Top 39 Free Movie Streaming Sites no Sign Up for 2021

Top 39 Free Movie Streaming Sites no Sign Up 2019
Top 39 Free Movie Streaming Sites no Sign Up 2019

Watching the movie is undoubtedly an integral entertainment part nowadays. Thanks to internet development, now you don’t need to go to the cinema to watch your favorite films. After all, you can do it just lying on the couch! Don’t forget that now with the development of Internet services, you can ask professionals to help you write my research paper for me. It’s a wonderful time we’re living in, isn’t it?

There are tons of websites that provide free movie streaming; you don’t even have to pay any penny for watching. But some of them require the user to sign up, which waste a lot of time. 

Therefore, today we bring you the list of top 39 best free movie streaming sites no sign up 2021. 

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Top 39 free movie streaming sites no sign up 

1. TubiTv

TubiTV was found in 2014, and it’s still one of the best free movie streaming websites for millions of people nowadays. 

Tubitv interface

Just like Netflix, the developer has made it available in the different foundations. Therefore, you can not only get into TubiTV through the internet browser but also on various devices such as iOS, Android, Xbox, PS4, etc.    

You can watch a movie without signing up but downloading is not allowed here. 

2. SnagFilms

SnagFilms was found since 2008, so it contains much more film than the Tubi TV (More than 5.000 movie and TV tiles).

You can also enjoy watching the movie in SnagFilms in the mobile app for iOS and Android devices. 

SnagFilms doesn’t require you to sign up for watching the movies, but you need to sign up if you want to create your favorite playlist movies.

3. PopcornFlix

It’s a mistake if we don’t list Popcornflix, this free-movie streaming was founded in 2011 and always known as the top free movie streaming website.  

Popcornflix interface

You can find not only the movies but also tons of upcoming web series and TV shows on it. If you are looking for a specific genre, then Popcornflix can provide you a list of movie styles such as Horror, Action, Comedy, etc. So you can find exactly what you need.   

The Popcorn has a user-friendly interface; there are no complicated widget or additional navigation.  

Otherwise, Popcornflix also brings you the list of latest viral videos on the globe so that you can follow the trend of the world.  

4. Classic Cinema Online

I think you can guess what kind of movie this site bring for uses through its name. Yes, it serves free classic movies.  

You can find tons of movies and even TV series that are popular in the 19th century. It has three main categories: Movie Billboard, Serial, and even Silent Film.  

The interface has an eye-catching design with the red as the primary color (the color of cinema). The homepage also suggests for the user the most-watched movie in the current.  

5. CineBloom

Cineboom is another best website to watch video online on this list. Right at the homepage, you can see a friendly-user interface with no ad. 

To help you find the movie and TV series easier, Cineboom brings you a tool filter genre and year all the films on this site. 

The video quality is shown right in front of the poster, so you can know what movie has the best resolution. 

There are thousands of Movies and TV shows here, and this website still gets updated daily for every show. Therefore, if you want to watch TV shows, then Cineboom is the right choice.

6. Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online already has a reputation on the best free movie streaming. 

Moviefoundonline interface

Not only the movie, short film or TV shows for entertain main, but this website also provides users a list of online documentaries in case you have a research about something. 

The interface of this website if pretty clear, everything is easy to navigate. The search box helps you searching for specific movie titles. 

Otherwise, Now Movie Found Online has added a list of viral videos on the internet to help you catch the trend around the world. 

7. 123 Movies

123 movie streaming online the best and fastest place to admire free movie streaming. 

It has the biggest movie collection on this list; you can search for every movie, TV series in various genres (Action, Thriller, Horror, Drama, Music, etc.).

This site has a unique searching video by alphabet on the top of the homepage. But if you find this new feature is severe, you can search for a specific movie on the search box. 

Plus, each movie and TV shows on this list reveal the rating right on the posters and read the review of each film. All of these can ease your video choosing part. 

However, 123Movies take a lot of ads, and sometimes it makes people annoyed. 

8. Afdah

You are a foreigner, and you want to watch the movie in your languages? Then the Afdah is the right choice for you. 

Afdah interface

Not a very popular website but Afdah provide movies from more than 20 languages. 

It also has the app on both iOS and Android, so you can watch the movie in many mobile devices without going to an internet browser. 

The interface is easy to navigate. Not only the language, but it also brings the user the filters in the year (1920 – 2019) and genres.

