Cooking Crush: Download and enjoy the mouth watering cooking game

mouth watering cooking game

Hey everyone, as you all know that I am a huge fan of cooking games and I have played so many kitchen games before but recently I have played a rather new one. It is called Cooking crush! and let me tell you that it was super fun and exciting. Cooking crush! has my number one vote! This blog will be about Cooking Crush: Download and enjoy the mouth-watering cooking game.

The name of the mouth watering cooking game is called Cooking crush! It is just like food games. The game is available for both Android and iOS. With such a high standard of quality, I was surprised that the game is absolutely free for everyone. However, you can make in-app purchases if you wish.

What kind of food do we have to prepare in this cooking game?

Well, here is good news. Whether you like burgers and fast food or have a sweet tooth for cakes and ice cream, you are going to have a time of your life preparing every food you can think of because the food is gourmet! Yes, Cooking crush! lets you cook mouth-watering food from all around the globe in this kitchen simulation.


Is this kitchen game difficult?

The game starts off pretty easy. The first level is actually a tutorial so you can learn the basics. The player will learn that they can start free cooking games by tapping the ingredients of the recipe and the objects that are needed to prepare them.

As the player keeps winning levels and making their way up to the next ones, the game will heat up a little. This will keep going on with every passing level but the player will be trained enough to handle it. It is the most famous time management game.

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Besides cooking, what other skills does this kitchen game have to offer?

Since Cooking crush! is set up in a restaurant, so the player will have to work according to a restaurant schedule, i.e. non-stop. Customers keep rushing in and ordering different options from the menu and as the master chef, the player will have to fulfill those orders in just enough time so the customer stays satisfied and does not have to wait long. This game definitely builds some serious time management skills!

How do I know what a customer wants?

The customer’s order will be shown floating on top of the customer. Be sure to observe those keenly as the order might be customized differently according to their taste.

The customer also has a satisfaction meter near them. It is green at first when they are happy but will proceed to turn yellow and then, red if their order is not done on time. The customer will leave angry and you will lose coins.

How are the graphics of this game?

The graphics are stunning. The food especially looks good enough to gobble! The colors are bright and vivid. The faces are friendly enough that even children will enjoy this game.

How is the ambiance of the restaurants?


The ambiance depends on the player! If you are serving them well, then the ambiance stays pretty good. Furthermore, you can decorate the restaurant according to how you feel it should look. You can change the decorations on your countertops to the curtains on the wall. It is your restaurant and you are in charge!

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Are there any ads in this game?

The ads are optional. I would say, watch them because you will be rewarded! On watching an ad, you can double the number of coins earned in a level. Isn’t that amazing?

What can we do with the earned coins?

Coins that are earned in the game can be used for buying things from the store. You can restock recipe ingredients and buy new pots and pans. Level-ups can be purchased for an appliance or a pan so that food preparation time is cut shorter.

 In a nutshell, this cooking game is something that will keep you interested all the while feeding you with knowledge and experience. Now go and Cooking crush!


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