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Top 31 Free Movie Streaming Sites Like Best Solarmovie

As a movie lover, you may know the Solarmovie – one of the most popular free movie streaming sites. This website serves good quality videos in both films and TV shows. 

You can find and watch many kinds of genres in Solarmovies even the specific genre like Documentaries. Plus, the great thing is that it does not require you to sign up to watch or download the videos. All the service here is free. 

However, as it’s not an official site to publish the movies legally, then there is a chance that Solarmovie can be banned from your country.

So to prepare for the bad thing, we bring you a list of the best Solarmovies alternatives. 

Top 31 sites similar to Solarmovies Alternatives



You can find on the internet some other domain having the same name as Putlockers. However, the main site is always the best.   

This site is an excellent choice to replace Solarmovies due to the enormous database it offers for the users. 

The interface is clear; a new user can get used to the feature with ease. You can find a movie by genre, Top Rated, and countries or using the search bar to search for a specific one. 

Although it brings a vast collection of videos, Putlocker doesn’t host any contents on its servers. All of the videos links on this site comes from other parties, Putlocker carries them to its server.

2) StreamLikers


The first impression of the StreamLiners is the particular design of the homepage. Right after you visit the link, you only see the screen with a prominent search box and other categories on the top 

The categories on this site are Movies, Genres, Most viewed, and TV series.

According to a survey, StreamLikes has more than 1 million users per month. 

3) 123MoviesHub


Although the domain is a bit similar to the 123movies site which is accessible, has its different.

The interface is quite friendly, but the categories aren’t various like other movie streaming site. There are only two main categories, which are Actor and All Movies. Of course, it offers you a search box for finding a movie by keyword.  

This site brings you both HD and Cam URL links, but all these links come from other servers. 

4) IOMovies


IOmovies brings you every primary feature of a movie streaming site; it provides you a vast collection of movies and TV series. 

Users can watch various type of movies in the best quality. Plus, you don’t have to sign up to enjoy all the best service here. 

Another unique service on this site is the free audio from Envato element. The cooperation between one movie streaming site with one free audio websites brings the user a better entertainment.   

5) YesMovies


Cannot find your favorite movie on this site? It’s not a problem anymore as YesMovie give you the privilege to request the administration upload the missed films.

The interface is quite appealing and well organized. All the section is placed on the top like the genre, Top IMDbs, countries, etc. 

Moreover, you will not be interrupted by popups while watching. It has the ads but only displays on the edge of the screen. 

6) Vumoo


Vumoo interface

Although you don’t have to sign up to enjoy the movies, it offers you premium users with more benefit like can download the videos. 

Vumoo There contains more than 60 thousand of movies and TV series on this site; you can stream or download all of your favorite movies and TV shows for free. 

The beautiful interface, free user, easy-to-navigate, and a vast movie collection in different genres; all of these make people stick to this site. 

However, not many people know that Vumoo plays as a third party, which mean all content on Vumoo come from another severs. 

7) MovieNinja


A vast database of movies and TV series are waiting for you in MovieNinja. Can say that MovieNinja is genuinely one of the best free movie streaming can alter Solarmovie. 

The homepage has a user-friendly design, and all the content are divided logically into categories.

As it has to maintain more than 60 thousand films, the website needs to add some ads on the site. If you love MovieNinja, some ads are not a problem, at least this site doesn’t have the popups and ads while watching. 

8) FMovies

FMovies not only provides a massive collection of movies and TV shows for the users around the world, but it’s also the main server sharing the videos link with other smaller sites. 

All the videos here display in the HD quality, and you can enjoy all the contents without paying a penny or signing up. 

The interface is quite user-friendly. Besides, FMovies provides films from 13 different countries, so it’s even suited for non-English speaking users. 

This website contains many options to help you search the movie, which is Released year, Gerne, Most-watched, etc. 

9) MovieZap


Another good site can alter SolarMovie. With tons of movies and TV shows updated daily, this site brings you the latest episode of all popular series in the world. 

The interface is appealing and logic, all the contents a well-organized. You can navigate the movies by Genre and Actor, or searching movie through its name by using the search box. 

Otherwise, you can even report the admin about the dead URL link or request for a missed videos though this site just a third party.

10) MovieWatcher


Movie watcher interface

Another alternative Solarmovie site that you cannot miss. Moviewatcher provides a big library of the TV series and movies that come from the best sever. 

Therefore, you can enjoy the videos at fast speed and the best quality. All the movie thumbnail here display the IMDb rate to help users choose a good one. 

On the homepage, you can find their categories to find the movies; they are Genres, Years, Most-watched, and New Movies. 

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If you want to get information about the upcoming movies and series, you can sign up on your email to get the notification. 

11) Movies4U


It’s one of the best choices after SoalrMovie. Movies4U allows you to watch all videos in HD quality and download without sign up. 

It offers various movie and TV shows in different genres. Plus the Top IMDB and trending categories help the user to find the best movie. 

