Cyber Threat Buster: Is Malwarebytes The Future Of Internet Security Software?

Malwarebytes Cyber Threat Buster

There has always been a niche environment for which traditional antiviruses thrive and perform their best; however, with the rapid growth of technology, hackers have become more proficient in learning software patterns. The market needs a new form of protection that can eliminate any anxiety when connecting with the internet; thus, the birth of Malwarebytes.

Artificial Intelligence shapes the way software fights cyber-attacks because of Machine Learning and Deep Learning protocols embedded within the code. Malwarebytes is genuinely a brilliant innovation as it doesn’t only keep your system secure. Still, it also makes sure that it adapts to daily threats by adjusting itself according to the need.

Why Would You Choose Malwarebytes?

It is no secret that Malwarebytes came late to the market and was developed in the early 2000s by a California-based company. The brand has been specializing in malware protection for over fifteen years and has had reasonable success despite the industry being oversaturated with reliable and trusted competitors.

The CEO and Founder, Marcin Kleczynski, originally got the inspiration when he realized that other antivirus software never really took care of infected systems by directly attacking the virus but instead worked on overhauling the system itself. This means that the malware inside your personal computer is never actually destroyed but is “flushed out” due to the reformat.

The realization and the frustration of getting his computer infected had Kleczynski create the prototype for his software within three days. With a few visits to a known forum, his aspirations began to take form. Today, if you visit any related forum, you would be hard-pressed not to find anyone writing a detailed Malwarebytes review from the heart.

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Total Adaptive Protection

Malwarebytes runs on the Katana Engine, boasting a significantly complex and accurate way of determining what kind of threat is attacking your system as well as information about it. This is unheard of in the industry as most antiviruses would only allow users to remove hazards and not learn from its behavior and adapt to future instances.

Malwarebytes separates itself from outdated software by preventing you from getting attacked when you access a potentially malicious website. This adaptive behavior results from multiple AI-based technologies invented to create a premium all-in-one service for worried consumers.

Reliable Interface And Features

The interface for Malwarebytes is probably one of the cleanest and easy-to-use because of how the company decided to remove any unwanted visual disturbances such as images or windows. Threat scans will also provide you with a full report once you’re done running quick or full check-ups.

Anomaly Detection is one of the newer technology systems developed for Malwarebytes to detect emerging threats. It becomes aware of an attack the moment it happens and not after the damage has been done. The company developed behavior Monitoring technology partners up well with those mentioned above to create a secure network of protection for your personal or business computer.

The premium package is highly recommended for both personal and business. It includes all of the necessary features you need to add some quality of life necessities such as unlimited password creation, VPN, 24/7 real-time protection, and many more.

Takeaway of Malwarebytes

If you have any or no experience with malware, then the time is right to experience what modern antivirus protection feels like. Amazingly, looking at how technology negatively and positively impacts society enables us to look for ways to solidify our place at the top of the food chain further.

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