The Rise of Battle Royale Games: What Makes Them Popular?

Rise of Battle Royale Games

You land in a world where everyone is fighting for survival but there can be only one survivor. The tension is almost palpable and every move could be your last. What do you do? In this blog, you will know The Rise of Battle Royale Games: What Makes Them Popular.

This is the scenario of every battle royale game – every man for himself. Players compete for resources, guns, and everything else the game offers in order to best everyone else in the arena. This is the only way to exit the game victorious. 

Sounds cruel and extremely vicious, right? While this might be true, the gaming experience is enticing and almost has you transposed in the game, where you become one with your avatar. As a result, the level of entertainment is higher than with other games and the increased level of adrenaline is absolutely worth it!

Today we’ll dig a bit deeper into what led to the development of the genre in mainstream gaming and also name a few popular titles for you to try (or re-experience). 

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The Rise of the Battle Royale Genre in Gaming

Younger players may be tempted to think that the genre was born quite recently, with games like Fortnite or PUBG. However, if you dig deeper into gaming history, you’ll learn that the concept is on the market since the late 1990s. 

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Players may have enjoyed it, but there wasn’t too much hype about it. Things changed in 2012 when the first Hunger Games movie was released. As gamers’ interest in battle royale games peaked, developers turned their engines and started creating new dystopian worlds where you could only win when everybody else lost. 

But the movie only brought the genre in the spotlight; it didn’t necessarily make it famous. People love these games because they provide a fresh take on gaming, create unpredictable moments, and include high-end mechanics that bring the gameplay closer to the real world. 

Popular Battle Royale Games to Try

From the popular Minecraft mod, Survival Games, to games like Fortnite and PUBG, here are two more titles we think every player should try. 

Apex Legends

The game is insanely popular (it got over 50 million players in the first month of launch) and supports the team vs. team system. One match accepts max 60 players and the teams are made of 3 players. We love that it focuses more on teamwork and even on teams working together to improve their powers. 

If you’re not exactly thrilled by the idea of teaming up, you may want to play It’s an online browser game that’s mostly inspired by Fortnite and PUBG. 

Call of Duty 4: Black Ops Blackout

The Blackout mode in COD4 opened the game to a new audience, outside its regular fans. In addition, the developers lured new players in the game with COD iconic guns which are now dropped as loot in battle royale system. 

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Now, if you’ve ever played COD, you know it has a lot to do with your reflexes and capability to act quickly under pressure. These are skills that take time to build and grow, so a game like Vex 4 may help

Wrap Up

Whether we like it or not, the rise of battle royale games or genre is not just a passing trend. While most “normies” only recognize titles like PUBG and Fortnite, there are lots of cool titles available. In addition, the genre provides endless replay value, since every new game is different and has new elements and experiences.


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