6 Ingredients to Include in Your Daily Supplements

Your Daily Supplements

You are told to put your health above anything else. But ask yourselves, are you actually doing that? You do not need to make drastic changes or take huge steps to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Small changes like working out only thirty minutes a day or regulating your sleep cycle help a lot! Along with this, you need to be taking care of your nutrition as well. It is true that most of the vitamins and nutritional ingredients you need should be coming from your food. If your diet and your daily supplements includes a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins, you should be doing fine. 

However, realistically speaking, we all know that is not exactly easy. It is not a simple task to make different home-cooked healthy meals, even if you are free. It is definitely not easy when you have a hectic schedule. If you have a taxing job, you are a college student, or a full-time parent, you know it is almost impossible to make meals packed with vegetables and proteins. If you buy fresh ingredients with the intention to cook them up, you know they will probably end up going bad in your fridge. It is simply more convenient sometimes to order in or eat out from a restaurant.

 However, with these restaurant meals, it is hard to ensure that you are consuming all the necessary nutrients you need in your diet. Are you someone that did not consider multivitamins really necessary? You need to start rethinking that approach because you may be experiencing deficiency symptoms without being aware! Do you feel fatigued all the time despite having slept well? Or do you find it hard to fall asleep? Do you experience extreme hair fall? Do you have slow nail or hair growth? These symptoms that you consider normal are probably your body trying to tell you it needs an extra boost of your daily supplements!


Magnesium is required in your body to give you energy. However, studies suggest it may be doing more than that! Magnesium consumption has been linked to reduced insomnia and stress. It is also supposed to help control blood sugar levels. Supplements containing magnesium, such as those offered by RnA ReSet, along with melatonin and vitamins B complex have been shown to be extremely helpful in treating conditions such as amnesia.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium. Your body produces it when you spend time in sunlight. However, this pandemic has left most of us deficient in this particular nutrient. When our body is not allowed to absorb the calcium it leads to symptoms like aches and hair loss. It can even cause osteoporosis in extreme cases, which means brittle bones. If you live in a cold, wintery area with low sunlight hours, or you apply sunscreen heavily, it is likely that you are not getting the necessary amount of vitamin D. Growing children and pregnant women are especially advised to consume daily vitamin D supplements as it is rarely consumed through regular diet.


Zeolite capsules are a powerful tool to help you fight unwanted compounds in your body. Zeolite molecules bind themselves to free radicals, heavy metals, carcinogens that enter your body because of environmental pollutants. They aid your digestive system and strengthen immunity. Zeolite is also considered a super antioxidant because of its binding properties. However, our body is unable to produce or replenish this ingredient which is why you should opt for a daily supplement. On a side note, zeolite manufacturers are also working on zeolite applications in vast industrial fields to purify gases.


Our body is not equipped to make zinc reserves. However, it needs zinc to maintain a healthy immune system and break down food molecules to produce energy. It even helps those suffering from hair loss. An average diet does not fulfill the recommended zinc dosage. Therefore you should opt for a zinc capsule that provides five to ten milligrams of zinc daily.


Calcium is necessary for your bone and tooth health. Elder people need a high calcium intake as bone density decreases with time. Women start losing bone density sooner than men. Although you probably consume calcium in some form during your day, it probably is not enough. This is especially true for lactose intolerant people or people who suffer from calcium absorption issues. Such individuals should especially consider adding calcium pills or capsules to their diets.


Iron helps you stay energetic, increases your RBCs, and brain function. Steak lovers usually get enough iron without any supplements. However, if you have a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you are mensurating, pregnant, or pubescent, you should probably think about adding an iron supplement to your daily multivitamins. Mensurating women suffer from blood loss and pregnant women have a lot of circulation going into creating another human! A lack of RBCs or red blood cells can cause dizziness, fainting, chronic fatigue. 


All of this being said, you should try consuming a wide variety of foods to fulfill your nutrient needs. Only try supplementing your diet with those multivitamins that you rarely get from foods or you get in small amounts. Make sure you know how much your body actually needs. The amount of a certain nutrient you require varies on your physical stature, your gender, and stage of life. It is better to consult a physician before testing an unknown ingredient and follow their recommendations. Remember to maintain an active lifestyle will good sleep and less screen time to work at your optimum productivity levels.