Causes and Long-term Treatments for Stuttering

Treatments for Stuttering

Stuttering is a common speech disorder common among men than women. Stutterers repeat or prolong sounds or words. Stuttering interferes with speech patterns. People who stutter often accompany the habit with abnormal expressions and body movements. Long term Treatments for Stuttering can help a stutterer stop stuttering.

Causes of Stuttering

There is no clear cause for stuttering. However, stuttering can be classified as developmental, neurogenic, or psychogenic.

Developmental stuttering is the commonest type of stuttering. It mainly affects children who are learning a new language. It is genetic and can be passed from one family generation to the other.

Neurogenic stuttering occurs as a result of disorders such as brain trauma. It affects many people with head injuries or stroke. The victim’s brain struggles to link speech mechanisms.

Psychogenic stuttering results from emotional trauma. Many people tend to temporarily stutter when exposed to traumatizing situations. However, this type of stuttering is rare.

Long term Treatments of Stuttering

It takes urgent, early-stage measures to stop stuttering. For a child, parents and guardians can take steps to treat stuttering if the child exhibits stuttering signs for more than 3 months. Therapy can also be considered if the child comes from a family of stutterers.

Here are some long-term treatments for stuttering.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists help people with stuttering problems to regulate their rate of speech, detect stuttering signs, manage stuttering situations, and fix speech patterns. Speech therapy is the most preferred effective treatment for children and adults stuttering.

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a common type of psychotherapy employed by therapists to direct communication, offer stuttering education and tips to control stuttering. The therapy helps individuals to think positively in order to reduce anxiety.

Electronic Devices

There is plenty of speech managing electronic devices available in the market. They help people with stuttering problems to manage and improve their speech fluency. Some electronic devices are designed to help stutterers by regulating their speech. Others imitate speech. Speaking together with another person may help reduce stuttering.

Parental Support

Parents and guardians have the sole responsibility of supporting children with stuttering disorders by listening to them keenly, avoiding completing words for children, refraining from interrupting or criticizing a Child’s speech speaking slowly to children who stutter, ensuring that children live in a stress-free environment. Teachers in schools should not bully learners because of stuttering.

Stutterers Self-help Groups

Self-help groups for stutterers help people with stuttering disorders to uncover resources and find support for stuttering.


Speech disorders, such as stuttering, affect the self-esteem of many people. There are many causes of speech disorders, such as brain injuries and trauma. Long term measures such as speech therapy can help stop stuttering.


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