5 Interesting Beer Facts You That Would Like To Know

5 Interesting Beer Facts You That Would Like To Know

One of the best things ever invented in all human history would be the so-called “BEER”. It is an alcoholic beverage that is very popular around the globe. There are so many versions of beer in different countries and continents but the question is, who truly invented it first? And who was this good Samaritan and from what culture.?

Accordingly, it’s quite hard to point who invented beer but in ancient China, it was recorded the earliest alcoholic beverage around 9,000 years ago was made from rice, honey, and fruit. However, the first barley beer was known in the Middle East wherein it was most likely 5,000 years ago to the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia.

Nowadays, beer has been popularized by bars, restaurants, and even other micro-enterprises. In the world continent, it evidently the Europeans are the most beer fans of all time as the Czechs or Czech people from the country of Czech Republic wherein they consumed about 142.6 liters per capita annually. Aside from this historical background about the beer, there are some known and unknown facts about beer, and these are discussed below.

Beer As Top Alcoholic Drink In The World

As we all know, aside from beer never breaking the heart of its drinkers, one of the most interesting facts about beer is that it is one the most popular alcoholic drinks worldwide which is rated as the third or fourth most imbibed alcoholic beverage of all. And this drink is notably one of the best drinks for Europeans as they are on top among all the citizens and races in the world.

Beer As Less Alcohol Content Than Hard Liquor

Other alcoholic drinks would have more than 5% alcohol content like liquor and wines. But for beers it only has less alcohol content for it has only less than 5%, or shall we say, 4.5% to be exact. Meaning, most likely it has a small possibility of being dizzy or drunk in drinking compared to liquor or other alcoholic beverages.

Beer As Favorite Drink For The Peer Group

Beer is one the favorite drinks for the peer group not only because of its tolerable taste and affordability but especially because of its accessibility to buy one compared to other alcoholic drinks. This beverage is not only salable in bars, restaurants, and malls for it can also be purchased in other macro and micro enterprises and store in one’s location. You can even buy more anytime as long as no prohibitions or liquor bans. 

Drink Beer For Relaxation

According to some studies, drinker beer can reduce stress, cure insomnia and cause relaxation. By simply tasting beers, accordingly, it increases dopamine the thus it results in the drinker feeling calmer and relax since dopamine has a certain substance that directly tranquilizes the brain and so the entire body even the nerves and muscles.

Beer Help To Increase Body Weight 

In some studies, it shows that drinking beer can increase body weight most especially on the belly part and that is the reason why there is a so-called “Beer belly”. Since part, if the substance or nutritional level of this drink is 7% of calories per gram. The more alcohol content the beer has the more calories it has and more body weights possibly one earns.


Beer has so much to tell based on historical facts and origin, specifically who invented it and from what continent and nationality up to its popularity standpoint and health benefits. However, let us bear in mind that amidst our fascination with this beverage we should always be in moderation for despite how small the alcohol content the beer as if it is excessive, it is unhealthy and dangerous.