3 Months Pregnant- Symptoms, Changes, Tips and More!

3 months pregnant
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3 Months Pregnant Symptoms 

When you 3 months pregnant, it is the most energizing piece of the pregnancy period. You realize you are pregnant however are not obviously pregnant to your general surroundings. You continue taking a gander at the calendar to count the days, you investigate your eating routine, and you wind up developing and extending, and furthermore start to feel the existence developing inside you. Additionally, it’s quite consoling that you have made it to this point in your pregnancy! With respect to the fetus, the body parts start to develop around this time and the sex organs are additionally set up at this point.


You will see the accompanying changes and symptoms in your body during the third month of pregnancy:

Morning Sickness

Nausea and vomiting could top by the third month. Most pregnant ladies are eased of these symptoms before the finish of the principal trimester.


Pregnancy hormones make you feel drained and sluggish. The body needs extra blood to gracefully basic nutrients to the fetus, in this way, influencing blood sugar and pressure levels.

Loss of Bladder Control

Expanded pee arrangement, just as the pressure applied on the bladder by the developing uterus, can make a greater desire urinate regularly.


Higher progesterone levels hinder the digestion process.

Vaginal Discharge

High estrogen levels and the expansion of the cervix and vaginal walls bring about a grayish or translucent mucous discharge from the vagina, which prevents any infection from passing into the uterus.

Leg Cramps

Severe leg cramps and pain might be common during the night. You may need to remember potassium and iron for your eating regimen, and some delicate activities could likewise assist with lessening distress. Check out some ways to curb the stress! 

Back Pain and Abdominal Pain

Changes in hormone levels and the developing uterus stretch the ligaments and ligaments, leading to back pain and pain in the lower abdomen. Have a go at doing some low-affect activities and stretching however, simply after earlier counsel with your doctor.

Mood Swings

Hormonal changes can influence your emotions. You may end up encountering a variety of emotions, from being miserable and low-energetic to glad and euphoric.

Bleeding Gums

Changes in the hormone levels of your body likewise lead to inflammation and bleeding of the gums.


The developing uterus squeezes the stomach, and your growing body hinders the digestion process. The pressure on the stomach makes the acids move upwards, causing heartburn. Eat at customary times, and take a stab at eating little suppers.

Other Symptoms 

Varicose Veins

As the uterus expands, it packs the blood vessels and hinders the flow of blood. This causes the swelling of the veins in your legs. Your expanding weight could likewise include to the heap the circulatory system leading to the appearance of varicose veins.

Nasal Congestion

Expanded blood volume leads to the swelling and inflammation of the nasal sections. This, thus, leads to a stodgy or blocked nose.

Food Cravings

It is prevalent for expectant mothers to develop a craving for certain kinds of food. Then again, you could even develop a dislike of the smell or taste of certain foods and different substances as well.

On the off chance that you notice any of these symptoms during the third month of pregnancy, don’t get too stressed over them just like every one of the a characteristic piece of this wonder.

Physical and Emotional Changes in the Third Month of Pregnancy

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Your pregnancy paunch will gradually begin to appear during the third month of pregnancy, as your uterus will currently be about the size of a grapefruit. The uterus is lifted into the abdomen territory and spreads the whole pelvic area. You will encounter physical and emotional changes in this stage. A portion of these changes may happen in the second or third trimester, if not simply the first.

Tender Breasts

Your breasts become tender as your body gets ready for breastfeeding. The size of the breasts increment and the areola gets darker and more massive.

Visible Stretch Marks

You will notice stretch marks on your midsection and breasts, because of your skin stretching during pregnancy.

Dark Line on the Abdomen

The melanocyte-animating hormone that is created by the placenta causes the darkening of the areolas. It additionally leads to the darkening of the line running down from the center of your abdomen to your pubic bone.

Mood Swings and Depression

It is quite common to experience mood swings and depression during this trimester. Your body gets greater, and you may turn out to be progressively aware of your greater appearance. It’s extremely important to pay attention to your mood and prioritize your mental health during pregnancy. One way you can do this is by connecting with a licensed therapist, such as the ones available at BetterHelp. It’s extremely important to pay attention to your mood and prioritize your mental health during pregnancy. One way you can do this is by connecting with a licensed therapist, such as the ones available at BetterHelp.