All the navigational feature stay on the top of the homepage, including some categories and a prominent search box. 

Although it takes videos from other third-party servers, the best thing when watching on this site is that it doesn’t have any ads and popups.  

12) YMovies


Let see why Ymovies can be the alternative site of Solarmovie. Besides providing a vast collection of movie and TV series in the best quality, the user doesn’t need to register or pay money to have all of the services.  

The interface is well-organized; it shows all the most popular movie by week and various genres to choose. 

If you aren’t a native English, then you will love this site. It brings you videos from more than 21 countries, like English, French, Japanese, etc.

When you click on the thumbnail, YMovies shows you all information about the movie in detail such as IMDb rate, Duration, Year released, Genres, cast, and Synopsis.

According to a survey, this site has a massive number of visiter which around 6 million per month. 

13) CMovies


Cmovies has a great design; it looks like some premium movies streaming site, although all the content are free, and you don’t even need to sign up.

The website offers you all the basic categories to navigate the movie, which are Genre, Country, and Top IMDB.  

Otherwise, you can see a Request option on the top. This function allows you to send the request to admins and ask them to upload the videos missing in the database.

14) LookMovie


Lookmovie interface

With a vast database of movies and TV shows for free streaming, Lookmovie is truly a great option to replace SolarMovies.  

The feature makes Lookmovie can beat up Solarmovie is the unique filter. You can search for movie suiting with your Genre; Year released, and the special one is the Age. Therefore, this website is perfect for not only for the adult but also for the children. 

The design is user-friendly, don’t have anything to complain about it. However, the homepage still displays some ads, but it’s ok if you don’t click on these ads. The will not interrupt the user while watching the movies.

15) Streamm4U


Streamm4U offer a helpful navigational menu containing all the needed option like New released movie, New Episodes, Year, and Genre.

The first interface is quite simple; it only shows the navigational menu on the top and one big search box. In contrast, the homepage is pretty messy, with many movie thumbnail and ads.  

You don’t need to sign up or pay money to enjoy all the videos in HD quality. 

16) PrimeWire


PrimeWire interface

PrimeWire has everything you need for an excellent movie streaming site to alternate SolarMovie. 

It has tons of movies, and TV shows, all of them are displayed in HD quality. Beside providing videos, this website also brings users the audio mp4 file. So it’s an excellent option for those who love watching movies and listening to music at the same time.   

The interface of PrimeWire doesn’t have any special; it’s just like other normal movie streaming site.

However, you need to register an account to enjoy all the services on this website. 

17) Movie4K


This free movie streaming website has more than 4 million visits each month. You may wonder why movie4k has such a high number of the user while it’s just a third-party streaming site. 

It’s because movie4k always find and upload the link to the new cinematic movie in fastest speed. So for those who can’t go to the cinema, movie4K is their best choice. 

The homepage is clear and supports for the user with many suggestions like New releases, Latest update, Best rate, and many more Genres.  

It can find the server that plays new movies, so sometimes the film doesn’t have the HD quality. To have a better quality of your favorite movie, you need to wait for a week. 

18) M4UFree


The advantage of M4UFree is that this site doesn’t require you to sign up for a watching movie in HD. Plus, all the film and TV shows are updated daily. 

However, the design is so simple that it makes you disappointed. It only shows you two options: Movie and TV shows. This website doesn’t have some typical navigational options such as Genre, Year, Actor, etc. Using the search bar is the only way you can find your favorite movie. 

The ads appear on every page even when you click on the film. Luckily, it has no popups. 

On each film, M4UFree provides three different links in case one is broken down. 

19) GoStream


A movie streaming site that is even better than SolarMovie; it provides all the movies for free and no need requiring registration. 

You can not only watch the movies but also download them without paying money.   

GoStream has a user-friendly interface; you can find all the navigational options you need like Genre, Most Viewed, Top IMDB on the top, and a search box. And when you move your mouse to the movie thumbnail, it also shows you all the information about that movie such as IMDB rate, Year, time, and storytelling. 

This site doesn’t display any ads or popups, which is the most significant feature that can satisfy most users.   

However, if you are a TV series lover, then GoStream may disappoint you as this site doesn’t contain any TV shows. 

20) HouseMovie


Housemovie first visit interface

Housemovie is the next site of the list best Solarmovie alternatives site. The first impression is that the homepage design is pretty clear. It provides a free search online which support you to find the movie by the range of Year, Country, range of rating. 

Besides, HouseMovie does not only contains videos, but it also brings user new articles about cinema around the world.  

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Have you ever feel struggle on choosing the movies? 

Then let Housemovie helps you to decide, this website contains a unique feature named Random movie. When you click on it, the site will display a random video on this site. 

21) WatchMoviesFree


Have you ever saw a free movie streaming site that provides films from more than 40 countries? If you haven’t, then you can visit Watch Movies Free to explore a vast collection of non-English movies (44 different languages). 

It also has the navigation bar and search box to helps the user find the movies. Otherwise, You can download and watch videos for free without registration. 

