Five things about eSports that you have never heard before!


Do you know? The business industry is going mad over the unbelievable growth of the eSports industry in the past decade. From 10% growth in the employment rate thanks to eSports which has given scope to pro gamers, YouTubers, and most of all game developers, it is highly inevitable how eSport was taken for granted in the beginning by investors. But, after thorough research on eSport when it actually began, we have come across some facts that will literally blow your mind. Want to know what they are? Let’s begin: 

#1: Esport actually existed in the late 1900s

In the 1900s, when the world was barely becoming familiar with the world of the internet and social media, some top-notch universities had already begun esport tournaments at the national level. According to the history of eSports, the oldest game recorded was in 1972 at Stamford University. To the reader’s surprise, the game that was played in the finals was “Spacewar.” However, since it was a hardcore beginning of the eSports at the time, the prize for the winner was simply a free subscription to Rolling Stones magazine

Thanks to Stamford University, something like an eSport tournament kickstarted in the United States. It took many years for Asian countries and pro gamers to enter this industry and fill in the gap called diversity. But, now it is here! eSports have become an international tournament like the Olympics. 

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#2: 100 Million – Lol broke Viewership record 

In 2021, the LoL/ League of Legends World Championship received 100 million viewers solely from the United States only. Rest 3 billion added from all over the world. To the reader’s surprise, this viewership record is more than any international cricket or hockey game. For what it is worth, eSport is giving high-end competition to the other sports industries. It is also possible that in the upcoming years, eSport will open scholarship opportunities for gamers in order to be admitted to high-end universities for tech-based educational courses. 

#3: eSport doesn’t care about the Age factor

That’s right! Whichever industry you look over in the world, the age factor operates as a time bomb. From old businessmen to politicians and sportsmen, when their hair began to turn grey, the world began to ask about their retirement. However, viewing 60 years old or possibly more by age, international counter-strike global offensive players and authors of Umehara Fighting Gamers, a manga series. It appears like esport doesn’t care about the age factor at all. 

To the reader’s surprise, this csgo team has won eSport games at the international level in over five countries. It includes Windy and Birdy, who is 76 years old, and knitting knights, El Nino and Trigger Finger, who are 65+. If that’s not evidence that professional gamers will always have scope for a career, then what is!

#4: Technology projects investment for gamers

In a world where technological advancement literally never stops, investors are throwing money at technological advancement for the eSports industry. That’s right! New processors, graphics cards, and gaming accessories are coming all the time. From the most expensive gaming systems to video and audio accessories for YouTubers, new technologies are filling the stores. It gives you an improved idea of how far new technologies in the gaming industry will earn these investors!

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#5: Valorant is the latest eSport Games

Do you want to build a career in eSport Games? You will want to begin with the latest game on the verge of success. That is – Valorant released by Riot Games. It has been receiving appreciation over Overwatch, League of Legends, PUBG, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. With so many options in hand, you can build endless sources of income through eSports. YouTubers have begun building eSport channels over which thousands of viewers watch live game streams. A single live stream earns hundreds of dollars.


So, has the inevitable growth of eSports blown your mind? You can bookmark us to know about eSports regularly. Many eSport bookkeeping websites have opened up where you can watch live tournament dates and register your team for the upcoming event. With an itty bitty of good luck and talent, you can make it to the finale. Just believe in yourself. Here’s a fun fact before we go: do you know? In 2019, Dota 2 Tournament’s prize pool crossed 35 million dollars approximately. You can be the next winner. 



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