If Loving You Was Wrong Season 6- Details About the New Season

if loving you was wrong season 6
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About If Loving You is Wrong Season 6

Everyone is talking about If Loving You is Wrong Season 6. Here are the details that you need to know! If Loving You Is Wrong has been a leader series of the Oprah Winfrey Network since its premiere in 2014. The soap show has had a considerable amount of good and bad times, both in the storyline and ratings. Yet now has concluded with an epic finale.

Season 5 may have just barely arrived at a new resolution. However, fans are, as of now looking forward to the following installment.


If Loving You Is Wrong TV Show on OWN: Ratings (Cancel or Season 5 ...

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At the hour of composing, If Loving You Is Wrong won’t return for season 6.

Fans of the series will be devastated by the news that this fifth season might be the last. Yet many are satisfied with the excursion the show has taken them on.

“We are appreciative to Tyler Perry and the talented cast and crew for giving us five unbelievably engaging seasons.” – Tina Perry, OWN President.

Similarly, as OWN said months prior, watchers had the option to get “some hotly anticipated solutions’ consuming inquiries. And saw “life-changing catastrophes that will leave the town reeling and changed for eternity.”

In any case, we ought to never say never with regards to soap shows. Particularly ones with such a predictable watcher base as though Loving You Is Wrong. If the show doesn’t return on OWN, there is a remote possibility that the series could be gotten by another network. In spite of the fact that we profoundly question this would occur without Tyler Perry in charge.

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With the show apparently at its end, there is no data concerning when fans could anticipate a season 6 if the show was renewed.

In light of the calendar of past seasons, a 6th installment could premiere when March 2021. Although considering the deferrals to creation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, an increasingly practical expectation would be September 2021.

It doesn’t appear to be likely that the show maker Tyler Perry would be accessible. Perry is presently dealing with several shows including Bruh, Ruthless, House of Payne and Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan.


We genuinely do not understand where the storyline could go if the show is renewed for season 6. Season 5 wrapped up the majority of the plotlines pleasantly, so is there any point in restarting old curves?

In any case, if there is the 6th installment in transit, it would undoubtedly manage the aftermath from the season 5 finale.

On the other hand, the plot could go the side project course, either tailing one character on the occasions following season 5 or with another cast of characters. (even though we exceptionally question that they would do this) Check out some other amazing shows as well! 


If the show figures out how to score a renewal, then we could see the main cast returning for the season. Currently, there is no affirmation of any departures from the show. However, here is the conceivable cast for the season six of If Loving You Is Wrong—

  • Amanda Clayton as Alex Montgomery
  • Edwina Findley as Kelly Issacs
  • Heather Hemmens as Marcie Holmes
  • Zulay Henao as Esperanza Willis
  • April Parker Jones as Natalie Henning
  • Eltony Williams as Dr. Randall Holmes.
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