Project Free TV Review: 30 Best Alternatives. Which is the Best?

Project Free TV Review: 30 Best Alternatives. Which is the Best
Project Free TV Review: 30 Best Alternatives. Which is the Best

Project Free TV has been one of the most popular streaming sites in the past. However, the accessible amount has decreased drastically since July 2017 due to a large number of alternatives for this application. 

The alternatives offer the viewers more interesting experiences. In this article, we provide a Project Free TV review: 30 best alternatives.

Why Project Free TV is no longer available?

Project Free TV supplies an illegal free amount of entertainment products for a long time. Many reputable entertainment-supplied brands such as Netflix and Hulu lose a significant amount of profit due to the unfair market competition. They started to take everything to the court for shutting down the Project Free TV system.


However, Playcast Media know that everybody hates waiting for the latest episode’s update from Netflix or Hulu. This is the main reason for us to provide the below list.

Project Free TV Review: 30 Best Alternatives


Bmovies website offers a diversified collection of movies and TV shows. The website classifies by quality and IMB scores also. You can download everything offline as long as the files are compatible with your laptop’s movie software.

The greatest thing about Bmovies is you do not need to register an account to do all the things above. The user interface is simple but full of information and convenience. You can easily access your favorite shows without any strugglings.

However, you should not download or click to links about Bmovies from any unauthorized third-party websites. This process can load software viruses and destroy your computer. Just ensure that you download Bmovies from the official website (link provided above on the title of Bmovies).


This website provides up to 1080p full HD movies, TV shows, and series. If you want to enjoy the most popular entertainment shows or movies, CouchTuner can greatly support this requirement. 

One disadvantage is the diversification of movie collection is not quite good. There are only the most famous programs. 


This platform contains a vast collection of year-by-year movies. It allows you to download every movie with no limitation or extra-fees. Cmovies also instantly updates its website with thousands of new movies every month as well as in the past.


The website is designed with a large searching bar when you access it. There is also a clear classification by alphabet, country, popularity, and categories located on the top of the website. You do not need an account to enjoy a free well-known movie on Fmovies.


There are a huge amount of categories in this application. The categories are greatly specified as you can see the clear options such as crime movies or comedy movies. You just need to click on your desired movies and enjoy the watching time.


This streaming application gives you the best watching experience with high-definition movies. However, a negative point is that you cannot download the videos from the website. And it requires a decent Internet connection to load the high-dimensional movies.

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You just need to click to the link on the section title to access and watch all your favorite movies. The website requires an average Internet speed to load the movies. The most exciting feature is you can download your favorite movies in different video dimensions.


There is a huge amount of quality movies and TV series on HDO’s list. You do not need to register to watch the movies at all. However, the arrangement is quite messy and there are not many function buttons to give you the quick finding.


You can download every movie from this website with no effort. And the download speed is fast also. The step to access the movies is simple with only a few steps.


The website offers online full-length movies without membership fees. You can have a bunch of high-quality movies and a great amount of TV series. The website design is simple but enough the most basic information.

My Download Tube

The platform is created to supply the greatest downloading experiences. You can download more than 8,000 movies on this website. The website also provides interesting games to download.

Nitler TV 

Similar to the above website, you will be about to enjoy free popular movies with no fees or membership. 


This alternative website provides three main categories: movies, TV shows, and especially, viral videos. Each category contains specific sub-categories for easier searching. You will be able to watch full-length movies or series by a few clicks.


This website requires you to register an account before accessing to your desired movies. You may feel annoying when being bombarded with e-mails from Primewire every day. However, this website allows you to watch a vast of movies without paying the fee.


Is sound similar to Netflix? Pureflix provides a significant amount of full-length movies and exclusive TV series. Pureflix can be processed by most types of device from Android to iOS.


ShowBox is the most downloaded and accessed application in the field. The users highly praise the website based on their satisfaction. 

The website design is state-of-the-art and easy to use with a full-black background. You can select two options of “Stream in HD” or “Download Now” depending on your watching habit.


The website maker gives a wide range of selection. The movies and TV series are classified based on movie genre and TV series genre. The most exciting part when using SolarMovie the fast connection along with simple steps to enjoy the favorite movies.


This is also a great alternative if you want to watch and also stream all the movies with no cost but in high quality. You can download the movie without registering or any commitments.

There is an advanced search function to help you find your movies in the most precise way. Overall, there is no advertisement pop-ups and registration but more than 15,000 movies on the collection


Popcornflix is extremely popular among the movie lovers due to its variety of movies and television series. All the titles are arranged by genres for easy finding.

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You will not have to make any registrations or provide your email to subscribe to the website. On top of the interface, you can find the sections of movies, TV shows, genres, and years. The movies are also arranged by the alphabet if you know the specific name.


As stated by its name, you can watch and stream your favorite movies for free without registration. There is a huge collection of high-quality and high-definition 1080p movies and TV shows available. 

The entertainment products are sorted based on their popularity, publishing time, genre, country, IMDB scores, and alphabet. You should check it by yourself to enjoy one of the best free streaming websites.

Yes! Movies

There are more than 10,000 free movies and TV shows available on this platform. You can also access the documentaries, which are mainly ignored to update by most of the streaming services.


This is one of the best websites if you always require 1080p high dimensional movies. YoMovies offers the most popular Hindi movies from Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood.


Zmovies helps the users to access high-quality movies with no fee requirements. You do not need to register or provide personal information also.


The website design is modern and stylish. It also provides a diversified range of entertainment products such as movies, TV shows, and documentary.


For this platform, you can catch up on the latest movies and top TV shows. Especially, the hottest movies are updated with high quality and better version than other websites. Make sure to check this website for more details.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is similar to Project Free TV as its no-fee policy and a large library of movies and TV shows. The most special feature is the website contains a host of classic movies that you hardly find at other sites.

The creator of Tubi TV guaranteed that the website cannot breakdown since there are many backup servers to prevent the interruption happens.


This platform offers more than 5,000 movies and TV shows in general. If you are a fan of documentary and original film, you will be surprised by the diversified collection of documentaries that SnagFilms has.


Compared to Project Free TV, Viewster has some differences. The website processes as more of a video demand than a streaming service. Viewster is a legal site with all the entertainment products are purchased legally.

Especially, for anime lovers, Viewster has an ultimate collection of popular anime movies from walks of life. You are not required to register to subscribe when access to this website.

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online has a decent collection of movies from the 90s and a large number of silent movies. Some of the most iconic classic movies that you cannot find anywhere else such as The Magic Sword, Captain Scarlet, or Dancing Pirate. There are different genres also such as animation films, comedy, and family drama.

GOGOANIME is Anime Film website. GOGOANIME with more than 2.000.000 search/month from Global Users. So, It’s good site for Anime site like Super Heroes Dragon Ball, One Piece.

To conclude

This detailed article about the Project Free TV review: 30 best alternatives ensures that you can figure out the most suitable alternatives for your watching demand. There are many quality streaming platforms that provide the most comfortable watching experience.

Make sure you stay tuned to get our latest updates. Cheers!


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