5 Popular Men’s Wedding Ring Styles


When it comes to wedding rings, the focus is usually on the bride. But, the groom will also get a wedding band to wear throughout his life. Finding the right option for men when they’re about to get married is vital, as men also need to find a ring that they love enough to wear daily. 

To help grooms and their partners find the right wedding ring for their upcoming nuptials, here’s a guide to popular men’s wedding ring styles. This list can help you narrow down your choices, or at least give you some great ideas to get started.

A Couple Of Considerations When Finding The Right Ring

Form and function are both important when trying to find the right wedding ring. A high-quality ring that will withstand daily use is a must. You may also want to consider buying a less expensive alternative to be worn during specific tasks, such as work or chores. 

Basics Of Men’s Wedding Rings

When looking at men’s wedding bands, you’ll likely notice some primary differences between the typical men’s ring and the typical women’s ring. While women’s wedding rings unusually feature large gems that protrude from the band itself, many men’s rings are simply a band or perhaps a band with some inset jewels. 

Of course, it’s always an option to go outside of tradition for both men and women. Still, there are some general differences in popular styles.

  • A Simple Band

One of the most popular options is a band made of high-quality metal. These styles are usually solid gold or silver and feature little decoration, design, or other factors. For men who prefer not to be as flashy or who just love a classic design, a well-made but simple band is a solid choice.

  • Vintage Inspired Rings
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On the other hand, there are men’s wedding bands that are much more opulent and extravagant. While most still use a thick band as the core base, these often have many jewels and designs built into the band. For a truly one-of-a-kind men’s wedding ring, try a style that’s inspired by the art deco period. Or, go with something bold such as a large sapphire or diamond inlaid into the center of the band.

  • Modern Minimalism

On the other hand, many men’s wedding ring designers have started taking inspiration from more contemporary design styles, such as minimalism. These bands will usually be a dark silver or gray color and have a bold look in the cut and shape. But, overall, the adornments are minimal.

  • Feature The Gemstone

Some men’s wedding bands feature a prominent gemstone at the center of the ring. These look more similar to the traditional women’s wedding ring styles, but the central gem is still set into the band instead of protruding from it. For these styles, you should choose a gemstone that will last and is hardy enough for daily wear.

  • Consider Unique Materials

Along with more traditional materials such as sapphires, emeralds, gold, and silver, many men’s wedding bands today feature unique additions. There are men’s wedding bands out there that have stripes or swirls of wood, other gems, and even dinosaur bones. 

These options are a fun choice for a groom who wants to have a unique spin on their wedding ring or is looking to add particular meaning to the band. 

While there are many options for men’s wedding rings, finding the right one is a matter of taste and personal style. With some suggestions, you can narrow the search down to the perfect ring for you or your partner. 

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