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most liked comment on youtube

About The Most Liked Comment On YouTube-

The most liked comment on Youtube is a bit hard to find. As millions of videos are added every day, in which millions of people type in their comment. The race to be the top comment of all time is always on! A lot of we has loved a lot of comments. Here we will be discussing such comments.  visit here

Also, we will share some tips that you can use to make your commenting game strong! As per the stats, we found that the comment of Grandayy on the video of “I Love It” song video by Kanye West and Lil Pump is the most liked! So check it out and see which comment is leading the most like a scoreboard. For more details so please check here.

Most liked comment on YouTube: NigaHiga – How to make murmur rap.

Following up on most-liked YouTube comments comes NigaHiga with his video “How To Make Mumble Rap.” NigaHiga is perceived for his silly character and drawing in a relationship with his audience. Given that his content rotates around a mocking note, his comment section’s idea is practically the equivalent.

This comment pinned and hearted by NigaHiga got more than 77,000 likes in a little more than a month.

Most liked comments on YouTube: Casey Neistat – Do what you can’t

The video underneath, “Do What You Can’t,” is a video by the Casey Neistat that holds one of YouTube’s most liked comments. The comment is really composed by Casey Neistat himself and has gathered more than 76,000 likes.

Casey pinned the comment, so it shows up at the top of the comment section inconclusively. He pins comments on almost every video, except this one got the most attention. Why? Indeed, in the event that you watch the video, you will see that the context’s idea is to follow your way and accept that you can do incredible things.

With this comment, Casey alludes to his seventh grade Vice Principal who disclosed to him that he wouldn’t add up to anything. After prevailing in life in a really fantastic way, this comment was Casey’s method of responding to all the haters.

Most liked to comment on YouTube: NigaHiga – “IT” spoof.

Another NigaHiga video has delivered a much-liked comment, demonstrating his duty to his audience paying off. From his “IT” spoof, this comment earned around 53,000 likes and is a genuinely amusing one for sure.

Ryan was cool enough to pin this comment although it is intended to prod him.

Indeed, I realize that you may have expected a comment more significant than that to get more than 53,000 likes. However, a tad of humor can go a long route on a YouTube genius video like Ryan Higa once he pins it. You can think of Ryan’s pinning as YouTube optimization, as it were. As it assists extraordinary with contenting stand apart significantly more.

Most liked comment on YouTube: Alan Walker – Alone.

Norwegian record producer and DJ Alan Walker are responsible for one of the most liked comments on YouTube. The comment he pinned on his video for the song “Alone” got more than 33,000 likes.

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The comment speaks to his initials. This was all that anyone could need for fans to give their endorsement by clicking the like button.

Presently his fans can show uphold for him by copying and sticking that logo anyplace!

It appears to be that increasingly more YouTubers are using the “Pin” include on YouTube. By featuring their preferred comments, YouTube uploaders even accomplish a viral impact and get an uncommon measure of likes. This can benefit from outside assistance even further by utilizing a YouTube likes administration for your videos, causing them to show up, well, agreeable in general!

The puzzle of the most liked comment on YouTube.


YouTube doesn’t give information about the most liked comments, making it amazingly hard to locate a positive answer. Fortunately, the Internet is a significant network. With a little karma, you can discover precisely what you were searching for in the wake of glancing through numerous popular videos and perusing around. We may have an unequivocal answer on what the most liked comment on YouTube ever was. So the youtube top comment game is a bit complex. The extensive comments flying in on a daily basis on millions of videos are unimaginable.

The awful news is that the comment appears to have been deleted by the proprietor of the channel. The purportedly most liked comment on YouTube is the comment which was left on the video above from PewDiePie. Agreeing to several sources, the comment had aggregated over 274,000 likes.

Notwithstanding, the comment can’t be discovered as it has all the earmarks of being deleted. The buzz over that comment is by all accounts genuine, as people are commenting on the video all the time, “searching for the most liked comment.”

Equally intriguing, that comment originates from a record that may not exist.

PewDiePie’s audience, the biggest on the Internet, continues to be the most peculiar on planet Earth!


As you’ll see called attention to by our bird looked at perusers in our comments beneath, two new contenders have risen as the most like comments on YouTube! At more than 395,000 likes, the first is from the Kanye West and Lil Pump music video. According to his profile, he’s likewise a clinical specialist. As you know the fight for the top-liked comments is constantly changing. 

