when to go to Vietnam is significant, both for individual solace and pressing purposes. The south, for the most part, gets more downpour and appreciates a tropical atmosphere. Nonetheless, Hanoi and focuses more distant north have cooler winters than numerous explorers anticipate. 

The Weather in Vietnam-Be mindful of this before you realize the best time to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam can be appreciated whenever consistently, be that as it may, climate plays a major factor—especially in the event that you intend to appreciate trekking and open-air exercises. Once in awhile storm downpours can turn out to be so overwhelming in urban regions that avenues flood and transportation close down totally!

In March and April, temperatures and mugginess levels can be choking before storm downpours start to chill things in the late spring months.

The spring and fall months are generally lovely for visiting the north of Vietnam (Hanoi). Winter evenings can get generally cold, with temperatures plunging into the 50s. A lot colder has been recorded. You’ll positively require a coat when visiting Halong Bay in the winter, especially in case you’re now acquainted with hotter temperatures in the south or different nations around Southeast Asia.

Visiting Vietnam During Monsoon Season is the best time to visit Vietnam.

Similarly, as with most goals, Vietnam can at present be appreciated during the rainstorm season (April to October). However, there are a few provisos.

You’ll meet far fewer explorers and significantly more mosquitoes during the stormy season. Arranging better costs for settlement gets more uncomplicated, and visits might be less expensive, yet outside exercises, for example, investigating the Citadel at Hue, become soaked encounters.

Transportation delays occur. Transports may not run during significant stretches of overwhelming precipitation — may be something to be thankful for as streets become overflowed and progressively dangerous to drive. Indeed, even the low-lying tracks along the north-south railroad become overwhelmed, causing delays in train administration.

On the off chance that you will probably go among Hanoi and Saigon, have a flexible schedule in the event that climate causes delays. You might be in an ideal situation flying into the piece of Vietnam you wish to visit as opposed to attempting to travel long separations overland during storm season.

Visiting Vietnam During Typhoon Season-is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Notwithstanding the season, colossal climate occasions, for example, tropical miseries and storms blowing in from the east, can make week-long deluges that upset excursion plans. Now and then, the flooding can crush and damage various regions.

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The beginning dates rely on which part of Vietnam (north, focal, or south), however, August is a general beginning stage. October will in general, be a stormy month by and large.

Fortunately, tropical storms don’t ordinarily sneak up on a nation surprisingly. Watch out for climate occasions as your outing draws near.

Key Events and Festivals

The biggest national occasion in Vietnam is the Lunar New Year festivity known as Tet.

During Tet, transportation, and lodging go up in cost or become booked strong as individuals move around the nation celebrate or visit family. A flood of Chinese vacationers going for Chinese New Year hit prominent sea shore territories, such as Nha Trang. In spite of the fact that Tet is an amazingly fascinating and energizing time to be in Vietnam, your touring plans will be influenced, so book ahead and show up sooner than expected.


Tet pursues a lunisolar schedule—all things considered, it is Lunar New Year—so dates change from year to year, typically concurring with Chinese New Year. 


Other enormous national occasions incorporate May 1 (International Worker’s Day) and September 2 (National Day). Reunification day on April 30 praises the reunification of North Vietnam and South Vietnam toward the finish of the Vietnam War. Neighborhood families might be going during these occasions. The Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese Moon Festival) is seen in September or October (in light of the lunisolar schedule).

Spring-Despite the warmth, it very well maybe your best time to visit Vietnam.

Walk and April in Vietnam are very hot, with temperatures averaging around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Ordinarily, downpour starts in full power by late April, and by May, the warmth and mugginess are extraordinary. The upside: Fewer groups.

Occasions to check ou when you make it during the best time to visit Vietnam:

Global Labor Day is hung on May 1. Festivities and marches are held in focal squares all through the nation.

Saigon Liberation Day is commended across the nation on April 30.

Summer-Depends on your warm edge. It very well may be the best time to visit Vietnam for you.

Late spring climate can change contingent upon where you are in the nation. The south is very warm, with highs moving over 90 degrees Fahrenheit routinely, and is a regularly unfortunate casualty to visit overwhelming showers. In case you’re in the northern piece of the nation, you’ll need to bring a lot of creepy crawly repellant—mosquitoes are at their pinnacle, on account of successive substantial precipitation.

Occasions to look at:

National Day praises the ascent of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on September 2 every year.

Fall- One of the best time to visit Vietnam.

Deluges continue through September and October. Anyway, typhoons can cause troublesome circumstances. In like manner, dumbfounded explorers should be cautious that central areas of Vietnam are needy upon hurricanes all through the fall months.

Occasions to look at:

During mid-September, Haiphong has the Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, likewise held in mid-September (on the half-moon of the eighth lunar month, to be precise), is mainstream with kids and incorporates move and desserts.


Finally, come December, the nation dries out. Winter denotes the best time for shoreline relaxes in Vietnam, yet the nation’s northern piece can hush up cool and melancholy.

At the point when you visit during the best time to visit Vietnam, make a point to know these Fun Facts about the nation.

Chomping and Belching Are Normal in Vietnam.

Uproarious eating is viewed as impolite in many nations on the planet. Be that as it may, not in Vietnam (and China).

Interestingly, Vietnamese has a vile propensity for littering in the spot they eat. So you will discover utilized napkins, nourishment scraps, and cigarette butts on the floor of each customary Vietnamese café.

