How to find a friend for traveling with

friend for traveling

Some people prefer traveling solo, while others can’t imagine going somewhere on their own without a friend by their side. We can’t say that one opinion is better than another and accept that all of us are different and unique. In this blog, you will know How to find a friend for traveling with

Social media is the most powerful tool for online acquaintances

Simply post about your trip on your social media and express you’re looking for a travel partner. For example, you can also create an event page on Facebook for your trip and invite your friends to see it. Let people comment on its timeline to ask questions or express their interest in joining. Be sure to include:

  • the dates of your trip; 
  • the destination;
  • some info about what you’d like to see and do. 

Encourage your friends to tag other people who might be interested in the comments section below your post. You can also search for existing travel groups on Facebook to see if anyone is up for an adventure. Placetochat is a great platform for seeking travel buddies as well. Here you can sort people by their age, gender, interests, location, etc. 

Check out the locals

If you already know your final destination, you should also look for upcoming events there. Visiting some events will be the best for you in order to meet locals. And maybe someone will want to continue traveling with you, or at least they will show you around the area.

If you still have a second thought about messaging someone and asking them to travel together, don’t worry and go on. There is nothing bad about being open and starting that kind of conversation.

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Even though the online world seems so nice and welcoming, there are always things to avoid and be aware of. Here is our list of some red flags in your potential travel companion:

  1. They ask you for money. People with no money usually don’t go for such a plan. And in general, people that ask you for money online are most likely scammers.
  2. They try to get your personal information. If they ask too personal questions and insist on your answers, it is definitely a red flag. You should never share your bank info, exact home address, and don’t go over with the contact info. Sometimes it’s better to stay communicating on the website that you met at to ensure privacy.
  3. Their talk doesn’t correspond with the described image. For example, they state that they are 30 y.o. with a job at school as an elementary school teacher, but they talk like a teenager and can’t tell you much about their work, or the opposite.



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