Heavy Metals in Baby Formula

Heavy Metals in Baby Formula

Four of America’s biggest baby food manufacturers have been in the news recently for products containing extremely high amounts of toxic ingredients of Metals.

At the forefront of these findings has been the lack of regulations concerning the amount of heavy metals allowed in baby foods and formulas found in the United States. Naturally, many Americans have taken heed to this and made a switch to baby formula from Europe.

The Risks of Heavy Metals 

The four major toxic heavy metals; arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury occur naturally and can be picked up during the sourcing of infant nutrition. The problems lie when these toxins are left unfiltered or are even added in greater amounts with soil fertilization, animal care, and manufacturing. 

The risk of daily ingestion of heavy metals can be crushing to the growth and development of infants. These devastating effects can last a lifetime.


Identified as neurotoxic, lead poses as especially dangerous when ingested by infants. Some chronic effects of lead poisoning in babies range from colic to anemia. More serious complications include fetal neuro-developmental effects and the reduction of learning capacity of school aged children.

Cadmium of Metals

Cadmium given in even trace amounts, as you might find in infant foods and formulas, can cause acute kidney failure, decreased lung capacity, bone diseases and cancer. 


Slow brain activity, reduced cognitive development, and severely hindered achievement of developmental milestones are among the indicating markers of mercury poisoning. Daily exposure can impede coordination, cause muscle weakness, lead to degenerative eye-sight loss and hearing issues.

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Arsenic reduces children’s life expectancy dramatically and batters the immune system. Infants are at greater risk for developing cancer and skin lesions, and the long-term risks include developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Avoiding Heavy Metals in Baby Formula

Infant formulas sold in the United States under FDA regulations are not legally subjected to standardized testing for heavy metals. This opens the door for American formula companies to allow dangerous amounts of these toxic ingredients into your infant’s nutrition.

Even the most trusted brand of over-the-counter organic baby formulas in America have been under scrutiny for blatant disregard of regulations.

So the question becomes, where do caregivers turn when breastmilk is not available? 

Finding a solution

As you start your journey to finding better nutrition it is important to look for baby formula that has your infant’s health and development as the number one priority.

In your research, look for thoughtfully designed and strictly enforced regulation on heavy metals, sourcing and manufacturing.

Each drop of your littles one’s baby formula should be filled with 100% organic milk as the main protein and lactose as the main carbohydrate. Exceptional nutrition should always avoid harmful additives, synthetic preservatives, sugars, and of course heavy metals. 


Heavy metals are dangerous ingredients you may not be able to see, but this unwanted additive can be extremely dangerous to the health and well-being of your baby.

Whether you are soon to be a parent or thinking of changing the brand of baby formula your little one is currently using, being informed goes a long way. 

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