4 Best Fireproof Safe You Can Choose

fire safe

Who does not need a fireproof safe in storing essential documents? All of us need this, or else your documents will burn to ashes in seconds when encountered with fire. Unsafe fire is everyone’s enemy because it will cause destruction. If you don’t want this problem, then a fireproof safe is the best solution. 

Depending on your purpose of having it safe, you can also use this as protection for valuable materials like jewelry because it has the features of securing a code before you can open it. Generally, a safety box can be used to keep anything important. It may be something personal or related to business.

Sentrysafe SFW123DSB Safe

This safe is not just fireproof but also has waterproof and impact-resistant features. One of the best things about this safe is that it has guaranteed survival up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes of fire exposure. If you buy this, you will be insured for lifetime replacement after being damaged. One of the best fireproof safe so far.

The waterproof feature of this safe can last up to 24 hours and 8 inches water level. You will also not worry if this safe will fall about 1feet in height. The lock combination is also one of the best features of this safety box. 

Fortress 24-Gun Fireproof Safe

When you have a lot of things such as guns, you should think of storage that cannot be reached by children. This storage is the best answer for it. It’s also designed in order for your things not to be stolen. It is also fireproof. Items such as guns should be kept in storage like this since it should not be exposed to any fire.

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This storage has 300 pounds of weight, and its height is 55 inches, which makes the lock, which is electronic, cannot be reached by children. The size of the interior of it is 24 cubic feet. This storage capacity will be stable in this storage. And your guns are safe inside this with 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. 

SentrySafe EF4738E Locker Safe

It has a weight of 217 pounds that makes it similar to a gun safe storage. Use to store valuable household and business materials if you want these things to avoid getting scratched. Even if you keep a lot of silver to this, it will never break or bend. The shelves inside this are made durable so that your things will be indeed protected.

Your things will be safe with its digital combination, but you can still open this storage using its physical key if something is wrong with it. It’s waterproof within 72 hours rating for its snuff fire protection. The steel made door has thick deadbolts. It will be locked up with live-locking bolts that will surely secure it when it’s closed.

First Alert 2087F Bolt-Down Combination Safes

This storage is small, but it can still prevent it from being stolen since it can be bolted to the floor. It is also safe to fire, water, and pry. The capacity of it is spacious, with a cubic foot of 0.94. 60minuits of fireproof if exposed to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. With its pry proof feature, even a crowbar cannot enter even if it’s forced.

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A lot of things you should think first before buying a fireproof safe. It should be fully secured, and it should keep away from thieves. With the temperature of 1550 degrees Fahrenheit, around 30 minutes for your documents to be protected will do. The size should depend on your needs on what things you will store inside it. It should also be waterproof because even water might quickly destroy the items you want to keep.


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