Keto Starbucks Drinks and Snacks That you Must Try in 2021

keto Starbucks drinks

What about Keto Starbucks drinks?

In the recent past few years, due to the rise of health consciousness, people are looking for Keto Starbucks drinks to fulfil their cravings for a good coffee and not affect their keto diet as well.

First, let us understand what a keto diet is. The Keto diet, which is short for the ketogenic diet, is all about cutting down the carbs and unhealthy fats that we consume on a daily basis. This diet has gained immense popularity in the past few years. However, there were several low-carb or carb-cutting diets that were around before this too. But, no diet gained as much popularity as this one.

About Keto Diet

The keto diet is used to fasten up the fat burning process. The fat loss is made with the help of the Ketosis process, where the body can’t find carbs to use for energy, so it starts using the stored fats instead. Here, while we try to cut down on carbs, we have to increase the intake of fat and proteins. This will help the body to sustain itself without carbs.

However, taking up the keto diet in the long may be difficult for a lot of people as the body will eventually need some carbs. Moreover, following up on the keto diet is also extremely difficult. Just like the main course meals, even a beverage like coffee has to be keto-friendly. That is why here today, we are going to discuss the keto-friendly items in Starbucks, which are low in calories and high on fats.

Some Keto-Friendly Starbucks Beverages that you Must Try!

1-The Good Old Ice Tea!


Well, if you want to have zero carbs and want to keep the beverage healthy and sugary, then Ice Tea is the perfect match for you! Starbucks have an amazing range of Ice-Tea flavours that you can sip on! Moreover, if you plan to go to Starbucks on a hot sunny day, then refreshing is the best thing that you can have!

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2-Keep it strong but short! 


Try to keep your caffeine dose short with a shot! To boost up a low and lethargic day, you can order a shot of black coffee at Starbucks! If you are a true hardcore coffee lover, then this should cause you no trouble. On the other hand, if you are not into the bitter taste of coffee, then we advise you to munch on something light while you sip on the shot!

3- Is the shot too strong for you? Have an Espresso! 

If the punching bitterness of the espresso shot is a bit much for you to handle, then you can go for the Americano! The Americano is made up of the same concept but in a diluted (also bearable) form. So, for all people who are not much into coffee, they should go for the espresso. The light drink will manage to freshen you up quickly! Another advantage of having an espresso is that you can have it either hot or cold. So whatever the weather supports, you can order accordingly!

3-What about some tea?

There are a lot of amazing and healthy things that you can get at Starbuck besides just a coffee! For example, to enjoy some keto-friendly drink in Starbucks, you can order their tea version of Latte, which goes by the name London Fog. All they add to this is some tea mixed with milk and honey. So, to make it keto-friendly, you can ask them to add thick cream instead of regular milk. Also, don’t add and sugar if you are ok with the taste. However, if you want it to be sweet, you can ask them to add any sugar-free sweet syrups, and that will do the job perfectly!

4-What about something Mild?

To explore some Keto Starbucks drinks that will be low on carbs, you can also go for the Caffe Misto! The Misto offers a wonderfully mild taste as it has freshly brewed coffee in it. Unlike the Latte, in which they add just a regular espresso shot.

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5-The Almond Way! 

keto starbucks drinks

Here we have a simple keto-friendly hack start that you can use with any beverage that has milk in it. The simplest to make something keto-friendly during your Starbucks visit is by replacing the regular milk with keto-friendly almond milk. This can turn a lot of drinks at Starbucks healthier. Moreover, you can pair your keto or low-carb beverage with a light snack to make it a meal!

6- Tea Variants 

To a have a tasty yet a keto drink at Starbucks, you can go for some tea options that they have. The multi-flavoured teas can be paired with several syrups, which can be added to your preference or taste.

7- What about some chai tea?

If you haven’t tried the chai tea at Starbucks, then you must do it on your next visit! As far as the keto diet or low carb meal is concerned, you can ask them to use almond milk in chai tea instead of regular milk or thick cream.

8- Have you tried the Pink Paradise? 

keto starbucks drinks

There is this one particular drink that went viral on Instagram for its aesthetics and taste! Unfortunately, not many people know of this, but that delicious looking pink drink is extremely low on carbs! It is made up of the flavours of strawberry along with some coconut milk.

Done with the Drinks? What about some Keto-friendly snacks?

Starbucks does not only have wonderful and refreshing beverages. The popular food chain also has a plethora of snacks that you can offer. Besides the no or low carb Starbuck drinks that we mentioned, check out some amazing snacks as well!

Go Green! 

keto Starbucks drinks

To follow up your keto diet while munching in Starbucks, you can go for their chicken salad! The Salad is full of leafy veggies, grilled chicken and some delicious seasonings. The green grilled chicken salad is an all-season light salad that will suit at any time and in any weather!

Pick Your Protein

As you might already know, Starbucks have several options on the breakfast menu. In the protein packages, almost everything is keto-friendly. In order to stick to your keto diet, you have to pick all the low-carb items only. You can discard the bread, rice or some carb veggies like potato, etc.


We hope you liked the collection of keto Starbucks drinks and snacks we have collected for you. We hope that you are able to carry forward your keto diet for a fit and healthier life. This article proves that you should never hold back just because you are following the keto diet. You can still head out and have amazing food while keeping your fitness and health in mind! Moreover, there are several healthy recipes that you can try out as well!


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