This website also shows detail the information about the films before watching. You will know about the Director, Actor, Genre, Country, Release year, Duration, IMDB rate, and storytelling of the videos you click on.

22) 123MoviesTube

Another site that is similar to Solarmovie. Instead of hosting link film on its server, 123moviestube takes the videos files from six different third-party servers. This operation makes sure that people can watch the movie in case one link die. 

The homepage interface doesn’t contain any ads and popups; they only show up when you click on a thumbnail. 

This website provides full of specified categories You don’t need to pay money to support 123movietube; you can share like and share this website on social media instead. 

23) 5Movies


5Movies offers you Bollywood movies for the fan of India then. Here you can stream videos without registration

No registration, no payment, no ads, and no popups while watching the movie. All of these advantages are the reason why 5movies can be an excellent alternative to Solarmovie. 

Besides, You can not only search for the genre on the movies but also the TV series. 

If you are a fan of Bollywood, then you come the right place á 5movies can provide you all the best films in India. 

24) BMovies


BMovies interface

A clear and straightforward interface that what you see when you first visit this site. Bmovies only show a prominent search box and various categories on the top at the first interface. 

The popups and ads don’t appear while you are watching the movie, but they show on the website. 

According to a survey, BMovies has more than 5 million visits per month. 

25) PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix has tons of excellent movie as well as TV series; all of them are free to stream and don’t require you to sign up. 

In the homepage, there are no categories like Genres, Year or Top IMDB. PopcornFlix only brings you their the main section instead, which are Movies, TV shows, and Viral Vids.

PopcornFlix store all the videos on its server; this website also has some original movies and TV shows like Netflix. And one more fantastic features is that PopcornFlix provides user Android and iOS application, serving user to watch the films on smart devices. 

26) SonyCrackle


SonyCrackle is a perfect alternative option for Solarmovie, although this site only serves on the United States. Therefore, if you come from another country, you have to use the US IP address to access this site. 

For those who want to enjoy the movies on smart devices, SonyCrackle allows you to watch the videos through its mobile application. However, it only provides the app for Android devices. 

Seem like SonyCrackle always has a backward behind an advantage. This site doesn’t have any ads as well as popups, but you have to register to watch the videos. 

27) WatchFree


WatchFree interface

This is another site that can beat up Solarmovie, WatchFree allows the user to stream movies in HD quality without registration.

With a vast collection of movies and TV series, WatchFree brings a lot of good options for the movie lover. Besides, the database is updated daily, supporting the user to watch the new episode of a TV series soonest. 

For more convenient in finding desired videos, this site also presents many sections in navigation bar such as HD movies, Latest Movies, Top 100, Genres, etc.    

28) FlixTor


If all the above is not enough for you, then we bring you another excellent alternative of SolarMovie, it’s FlixTor. 

There are many great features of Flixtor that you have to try. It has a vast library of videos; you can enjoy all the content without signing up. Besides, almost the videos here are displayed in HD quality. 

The interface is user-friendly; you can easy to locate your favorite movie by a navigational bar and a search box. 

With more than 10 million users each month, FlixTor is a site that you shouldn’t skip 

29) MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy interface

MoviesJoy brings all the information about the movies in details. When you move your mouse on the thumbnail, the post will show you all the needed information of a movie such as Genre, Starring, Director, etc.

You don’t have to register as well as paying for any content on MoviessJoy. 

The best thing on this website is that you can enjoy the films without being interrupted by ads or popups. 

30) ZMovies


If you are finding an excellent site which is similar to Solarmovie, then ZMovies can satisfy your desires. 

It provides almost videos in HD quality without asking for the user to sign up or paying money. ZMovies updates the database daily, making sure that the user wouldn’t miss an episode of a TV shows. 

To help user choosing their favorite movies, ZMovies provide a navigation bar with five sections: New release, Popular movies, Year and Genres. 

31) Cineboom

Link URL –

Cineboom is the last website on the list of best Solarmovie alternatives. 

you may get excited about this site immediately with the interface is quite catchy and user-friendly, There is 

Cineboom provides you a vast collection of movies and TV shows in the best quality. Although it doesn’t contain any ads or popups while watching, this site doesn’t request you to sign up or paying money to enjoy all the contents. 

Otherwise, you have the right to contact the administration to report an error, or requiring them to upload a missed videos. 

If you love Cineboom, please support them by clicking the “support for us” section. You will be lead you to another tab with ads after clicking on it, and these ads will donate for this site. 

Wrapping up,

The best Solarmovie alternatives list above has brought you all the excellent free movie streaming site. Now it’s your time to select the most suitable one and kill your time with all the best movies in this world. 

If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends. 


  1. Thanks for this great review. Now it’s really important to have several sites to watch movies online, many sites were blocked or closed, so I’ll add this list to my bookmarks. Don’t remember to use VPN before watching movies. Thanks again for this review of best alternative sites of solarmovie. Great post!


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