The most noteworthy thing? He got these likes in seven days! He must’ve made a type of push on his YouTube channel for his fans to proceed to like that comment or something since that is noteworthy.

The other contender is for the most-liked comment is on a Rick and Morty Evil Morty Theme Song Remix by the Trap City channel. The comment was made by all accounts an expendable record with no connection to Rick and Morty, no unique content, and only 4,500 subscribers… 206,000 likes. However, this comment being famous can only come down to how Rick and Mort’s fans are somewhat bizarre. The fans love the witty and funny comments on YouTube. 

The significance of comments on YouTube

Comments can be a useful asset that produces social evidence for any channel. All influential YouTubers need to have a drawing in the comment section with a great many comments.

These are the angles where comments can impact a YouTube channel:

Social verification: People regularly participate in those videos that produce viral comments with trust that their comments can get numerous likes. Numbers, including views, subscribers, and comments, are gigantic on YouTube as a method for conveying whether content merits the time. This is basically what social evidence is about.

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Network: Forging a network is one of the best things a YouTube creator can do. On the off chance that you prevail at having your fans comment on your videos, like NigaHiga with his “Dear Ryan” arrangement, you will have a more fruitful YouTube channel. Currently, his channel is inactive as he has taken a break. Let’s hope he makes a comeback soon! 

What the most liked YouTube comments share?

Every one of the most liked comments we experienced in this article made them thing in common – they have all been pinned by the YouTube channels’ proprietors. Since the time YouTube presented the ‘Pin’ feature, clients have been utilizing the chance to feature a solitary comment and show up at the top-paying little heed to the comments’ chrtop-paying request. They need it to become a web sensation and stand out!



Compose an attention-snatching title. Ensure the title incorporates your primary catchphrase and precisely portrays the content of the video. YouTube permits up to 70 characters in a title. Yet, examines shows shorter titles of less than 30 characters get greater engagement.

Utilize a custom thumbnail.

Thumbnails are typically the principal thing viewers see about your video. So the thumbnail picture you pick needs to get their advantage rapidly.

Compose a decent video description. However, only the initial barely any lines will be evident in list items.

So start with a direct and robust sentence introduction that incorporates your objective keywords. Utilize the center section of your description to give more detail on the contents of the video. Towards the end, provide interfaces that clients can snap to get more information, such as your site and social channels.

Incorporate relevant tags.

YouTube labels are keywords or short expressions that give YouTube information about your video’s content and context and function as significant positioning variables for YouTube look. Add 5-8 labels to every video, including your primary keywords and variations, the general class, and a blend of expansive and explicit labels. The relevant tags are a vital component of a good comment. Even for the videos, the relevant tags help you to get a better reach. 

Include hashtags.

As with other web-based media channels, hashtags make your video more accessible and increment perceivability. You can incorporate hashtags in your video title, as well as the description. If hashtags are missing, YouTube will take the initial three hashtags in the description and show them over the title.

You can incorporate up to 15 applicable hashtags in your video description—in the event that you include more than 15. YouTube will punish your video by disregarding ALL the hashtags in your description and may even eliminate the video.

Utilize shut captioning.

To make it simpler for viewers (and web crawlers) to comprehend what’s happening in your video, incorporate a composed version of the audio.

Use examination to comprehend your audience. You likely think you know who your YouTube audience is.

Streamline for suggested video.

YouTube utilizes your video’s title, description. And, labels to decide when to recommend it to someone who just watched a related video. To expand your odds of showing up high in suggested video rankings, recognize the most popular videos with the content issue related to yours, and utilize similar labels.

Hence, communicate with your viewers. If you request that your viewers engage with your video content, you should give back.

Add cards to your videos.

YouTube cards are similar to little advertisements that you can insert into your videos to include an intuitiveness component. Cards can guide viewers to your site, request that they take a survey or connection to another video or playlist they may be keen on. You can mean five cards to every video.

Promote your YouTube videos on social channels.

Most web-based media channels don’t like it when you present a YouTube video connection since you’re urging people to leave the social channel. To get around this, create a quick clasp from a YouTube video and post it as a local video on your social channels; at that point, but the connection to the full video in the comments. So, make sure to get the extra reach for your channel. 

We hope these tips help you to comment better. Keep posting fun comments and enjoy surfing Youtube! The fight for the best or most-liked comment is always on!


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