Create a safe and pleasant workplace as a boss

safe and pleasant workplace

As a boss, manager, or team leader, you are responsible for the employees underneath you. It is therefore logical that you want employees that come to work and perform their work properly and safely, without any complaints. If this sounds too good to be true, keep reading; we are going to list our top three ways of ensuring a safe and pleasant workspace. This blog will be about how to Create a safe and pleasant workplace as a boss.

  1. Express your satisfaction

In many companies, the workplace is filled with focused employees working hard to deliver each day.  The employees work very hard for this. Being a manager of course comes with its own set of work and pressure, and this can often distract a manager from the hard work being done by others around him/her. This leads to employees not feeling appreciated for their own hard work. To avoid this, do not forget to take a step back every once in a while, list what goes well in your workplace each day, and then thank the people responsible. No matter how cliché it sounds, expressing satisfaction (perhaps with some extra goodies included as well) is always much appreciated. Surprise your employees with a nice breakfast of croissants and fresh orange juice every once in a while, and watch your employee satisfaction begin to soar.

2. Ensure that the workplace is safe

Safety is important in every sector. Of course in certain work sectors, where work is carried out in potentially hazardous situations with unsafe materials and/or dangerous machines, there are specific plans laid out to ensure and increase workplace safety. It is of course critical that employees are aware of how to work safely, and what the local safety laws and regulations are. But this is not only important for employees! If you work as a team leader in the construction, shipping, or furniture sector for example, it is vitally important that you too are aware of the critical safety specifications. As a team leader, it is often possible to sign up and follow a VCA course for this. A VCA VOL course has been created specifically for managers, designed to not only increase your own safety, but also the safety of the employees who work for you. You can choose to take one of these VCA VOL courses either online or in class. To test your aptitude and improvement following course completion, a VCA-issued exam will take place at the end of the course. You can also practice first, by taking a vca test exam (translated to dutch: VCA Proefexamen)

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3. Ask your employees to participate

As a boss, it is possible to give yourself the false impression that everything is going great, while the employees around you start to build up frustrations. Therefore, ask for regular participation in decision making. If the idea of giving your subordinates influence over decision-making seems a bit frightening to you, start off small by simply asking them for their opinions. What goes well, what could be done better? It is also possible, for example, to set-up a half-yearly idea brainstorming session, where votes are cast to determine the best ideas to grow the company.

We hope that these tips help you create a safe and pleasant, fun and productive workplace!



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