Sleep Disturbance

You may discover varieties in your sleep pattern and could wind up awakening in the night. Accuse the adjustment in your hormone levels.

Absence of Libido

Most ladies feel a sense of excitement and sentiment during the principal trimester, be that as it may, they will in general, lose interest in sex before the finish of this time. It could be a direct result of the vacillation in hormone levels and because of changes in physical appearance that lead to reluctance.

Fetal Development During the Third Month of Pregnancy

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How is your baby when you’re three months pregnant? It would be too soon to feel a specific development however, you will feel and experience the baby’s presence in the womb. You make certain to be interested in comprehending what’s going on inside! By the third month, your baby will be about 3.5 inches long, weighing around 0.04 kilos – the size of a ripe plum or lemon. The incipient organism gets settled inside the uterus and the organs start their growth as well.

Basic Care During 3 Months Pregnant 

A daily agenda for the third month of your pregnancy will assist you with concentrating on your health and stay fit until the conveyance.

Eat Healthily

You will have cravings, without a doubt! In any case, your pregnancy diet during the third month must comprise of a healthy, healthy, and balanced blend of fruits, vegetables, dairy items, meat, nuts, grains, rice, and so forth. Your eating routine ought to contain the basic vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for your great health as well as for the health of your baby.

Get Adequate Rest When You Are 3 months Pregnant.

Fatigue is exceptionally common, and you should take rest when you don’t feel okay. Put resources into some maternity cushions to rest easily.

Supplements for 3 Months Pregnant Period 

Take folic acid supplements to maintain a strategic distance from any birth defects and other vitamin supplements as encouraged by the doctor.

Keep up Cleanliness and Hygiene

You will be extremely prone to contracting infections at this stage, so ensure you keep appropriate hygiene and cleanliness principles for everything, from cooking to cleaning to cultivating. Keep your vaginal region clean and dry too. During this period, ditch synthetic textures and get your hands on cotton underwear that will be agreeable and breathable.

Pay Attention to Your Dental Health

Calendar a meeting with the dental specialist as you might be prone to bleeding gums and throbbing teeth, because of the changes in your hormone levels. It’s essential to take great consideration of your gums during this period, as developing gum diseases can likewise influence your developing baby’s health.

Know About the Birthing Process

Join up with childbirth training classes to adapt to anxiety, stress, and different issues.


A significant perspective ensures you communicate enough with your accomplice, dear companions or family members about any issues or anxieties you have. It is imperative to bring your friends and family into certainty to get some consolation regarding your problems and abstain from falling into depression.

Stop Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol are carefully not prescribed as it could demonstrate adverse to your baby’s health and could likewise lead to a miscarriage.

Breaking point Your Intake of Caffeine

Chop down your admission of hot drinks like coffee and tea, as it builds the danger of enduring a miscarriage and can bring about the baby’s low birth weight.


Enjoy basic activities like walking and swimming. Keep away from sports that convey a danger of a fall or pressure on joints.

Remain Active

Attempt to keep yourself occupied with exercises that will keep your brain locked in. Sew, paint or sketch to remain peaceful.

Precautions to Follow During the Third Month of Pregnancy

Here is a rundown of precautions you ought to consider:

  • Abstain from lifting heavy objects and doing distressing exercises that will apply pressure on the womb.
  • Avoid zesty, sleek, and greasy food to avoid digestion inconveniences.
  • Wear baggy garments and an agreeable bra.
  • Wear comfortable footwear which is level and doesn’t squeeze your feet, and therefore, your back.
  • Stop smoking, liquor, and drugs completely to guarantee your baby’s acceptable health.
  • What’s in store During Your Visit to the Ob/Gyn

Check-Up During the 3 Months Pregnant Period

  • Your health history and that of your folks
  • Any past ailments you’ve had
  • Your weight and blood pressure
  • The baby’s heartbeat, which would just be perceptible on the hand doppler following 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • The size of your abdomen to rough the size and fundal height of the uterus (which begins to become prominent post the third month of pregnancy)