Besides, you can read the review, trailer as well as IMDb point of every single movie besides watching it. 

9. FMovies

Another website has films in different countries (13 languages). All of the movie, as well as a TV show on this site, come with the high-quality.

This website contains many options to help you search the movie, which is Released year, Gerne, Most-watched, etc. 

Otherwise, you can even ask the administration to find and upload a movie, TV shows, or even the subtitles if you cannot find it. 

10. Vumoo

A vast collection of video and the beautiful interface and is the first impression when you visit Vumoo. 

There are more than 60 thousand of movies and TV series on this site; you can find almost contents from old ones to the new released. 

A beautiful design doesn’t mean the interface looks messy; you can easy to navigate the essential feature like box searching or genre categories. 

Although it has a million visitors, Vumoo still provides all content for free and doesn’t require the user to sign-up. 

11. YesMovies

Everything on this website come with the high quality. You can know the IMDB rate, and even trailer before watching, easing your video choosing part. 

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In order to maintain the website, Yes movies have ads on the interface. However, It’s ok as these ads don’t interfere with you while watching. 

Plus, the best thing on this website is that you can request the administration to find and upload the missed content. 

12. SolarMovie

Solarmovie provides for you all the videos in the HD quality. This website offers contents from 12 different countries. 

Solar movie interface

Besides, the interface design is quite simple; there are only four main categories and one box search for a specific name.  

Plus, you can also ask the administration to upload your favorite movie if you cannot find it here. 

13. Movies Joy

Movies Joy is another free movie streaming website that you have to try once. 

Every movie posters here show the quality of the movie. If you point your mouse click to them, they will show the IMDB rating, genre, and small content review. 

Signing up isn’t necessary, but you have to do that unless you try to create a favorite movies list in this site. 

Otherwise, to make you get more comfortable to choose the movie, Movies Joys also brings three parts Top IMDB, Most Popular and Most watched. All of the films in these lists usually are the good ones. 

14. 123Movies

This site has a vast collection of movies and Tv series. Right on the front pages, it shows a list of popular movies that you should watch. 

The categories here are entirely various, which can satisfy your desire. You can search for Action, Comedy, Horror, and even History or Documentary movie. 

You can search your favorite movie by typing the name on the search box, or you can search through the list of the alphabet right on the top. 

15. WatchFree

WatchFree was always considered as one of the best free movie streaming platforms. It provides thousand of content from Movies to Tv Series and keeps update daily. 

Watchfree interface

You can find five different categories on the front pages, which are Popular movies, Latest movie, HD quality, Top 100, and Gerne. All of these support user for searching as well as finding a new good film. 

Plus, every single movie is presented at the HD quality in the high speed. You don’t need to pay any penny to get the best resolution. 

However, WatchFree plays as a third-party website, so it takes files from other sources.

16.  CMoviesHD

One of the best free video streaming sofar. 

Instead of hosting the movie files, CMoviesHD works as a third-party and receives movies link from other popular sites. So if you prefer watching each movie on different severs, then CMoviesHD can satisfy your desire. 

CMoviesHD has everything you need, from various genre to the extensive menu including Movies, Tv-Series, Genre, Top IMDB, Country, and even Year released. All of these features help you find your favorite movie with ease.  

17. Megabox HD

The special of MegaboxHD is that it’s not a movie streaming website. It’s a free movie streaming app. 

It provides both movies and TV shows in high-quality, and it also updates all the movie database daily. Therefore, don’t worry as MegaboxHD doesn’t miss any episode of every TV shows.  

You can visit the website through the link we give above to download the app. It’s suitable for both iOS and Android devices. 

18. Lookmovie

The special of this website is the “movie filter” helping you find the most suitable movies. The movie filter has four option, which is Geran selection, Year released, ages, and Top IMDB. 

All of the movie files on this site are updated daily and streamed in the HD quality. 

Otherwise, it’s such a beautiful thing for a free movie streaming as you don’t suffer any ads or popups during watching 

19. Yomovies

The first impression when you get into this site is the unique homepage. Instead of showing many movie posters like other sites, it shows a list of broad categories for user. 

If you are want to watch the movie not only from America, then Yomovies can meet your need. 

This site contains a wide range of movies and TV shows from many countries such as Belgium, Argentina, Australia, Bollywood movie, tec. 

