Emojis With Double Meanings

Emojis With Double Meanings

Emojis have become part of our different ways of communicating with other people. Whether you’re spilling some tea or answering some late-night summons, best say it with emojis with double meanings. 

The use of emojis in encrypting messages have become popular in texting, Instagram comments, Facebook posts, or tweets since time immemorial. The younger generation has managed to replace words with emojis to convey subliminal messages to friends and family. 

You’ll never know how much information these tiny images like the fire emoji hold. While most emojis have simple meanings, others have interesting double meanings that fascinate the human minds. Read on to know which of these emojis have secret double meanings.

The Fire Emoji

This fire emoji does not only mean camping with a bonfire or that something is burning. It cryptically means something is “popping.” This emoji is overly used by the younger generations to describe something that’s cool, fun, or “turned up.” The fire emoji png also describes an event as amazing in any sense. 

Inviting friends over for a party? Type in as many fire emojis as you can to let them know it will be lit. Ran out of words to describe someone so attractive and hot? Let them know by sending a few fire emojis.

The Snake Emoji

Apparently, this emoji may also indicate that a person is a bloodsucking backstabber. It can be recalled that the snake emoji was infamously used to cancel the likes of country-pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift when she was accused of lying about not approving a few lines to Kanye West’s song entitled Famous.

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People fled to the popstar’s Instagram page with their pitchforks and flooded the comments section to most of her posts with the snake emoji. The singer-songwriter eventually took down all of her Instagram posts and went on a social media hiatus after the burning-of-the-witch incident, demonstrating the power of the snake emoji. 

The Goat Emoji

When a person is admired by millions of people from around the world for being the best at what they do, they are hailed worthy of the goat emoji. Apparently, the GOAT is an acronym which means Greatest Of All Time. Celebrated professional basketball players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are those who made it to the list of the GOAT.

So if you admire someone on social media who is the best in their field, you might as well use this emoji to acknowledge them of their greatness and talent. You may also use this emoji to express support to the people behind your success. Give someone a virtual pat on the back and send them as many goat emojis as you like.

The Octopus Emoji

You’ll never guess what the cute octopus emoji means. This emoji has been made popular by people who are in long-distance type of relationships. This cute tiny image basically means to give someone a hug. A consortium of octopuses in messages apparently means giving someone virtual cuddles.

You might be thinking why the heck would this slimy sea creature convey a message of hugs or cuddling when octopuses are not even cuddly in real life. Octopuses don’t even look cute. It might be those tentacles that someone wishes to have to give the tightest cuddles in the world.

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More sets of emojis are being created by developers as its popularity increases over time. Some may have funny secret double meanings, but most of them convey derogatory messages that may affect one’s mental health.

It’s up to you to tease the mind of your friends or readers by sending a few of these emojis with double meanings. But the next time you use an emoji, better search for its secret double meaning first.


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