15 Best CBD Gummies That Won’t Make You Stoned

15 Best CBD Gummies

CBD gummies today are some of the most popular CBD-related products in the US. However, with so many brands, it can be hard to find out which retailer you should choose to purchase your gummies from. This blog will discuss 15 Best CBD Gummies That Won’t Make You Stoned.

The FDA hasn’t endorsed CBD, so there are no regulations on dosages and quality. Anyone can set up a CBD store and start selling. That means consumers need to be careful who they buy their CBD gummies from.

Here’s our list of the best CBD gummies that won’t make you stoned. 

1.       Penguin CBD

One of the best brands on the market today is Penguin CBD. When you try CBD gummies by Penguin you’ll find that they’re made to be delicious. These colorful gummy worms are soft, tangy, sweet, and come in a variety of flavors.

Each package comes with 30 different gummies. They all contain 10mg of CBD. This is a relatively low dosage, but that makes Penguin CBD ideal for beginners.

2.       Just CBD

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, check out Just CBD. These CBD products come in a range of flavors and dosages. Whether you want sour worms or peach rings, you’ll find them at Just CBD.

These are affordable, still come with high-quality CBD, and are a great entry-level product.

3.       Hemp Bombs Gummies

Hemp Bombs Gummies don’t use any marijuana plants. Their CBD is manufactured on a number of accredited hemp farms in Europe.

There’s just 15mg of CBD in each gummy and customers rave about the taste. You’re also spoiled with choices, with three different varieties of gummy to get started with.

4.       Royal CBD

Royal CBD goes to great lengths to ensure that its CBD gummies are the real deal. All their products are tested in an independent third-party lab prior to being sold.

Using only 99.9% pure CBD isolate, you won’t find a much purer product than this.

However, keep in mind, Royal CBD products have high sugar content because they use cane sugar to create their flavors.

5.       CBDistillery CBD Gummies

CBDistillery CBD Gummies are the perfect gummies if you want to buy American. Using domestically grown hemp, all hemp is grown organically, so you know your gummies are free of harmful chemicals.

They also offer a nighttime variant, which has 2mg of melatonin in each gummy. The nighttime option is ideal if you suffer from insomnia.

6.       Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

Do you want to focus on health and wellness? If you’re looking for the healthiest option on the CBD market, Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies could be the company for you.

They differ from their competitors because their products are formulated from the natural juices of fruits and vegetables. Expect radically different flavors with all the benefits you would expect from CBD.

7.       Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms is one the biggest names in the CBD business. This hemp-based CBD company is vegan, organic, and free of any nasty pesticides and herbicides.

If you’re looking for the purest CBD on the market today, you can’t go wrong with this broad-spectrum CBD offering.

8.       Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries will get you ready for the week ahead. As well as broad-spectrum CBD within their gummies, they have an added bonus.

Every CBD gummy contains Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3. Sunday Scaries are both healthy and well-rounded. They’re especially good for vegetarians and vegans who may have deficiencies in these vitamins.

9.       PureKana

PureKana is a household name in the world of CBD. Each CBD gummy contains 20 different gummies made exclusively from organic ingredients. You won’t find high sugar content in their gummies and their CBD isolate is organic.

They’re known for providing a range of products that are just perfect for beginners.

10.   Green Roads

If you’re looking for a cheap way to start trying out CBD, Green Roads is the answer. You’ll find their products in convenience stores and gas stations across the country.

This accessible brand costs less than $10 per pack. Each pack of Green Roads contains 0% THC 10mg gummies.

11.   Lord Jones

Sample the craft CBD industry with these small-batch gummies. Containing just nine CBD gummies for $50, these are expensive but their broad-spectrum experience is one of the best on the market.

With elegant branding and high-quality products, if you want the best, Lord Jones is the company for you.

12.   Fab CBD

Fab CBD is another quality brand of CBD products you may want to consider. These CBD gummies are ideal for vegans and have been formulated with all-natural ingredients only.

This company has thousands of positive reviews praising their CBD gummies for their taste and how effective they are at relieving pain and anxiety. Likewise, these CBD gummies contain 0% THC, so you don’t need to worry about failing an in-work drug test.

13.   Premium Jane

For those who like to eat CBD gummies at any hour of the day or night, Premium Jane offers huge jars of CBD isolate gummies. Free of pesticides and herbicides, these natural CBD gummies are perfect for beginners and veterans.

There’s even a subscription offer if you want to save on each 750mg bottle.

14.   cbdMD

If you’re looking for a higher dose of CBD without getting high, cbdMD contains up to 1,500mg in each jar. Every jar contains 30 organic gummies.

The best part is you don’t have to feel guilty about snacking because each gummy contains just 10 calories. This makes it one of the healthiest CBD options on the market.

15.   Kanibi

Kanibi’s organic gummies come in the form of little cubes. They’re transparent about every ingredient that goes into their CBD gummies.

Not only do you get a standard range of flavors with Kanibi, but you also get a juicy and refreshing blend in every chew. Each gummy even contains organic carnauba wax.

You Can Enjoy CBD Gummies Without Getting Stoned

Every gummy on this list comes with all the incredible benefits of CBD but without the THC. With 0% THC in all 15 of these CBD gummies, you’re never going to feel high. You can also try the la familia edibles and see if they work well for you.

Have you tested out any of these CBD gummy brands yet?