All of the content is shown in the best quality. You can even find the opt 100 IMDB list on this site.

20. Bmovies

Bmovies brings you a vast collection of the movie from many countries; all of these containers are in HD quality. 

Bmovies interface

There are no ads on this site, so you can watch a movie without being annoyed by some popups. 

If you love the simple thing, then you going to love this site. The interface design is pretty clean; there are only one search box and other categories such as Gerne, Top IMDB, and Most-watched. 

21. hindilinks4u

Have you interested in Hindu culture and entertainment? Then hindilinks4u is a suitable choice for you. 

This site offers you not only the entertainment movie in Hindi but also the documentaries if you are trying to discover the Hindu culture.   

As it’s hard to find and upload the Hindu movies, so the new uploaded usually have poor quality. So please be patient, the problem will be solved in several days.

Plus, hindilinks4u also provides the user the dubbed movie in case you don’t like to read the subtitle. 

22. YifyTV

Yify TV brings user more extensive range of film coming from 27 different countries. 

All movies videos come with the HD quality; you don’t have to pay any penny to watch even there are no ads or popups. 

On top of the homepages, you can search for your favorite movies through genre categories and year released. Plus, there is a search box to search for a film in a specific name. 

23. Flixtor

No registration, no advertisement while watching. These are all the advantages you can get with Flixtor.

This site contains a vast collection of Tv series, and all the single episodes are shown right on the screen. This unique interface helps you save your time; as in other sites, you have to click on one poster and find the episodes you want. 

Flixtor interface

Plus, the Flixtor provide user multiple options such as Most Popular, Now playing on theater, Most view, etc. All of these options support the user to find out the excellent content.

24. Movie4u

Movie4u is also one of the good and cleaning free movie streaming site. You can find a big collection of Movie and Tv shows in HD quality. 

Your interface design is straightforward; there are multiple options on the top and only one big search box on the central screen. 

Top IMDB movies are one of the favorite options that millions of users love on this page. 

However, you have to face some ads when you click the play button. But for an excellent streaming movie like Movie4U, watching some small ads is not a big problem to support the administration. 

25. Crackle

Another free movie website that already has a reputation on the internet. Crackle host many quality movies contents on its server. 

Sing up isn’t necessary on this site; but if you want to receive the notification of a new episode of your current watching list, you have to create an account by your email. 

Crackle offers you a wide range of genres such as Action, Sci-Fi, Sport, Horror, etc. in both movies and Tv show. 

Do you want to open Crackle on your mobile devices without an internet browser? Then it’s easy as Crackle also supports for Android and iOS through its own app.

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26. Putlocker2

This site is a new version of the old Putlocker website.

All the movies come with HD quality. When you move your mouse click to a film, it shows you all the information like the genre; Year released, IMDB rate, and the storytelling. Then just clicking on the poster to watch the movie. 

Otherwise, if you sign up member, you can make your own favorite movies list. 

There are also four options to ease your choosing part, which are the Most viewed, Most favorite, Top rating, and Top IMBd. 

27. RainierLand

The best thing when using Rainierland is that there are no interruption like ads shows up when watching videos. 

RainierLand interface

You don’t have to register to watch all the Tvshows in high-quality. However, sometimes for a new movie, there is no link in HD quality. You have to wait for several days, the administration will find a better link as fast as possible. 

Like other movie streaming site, the interface offers a search box and multiple options like Gerne, Most viewed, Best rated, etc. 

28. 5Movies

The next best free movie streaming site we bring to you is 5movies. There are tons of movies and TV shows in HD quality. 

For those who love Asian Drama, then 5Movies is your best choice as it brings an individual option for this movie style.   

The streaming speed on this site is pretty good. You can find many ads on the interface but not while watching videos.

And this site is well-organized, you can find many categories for searching moves such as Gerne, Country, Top IMDb, etc. on the top.

All the most popular movies in the cinema even showed right on the homepage. 

29. HD movies

As its name, all the movies and TV shows in this site play with the best quality. 

The homepage design doesn’t have anything impressive; it just like other movie streaming sites. All the basic categories and search box a on the top of the homepage, and below is the poster of all most popular movies.

The streaming speed is good, but there are a lot of popups when you start a movie. 

30. AZmovies

Another good movie streaming site to enjoy HD quality movie. Sadly, this site doesn’t contain any TV shows. 

