These 4 Mobile Game Apps Will Earn YOU Money

mobile game apps

Do you love playing fun games on your smartphone, console, or mobile tablet? If this is the case, why not try and play these games with the aim of making a profit.

Well, you may not be aware but the truth is, most of these online games can be played for real cash but the only challenge is learning all the nitty-gritty that they come with.

However, if you own a mobile phone, you can take advantage of the numerous apps that can assist you to make money with some of these games.

Below is a list of some of the Apps that can help you make money while playing games. 


This one remains the greatest choice for gamers since it has been around for a while now.

With Mypoints App, you earn some cash for various activities including watching videos, playing online games as well as online shopping.

Just as its name suggests, Mypoints is based on the points system. If you accumulate a certain number of points, you are allowed to redeem them for real cash. 

Additionally, with Mypoints App, your first $20 is accompanied by a $10 bonus. There are two ways through which you can receive your money and this is either via PayPal or through a gift card.

To be able to cash out, you will require at least $25. And by the way, why not earn some extra cash by referring your friends to the program?

Well, this App gives its users an opportunity to get a 10% commission from their referral program. This will be 10% for the player’s lifetime earnings which is not a bad thing.

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There are several retailers on this App and if you get some gift cards, you are allowed to claim them from over 75 different retailers who are present on the App.  


If you love mobile gaming, why not try Bananatic App. This is an excellent app that can easily earn you a few dollars.  

The App offers players a number of money-making adventures. First and foremost, with Bananatic App, you have the ability to win some prizes as well as gifts for playing games via it. 

Secondly, you can use the App to test and leave either a bad or a good review of any game that you play. 

This action will help the game developer in knowing what works, and what doesn’t work on their games while at the same time, earning you cash.

This App comes with a unique feature, and with that, you are in a position to connect with other gamers and exchange ideas or discuss challenges like technical bugs.

Another unique feature with this app is that after you are through with most of the activities related to the game (downloading the game, getting to the progressive levels, reviews); you are awarded an in-app currency that is redeemable. 

This in-app currency can be redeemed for various things like gift cards, digital content, or to pay for other games.

Lucky Day

If you love casinos but are not very keen on the whole gambling thing, then this is the right app for you. Lucky Day provides you with a casino-like app. You can use it on your mobile phone to win prizes or alternatively as a means of earning points.

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On this app, there are several games that you can play and these include raffles, scratch-off as well as slots.

Since there is no guarantee of winning in casinos, it is not a guarantee to win with this app but you get a chance to earn points. Use these points to participate in the sweepstakes where you stand a chance to win gift cards that you can use to shop in places like Amazon. 


Swagbucks is one of the widely used apps for gamers who want to make some quick cash. With, you can get gift cards as well as cash which you can then use for online transactions.

Swagbucks has already made payments in excess of $500 million. These payments are in form of both gift cards and cash prizes, which is a clear indication that this app can earn you some money.

The app offers points that are known as Swagbucks and they are redeemable for payment vouchers or cash prizes via Paypal. 


Although these apps are a good source of extra income, they will not earn you enough to quit your day job. 

However, it’s a fun way to earn some cash while browsing the web and playing online video games. 

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You can read our reviews to see the one that suits you the most.


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