Not every one of the individuals in Vietnam eat uproariously, however. A few out of every odd eatery is filthy. You can discover the spots that are perfect.

Vietnam Street | Food Street Vietnam- a must know before you know the best time to visit Vietnam.

Fun Vietnam certainties: chomping and burping are typical

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Fascinating Vietnam facts to know before they travel during the best time to visit Vietnam

Everyone Can Feel Like a Millionaire in Vietnam.

Vietnamese cash is extremely interesting! 1$ is more than 20,000 VND. That is the reason, typically, you will pay 50,000-100,000 VND for supper or more than a million VND for a stay in an inn! This is most likely one of Vietnam’s intriguing realities since everybody likes to have the impression of being rich!

Such a major measure of cash is confounding to voyagers, and unfortunately, Vietnamese individuals exploit this.

For instance, you may give somebody 100,000 rather than 10,000, and he won’t disclose to you that you are mixed up. You must be exceptionally cautious with the cash in Vietnam!

Vietnamese cash | Fun Fact about Vietnam

Fun reality about Vietnam: feeling like a tycoon

Vietnam fascinating actualities #4

The Capital City of Vietnam isn’t The Largest In The Country.

It’s a fun Vietnam certainty. In many nations on the planet, the capital city is likewise the biggest one in the entire nation. It is diverse in Vietnam. Hanoi (capital) has a populace of 6.5 million individuals, while in Ho Chi Minh City (otherwise called Saigon), live more than 7.5 million individuals!

These two urban communities are the greatest in the nation; however, they are arranged very far away from one another.

The separation between Saigon (Southern Vietnam) and Hanoi (Northern Vietnam) is in excess of 1,500 km (930 miles)!

Look at the best inns to remain in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In the event that you lean toward leasing a loft, go to Airbnb!

Vietnam intriguing certainties Hanoi

Unusual actuality on Vietnam: Hanoi isn’t the greatest city of the nation.

Vietnam intriguing Fact
Tortoise Is a Lucky Symbol in Vietnam. A must know before you know the best time to visit Vietnam.

Right when we were looking for charming substances about Vietnam, we saw that Vietnamese people love tortoises. They acknowledge that they are bringing karma and prosperity. They welcome the life expectancy of turtles and recognize that keeping tortoiseshells at home will haul out their lives moreover.

There are four blessed animals in Vietnamese culture. Tortoise is one of them. The others are legendary brutes, Phoenix and unicorns. So the tortoise is actually the principle REAL animal of all that Vietnamese love which infers it has a spot with the fun facts of Vietnam.

There is even a legend about a Tortoise God who helped King A Duong Vuong building Co Loa bastion on the edges of Vietnam-Hanoi’s capital city. The observed Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake (generally called the Lake of the Restored Sword) is connected with a legend about King Le Loi. It is acknowledged that he reestablished the sword to the Tortoise God in the wake of squashing his enemies. Vietnamese people acknowledge that the old tortoise is so far living in the Hoan Kiem Lake.

the tortoise of Vietnam | Weird reality about Vietnam

Fascinating Vietnam Fact 

Vietnamese Smoke A Lot.

One of 10 realities about Vietnam culture that individuals didn’t think about is that it’s a paradise for smokers. As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), over 25% of Viets smoke cigarettes. It is 1/4 of the number of inhabitants in the whole nation! Smoking is considered a masculine ‘movement’, so it will probably not see a Vietnamese lady with a cigarette.

Smoking is modest in Vietnam. One bundle of cigarettes costs under $1! It is likewise prevalent to smoke from the bamboo tube channels.

Vietnam intriguing certainties Cigarettes | shop in Vietnam during the best time to visit Vietnam.

Peculiar actualities Vietnam: plenty of smokers

Interesting fact You know should know before your stay during the best time to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam Is The World’s Largest Cashew Nuts Exporter.

It delivers practically 30% of all cashew nuts on the world!

Cashew nuts are prevalent in numerous nations and landmasses, particularly in Asia, Europe, and America. In any case, the generation of them is very questionable.

Why? Since it makes intense harm cashew’s manufacturing plant laborers. 

Numerous individuals who work in the cashew business have changeless harm to their hands in light of this destructive fluid. The manufacturing plants don’t generally give gloves to their workers.

That is the reason a few people accept that purchasing and eating cashew nuts isn’t moral.

Cashew nuts in Vietnam

Facts about Vietnam: Vietnam nourishment culture

Intriguing Vietnam realities #9

Viets Embrace Their Culture

You can, in any case, observe ladies wearing conventional garments Ao Dai in the city. Also, Non-La, the celebrated Asian tapered caps.

Fun Vietnam realities #10

Vietnam Is Famous For Weird Drinks.

Have you at any point known about the Snake Wine? It is very mainstream in Vietnam (and in China). They put the entire snake (or scorpion) into the jug and afterward empty the rice wine.

We attempted it-it tastes very well!

The best alcohol is from the venomous snake. The ethanol denatures its venom, so it is innocuous.

Vietnam intriguing realities Snake wine

Vietnam Interesting actualities: the well-known snake wine

The other strange Vietnamese beverage is Eggnog Coffee. It’s an espresso with… egg.

It tastes astonishing! We were astounded at how great this beverage is. Notwithstanding espresso and egg, Viets add to this refreshment sweet, consolidated milk.

So the consolidated milk is on the base, solid, Vietnamese espresso is in the center and white egg foam is on the top. These three layers look and taste stunning.


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