AZmovies interface

You can find your favorite movie through two main categories which are the Genres and Year released. In another way, a search box is offered for you if you remember the name of your desired movies. 

As there are some ads when you click on a movie, you can use the ad-block to fix this issue. 

31. Mydownloadtube

Not only watching online movie in high-quality, but you can also download movies directly on this site. The download was started by using Torrent.

This site offers a vast collection of movies from Hollywood to Bollywood, and this collection is updated daily. However, there are no TV shows on this website. 

Another special is that Mydownloadtube also supports the user to download video games from the best site. 

All services here are free; you don’t have to pay as well as sign up to download the movies as well as the video games. 

32. Vexmovies

For first-time visit Vexmovies, you may be surprised as the homepage color looks like a website for children. This site offers user only five genre Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror and Science Fiction.   

All the movie on this site shows the IMDb rate, storyline, country as well as the quality before watching. However, you cannot find any TV shows on this site.

If you don’t find your favorite movie on Vexmovies, then you can contact the administration to request them to upload the movie. 

33.  Contv (Old Viewster)

Are you an anime lover? If yes, then you should love this website as it presents you all the best anime series.

In addition to anime, Contv also provides tons of movies in a different genre. Action, comedy, drama, and more, you and can have all of them in this site. 

One more command for Contv, the interface is appealing and easy to follow. 

Plus, when you sign up as a member, you will be allowed to make a favorite movie list as well as get notification about the new film. 

One last thing, Contv also support mobile app platform. Therefore, you are able to download the app and enjoy the movie on your Android, iOS device more convenient. 

34. IOmovies

For overall, IOmovies brings you every basic feature of a movie streaming site. It provides all kind of genres, movies in different countries and all the most popular TV series in HD quality. 

IOmovies interface

The poster also shows the IMDbs rate as well as other information of the movie. 

But the most impressive on this site is the corporation with the Envato element – a free audio website. So now not only watch the movies, you can search for the music track you love. 

35. Moonline

All of the movies on this site come up HD and ultra HD quality (1080p) and fast speed streaming. However, the collection of Moonline is quite small and don’t even have TV shows. 

Now the website has added the requested feature, so you can ask the admin for uploading a new movie. 

All the poster movie shows the IMDb rate, which assists users in finding the best one. At the homepage, it reveals the high IMDb rate movies even the old ones such as the Godfather (from 1972) 

36. Hotstar

You feel bored with the Hollywood movie and want to discover Bollywood? Then welcome to Hotstar. 

Hotstar is a streaming service come from India. In addition, to watch the Indian movie, this site also presents live sport online.  

Besides, PC is not the only way to get into Hotstar; you can download the mobile app and enjoy all the content on Android or IOs devices. 

37. top documentary films

We know that books and audio is not the only way to spread out the knowledge, but the documentary films can also produce the information properly.  

Top Documentary Films provides vast of documentaries for your research. You can find all kind of special genres like history, mystery, nature, 9/11, politic, etc. All these documentaries here are free to watch. 

The interface is also appealing and user-friendly. All the high-rated movie are shown on the top, and each poster has its own storytelling. 

Of course, there is a search box for the user to find their need. 

38. Youtube

How can’t we mention this site on the list of top free movie streaming site? 

Youtube is absolutely the most popular video streaming all over the world. All the videos here are free to watch without signing up.

Everyone can upload the video on Youtube. Therefore, there are many channels that upload the movies for streaming, but not every video here are in high quality.

As all the videos are uploaded by users, not the Youtube administration. So you cannot ask for every movie on this site.  

39. Movie4k

The last one on this list is Movie4k; this site serves user both a wide range of movies and TV shows. Each movie is labeled the quality and IMDb rating, so the user can know which one has the HD and good rating.   

movie4k interface

All the content are updated daily; you can see the latest updates right on the homepages.

The menu options have a friendly design, helping you select the genres, year released, or search on the box to find the movie with ease.  

Movie4k doesn’t host any movies link; it offers you at least three different server link to watch the videos.

There are some ads on the interface, but it’s ok, you will not get interrupted unless you click on it.

Wrapping up

Playcast Media have listed all of the free movie streaming sites no sign up 2021. I hope you can find the best site to enjoy your leisure time. 

If your friends also want to find a quality movie streaming site, please share it with them. 



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