What To Know When Using A Paint Sprayer Outdoors – Here Is The Best Tip To Know

paint sprayer outdoors

Have you ever painted outdoors with a paint sprayer? When did you use this tool? What are the differences between spray painting outdoors and indoors? If you don’t know the answer for these questions, then you are in the right place. This article will give you some ideas and tips when you are going to spray painting exterior walls. 

Indeed, spray painting exterior spray walls is different from spray painting indoors. Before you can use a paint sprayer to do the project outside your house, you should take more things into consideration. Why should we use a paint sprayer instead of a roller or a brush? Why do people sometimes prefer spray painting than other painting ways? If you want to know why we should use paint sprayer for painting interior walls, or what to look for on a interior sprayer. You can check out the link https://gopaintsprayer.com/best-indoor-paint-sprayer-for-interior-walls/

 Now, let’s find the answer now!

How to use a paint sprayer outdoors?

Why should we use a paint sprayer?

It’s time saving! Spray painting saves more time than any other kind of painting. Why? Because it’s often used for large areas and things get done more easily and quickly. The time between coats to get dry is also short (which is about less than 24 hours) that you can apply another layer or make overlap onto the surface. 

This technique also offers a smooth and soft surface after painting as it has no small yarns or particles. The tool produces paint through the air and takes no contact to the surface, then you will see very little dust or particle on the coat.   Let’s compare with brush painting or roller painting and see the result. 



Every painting work requires a careful preparation, this is how you should get ready before spray painting your exterior walls.

  • A gallon of paint
  • A bucket to contain the paint that we are going to use
  • A ladder to use for high walls
  • A roll of tape to cover the area you don’t want to paint
  • A painting stir to mix the paint evenly
  • A paint sprayer
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Besides, you must have a protective gear for your safety:

  • Protective noggles
  • Protective clothes
  • Protective gloves
  • Helmets

For clothes, you can also use old or unused clothes if you don’t want to purchase new protective ones. We also see some people doing this way as they want to minimize the cost for painting as much as possible. 

Protective gears for spray painting

Before painting 

In this part, there comes the difference between painting outside and inside your house. While spray painting indoors, you must take care of your furniture, stuff, and things around, painting outdoors doesn’t need that much care. As we are doing outside, there is nearly no stuff and furniture. Instead, you should pay more attention about the areas you don’t need to paint. 

As spray painting is used for spacious areas, some parts nearby can be affected if you don’t cover them carefully. A paint sprayer has a widely spread area and short dry time, so it’s a bit of annoying if those parts get painted unexpectedly. Apply huge tapes around the windows, edges, doors, or the areas you want to protect from paint.

If you must open the windows when spray painting inside because of unhealthy gas, then you must do reversely while spray painting outside the house. Close all the doors and windows so that toxic gas or painting smells cannot get inside. Also, keep your parents, children, and pets away from the painting area to avoid breathing gas.

Finally, take one more look around the walls you are going to spray paint and check if you need to do anything else. Then you can start to do the painting work. 

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How to use a paint sprayer outdoors

Clean the walls before spray painting 

To have a beautiful smooth coat of painting, you should wash and clean the surface first. This is to remove all the lumps, particles, mold, and dust to make the surface softer and smoother. The dirt may cause bad effect to the result when you are painting as it makes the walls clumpy and rough. 

Let’s roll your sleeves and clean the whole surface with water and soap. Don’t be rush in this step as you need 24 hours or even some days to let the wall dry. The cleaner your walls, the better your result. 

Clean the walls before spray painting

Use the paint sprayer 

Are you ready to spray paint? Then this is your time. After choosing the right type of paint and sprayer, you can now spray the paint onto the surface. 

First, fill up a spray gun with the paint and have a quick test before doing the work. You should test your spray gun on unused walls so that you are confident to apply to your exterior house. If you are an inexperienced painter, just start from a large area first, then come to the edges, trims, windows, and doors.

As the paint drips downward, always start from the top to the bottom. Keep your hand consistent so that the painting patterns are clear and accurate. Take your time to get familiar with the trigger and gas pressure to know how thick you spray the paint. You should also spray paint alongside the edges to make things easier and quicker. 

One more tip: you cannot finish your work with just a day. Make a plan of certain parts which will be done on each day. Moreover, you must wait for the coats to get dry before applying another one onto the surface and then, you can’t be rush at any time. All you need is patience and carefulness. 

In conclusion

What to know when using a paint sprayer outdoors? Now you understand and know all the tips before, in, and after the spray painting work. If you are going to use a paint sprayer for your project, don’t forget to take a look at this article before getting to work. 


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