Most Liked Video on YouTube- Top 20 Videos and More Details

most liked video on YouTube

About The Most Like Video on YouTube

Want to know which is the most liked video on YouTube? Here we will tell you which video on YouTube has got the most likes as of now, and also, we will discuss all the runners-up that are almost there.

YouTube is a wonderful platform that has created a stage for a lot of people as they can easily showcase their talent or explore their creative interests.

Since it is a platform that is free for all, a lot of YouTubers have taken advantage of this and have reached an amazing level of success and gained a lot of fame with it.

It is a community that is continuously growing as more and more people and users are joining in. Be it the viewership or the people who are uploading videos of all sorts, and this site is growing at an exponential rate!

This makes the race to be the most liked video on YouTube a tough and demanding task! The race to be the most liked video on YouTube is constantly on! There are new contenders try to grab the spot at all times!

Moreover, here we have made a list of the videos that are in the top spots to become the most liked video on YouTube.

More Details 

However, the race of popularity is a bit partial towards the people who are already famous. For example, the most trending or highly viewed videos are mostly of celebrities and artists who are already having a nice and strong base outside the world of YouTube as well.

This does not mean that a common person can’t steal top spots of the YouTube race. Be it top views or top likes. If you make your channel strong enough and have a large number of following, then you can surely accomplish this glorious feat.

Let the List Begin! 

Video no. 20- God’s Plan by the famous rapper Drake

Around 10.1 million Likes

Drake is a popular artist that has numerous hits under his discography. God’s plan has taken his popularity even further as people started using it to make TikTok videos as well. However, even the video was quite catchy, which showed the artist surprising people in need of money or gifts. They had captured the raw reactions in the video, which made the video even more popular.

Video no. 19- Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Around 10.2 million likes

This video has around 10.2 million videos as of now. Ed Sheeren has several popular uploads from his Vevo channel. Furthermore, this song leads them all with a large number of views. This is a song that went viral and gained a lot of popularity for Ed. Moreover, the video has a wonderful choreography that can touch anybody’s heart instantly. No wonder it has so many views.

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Video no. 8- Sugar by the boy-band “Maroon 5”

Around 10.3 million likes

Maroon 5 has been in the music industry for a long time. Along with the melodious audio, even the video of the song is amazing. So, that has drawn more and more people to watch it. It has gained a mass fan following across the planet with this video.

Video No. 17- Stressed Out by Twenty-One Pilots

Around 10.6 million likes 

The song with the catchy hook and peppy beats was on the viral page for a long while. A lot of people were introduced to the band with this song. This became one of the major hits of the band, while it assured them a bright and long future ahead of them.

So, they now have a vast fanbase, all thanks to this song and all the likes that it has managed to get.

Video no. 16- Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Around 10.7 million likes 

In the entertainment industry, people to relate to your song and videos more easily when it’s about love. One such classic example of this is Perfect by the amazing sing Ed Sheeran. From the song audio to the video, Perfect will take you on a wonderful journey of love and passion that you will connect to in an instant. Hence, that is why it is one of the most popular songs by Mr. Ed.

Video no.15- Lean On by Major Lazer and DJ Snake

Around 10.8 million likes 

The song was played everywhere a few years back. The amazing combination of Dj Snake, Major Lazer brought something to the table that no one expected. They got a lot of appreciation as well. It was shot in India. The catchy beats and the eye-catchy video made this video a star in an instant.

Video no. -14 Boy With Luv by BTS Feat Halsey

Around 11 million likes 

We all know how popular is Kpop around the world. The fanbase is expanding every hour! The Kpop fans know how to truly appreciate their artists. Hence, one such an amazing example of this is the song Boy with Luv by the ever-popular band BTS. The fans went crazy when the song was dropped. Moreover, the number of likes that it has achieved proves the point quite clearly.

Video No.13- Taki Taki by DJ Snake Feat Selena Gomez, Ozuna, and Cardi B

Around 11.3 million likes 

Another entry by the groovy DJ Snake is Taki Taki. This song had ample of featuring artists that made all the vast fanbase come together and shower their likes on this video. Moreover, the beats and the vibe of the song are perfect for any party or just to turn up in general!

