4 Most Misunderstood Facts About Protein Bars

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To build up muscles and lose fats, pay attention to your protein intake. It does not matter whether you are a bodybuilder or a regular person trying to live healthily. Proteins are not just for building muscle mass, but for boosting your metabolism as well. Scientific studies have revealed the benefit of using protein, either a protein shake or protein bars, as part of your healthy diet. However, it is always good to know more about the protein diet to avoid falling into protein traps. Instead of slimming down, you do not want to end up widening your waist. Read on to find four misunderstood facts about protein bars.

  1. Too Much Protein is Okay

You probably heard some people saying you need to have more and more protein in your daily diet. That should not be the case. In a research study for the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it is not advisable to eat excessive protein. Your nitrogen level will increase if your body consumes too much protein. These nitrogen levels are hard to excrete from the body. Thus, it poses some health risks if your protein diet is high. The daily recommended protein intake is around 100 grams only. So be mindful that you will not exceed the required daily limit. If you are trying out a protein bar, check the ingredients portion, including the number of grams.

2. It is Okay to Eat the Same Amount of Protein as Others

Every weight loss journey is not the same. Hence, avoid comparing your protein consumption to others. Despite the recommended daily intake of protein of 100 grams, how much you consume will depend on your weight. A formula is needed to compute the amount of protein you need while trying to shed weight. If your friend eats 10 protein bars a day, you may not do the same. Remember that your ideal protein levels change as you lose weight. Thus, you will need your protein intake adjusted along with it.

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3. An Increase in Protein can Increase Muscle Mass

While it is true that increasing protein shake intake can help increase muscle mass, it is only possible if it is supplemented with trips to the gym and exercise. When you exercise, protein sources will boost muscle mass. However, if you are not working out, your muscles do not need extra protein. Protein bars can do the trick for individuals who do not exercise regularly.

4. You Cannot Go Wrong with Protein Bars

When you plan to supplement your protein intake with protein bars, pay attention to its ingredients. Some products are made of artificial sweeteners that are dangerous as you get addicted to the taste. If you are trying to lose weight, it is better to look for a bar with ingredients below 200 grams of calories, low in sugar, and high in protein. 

The above mention details were the facts about protein bars, there are many benefits you gain from eating protein bars, including weight loss. However, it is not advisable to eat more than what your body needs. You can use the protein bar as a supplementary meal or snacks for a well-balanced diet.


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