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web scraping

Web scraping has become a necessity for all businesses trying to make it in the digital world. With the COVID-19 pandemic speeding up the creation of online shops and the growth of e-commerce, companies begin to place a higher value on technical proficiency in the workplace.

Data science is everywhere. Information is the fuel for the development of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. When processed, big chunks of data that do not make much sense for the human eye become the key to many important solutions.

With proper tools, companies create data analysis teams and dive right into the data extraction rush. Finding the best solutions to collect and analyze data are essential skills for today’s businesses. However, because other competitors understand the importance of data very well, everyone is fighting for this essential resource.

Today we will focus on the first step of data analysis – web scraping. Information extraction depends on many necessary tools, such as automated bots and servers from residential proxy providers, such as Smartproxy. Let’s look at the ways businesses improve thanks to web scraping.

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How web scraping help us collect data?

Scraping is a legitimate way for businesses to gather data from public sources. With the help of web scrapers, we can extract useful data from chosen websites. When used effectively and with other helpful tools, collected information helps businesses gather enough data for detailed market analysis. Through constant improvements and automated processes, web scraping yields efficient results.

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Although the task might seem intrusive by its nature, web scraping is a legal and very popular procedure. With companies always fighting for an advantage, some businesses try to protect their websites from third-party scraping. The scraping availability often depends on the content of a website. Some companies encourage the scraping of their websites and even benefit from the spread of public data.

However, because that is rarely the case, you will often encounter protections from web scraping. Some of them are quite simple and only target greedy scrapers that slow down the website. If your data collection looks like a DDoS attack, your IP address will quickly get blacklisted. Website owners go to great lengths to recognize scraping bots and ban them. Individual users and companies should never get caught with their real address and use a proxy server as a safety net instead.

Most new users test out web scraping out of curiosity or the desire for individual gain. With an ethical approach to data collection, individuals can test out their scraping bots to monitor the prices of trains, plane tickets, hotels, or even real estate. Collecting and processing this public information helps tech-savvy users find better deals and save a lot of money.

Why do web scraping need residential proxies?

Because some websites can block access or change prices of goods based on your location, we find better deals and bypass blocks for these services with the help of a residential proxy provider. Being able to choose an IP address from any place in the world is the key to maximizing the success of scraping operations. A legitimate intermediary server can also protect your IP address. Privacy and anonymity are necessary, even if your internet activity is not illegal.

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Individual data collection is more effective with a proxy, but with businesses, their importance is on a whole different level. Responsible companies cannot perform sensitive tasks online without IPs from a reliable, business-oriented residential proxy provider.

Proxy servers are a necessity to any business with a respectable online presence. With lots of IPs from a residential proxy provider, companies can amp up their scraping bots to test the waters and reach optimal scraping efficiency. Through trial and error, you can hide behind authentic IPs from real internet service providers.

Why can’t I use Datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxies are a cheaper alternative, but they are not good enough for a task as sensitive as web scraping. Because they come from data centers, finding and banning them is very easy. Just like with VPNs, these addresses are too recognizable. Servers from residential proxy providers are the best for accessing high-value public data with minimal blocks. They come from real internet service providers, simple personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Web scraping is a great way to improve your business, but when done right, it can turn into another source of income. Proxies from a residential proxy provider can help you significantly increase the size, speed, and efficiency of your scrapers.

To find the best proxy that suits your needs or the priorities of your company, check out the best providers in online lists. Proxyway market research is a great starting point for a user seeking to understand their functionality. With such great options and great explanations, you will find the best residential proxies for your scraping tasks.


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