Video no. 12- Baby by Justin Bieber

Around 11.6 million likes 

The song that became a sensation! We all know how the young kid with the blonde hair took over every girl’s heart with this song! So, the song caught all over the world like a wildfire. This was the first song of Justin Beiber that made turned his life around and made him the pop star that he is today! All the girls were constantly watching this video on loop when it came out. Moreover, they just couldn’t get enough of it. Even today, it is one of the most popular songs in his catalog.

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Video no. 11-  Sorry by Justin Bieber

Around 11.7 million likes 

Many of us thought that Justin Beiber could never top the love and support that baby got. Well, those people were dead wrong! Moreover, Beiber proved that he is here to stay in the game with his back to back hits! While he grew up in front of our eyes, we saw his music mature as well. One such example is Sorry. Furthermore, this song was just on another level and the number of likes it got proved the point very well.

The Countdown for the Most liked Video Begins! 

Video no. 10 – Mi Gente by J Balvin Feat Willy William

Upvotes/Likes: 12.3 million

This song became a song that almost everyone knew because of its various uses in the dance and other TikTok viral videos. People loved the beat drop, and they made sure to drop a like for that! However, having 12 million likes on any video is no joke! The wonderful track is still a favorite in a lot of people’s favorite.

Video No. 9- Alone by Marshmallow

Around 12.4 million likes 

This is a popular song by an artist called Marshmallow. Along with the amazing music, what people loved, even more was the amazing video. Furthermore, the video was about school bullying, which everyone is trying to stand up against. Hence, the video brought an amazing connection with the people as well!

Video No. 8- Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson Feat Bruno Mars

More than 12.9 million likes 

The funk meter turned to the max when Bruno Mars did a collaboration with Mark Ronson and got this song out! This became an instant hit and reached millions of views within days. Hence, as the views kept rising, the likes on the videos were not stopping as well! The pop dance moves and the chill track made everyone fall in love with it!

Video no. 7- Girls Like You by Maroon 5 Feat Cardi B

Around 14.1 million likes 

This song is dedicated to all the ladies! It stole everyone’s heart in an instant! However, the song featured various leading ladies of different spheres and Adam Lavine’s wife and daughter as well!

Video no. 6- Hello by Adele

Upvotes/Likes: 14.5 million

Who doesn’t like to sit back and listen to a song that can burst out various emotions out of you. Hello by Adele is a song about an Ex-lover. However, most of the people related to the song on a personal level. As it had deep meaning lyrics.

Video no. 5- Gangnam Style by Psy

More than 16 million likes 

Psy gave us a song that made the whole world dance! The iconic dance step with the catchy tune reached out to every corner of the world and made us wear our dancing shoes! Even though the lyrics were in Korean, the world danced to it like there was no tomorrow! Hence, Psy became a known celebrity all over the world after this song was released!

Video no. 4- Faded by Alan Walker

Around 16.4 million likes 

Faded is a banger that was played at every party a few years a ago. Even today, the song has its own charm! Alan Walker united us all with this amazing track and made sure that we all reach the dance floors as soon as it comes on!

Video no. 3- Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran

More than 20.1 million likes 

Again, Ed makes his entry again in the list of the most liked video on YouTube. Ed Sheeran again mesmerized us with yet another song called Shape of You. Moreover, the video of the song had a nice story to it as it showed the training and the struggle of a boxer.

Video no. 2- See You Again by Wiz Khalifa Feat Charlie Puth

More than 24.3 million likes 

This song was shot and made for the movie- Fast & Furious. This was a musical tribute to Paul Walker, the wonderful actor who passed away in a car accident. No matter how many likes or views this video has, it will always be close to our heart! Moreover, check out the amazing covers of this song as well!

Video no. 1- Despacito by Luis Fonsi

Around 33.7 million likes 

The wait is finally over! Here is the most liked video on YouTube! The song was played everywhere and on all occasions! Furthermore, the song’s wave took over every other video to become the most liked video on YouTube. The song was released in 2017. Later, a lot of versions came out of this song, and even Justin Beiber hopped on it! It rocked up all the charts and was leading most of them for many weeks!


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