No wonder choosing a career path is not a piece of cake. Every individual goes through a state of confusion and frustration in their life when making their career choices. However, one thing is for sure; one must pursue a career that interests them most of counselor.

Picture this, you listen to different people’s problems every day, evaluate their behavior, offer guidance and a treatment plan to cope with their issues. Does this sound fulfilling and worthy of your years of education and training? In that case, opting for making a career in counseling must be just what you are seeking. Counselors are responsible for improving the quality of life of their clients without being judgmental. From the start of the clock until the end of the day, these professionals help their patients to combat life challenges, resulting in happy and healthy lives. Below are some of the compelling reasons that aspire you to become a counselor:


Generally, it is a common perception that counselors help their patients fight different mental issues. However, this is not just it. They indirectly help themselves too. Counselors, like any other human being, have ups and downs in their lives. There might be times when you will feel helpless and find it hard to cope with difficult situations. Who knows, while having sessions with your clients, you will learn to acknowledge your issues and find ways to resolve your internal conflicts.

Speaking of this, the field of counseling can also help you grow professionally in different ways. Since the industry is continually evolving; therefore, there is so much you can do to advance your career. If you are struggling to attend in-person classes, you can earn an online master’s in counseling to keep up with the pace of this ever-growing field. As opposed to traditional learning, you can have access to coursework material, contact teachers, and study according to your feasibility from the comfort of your home.


Most professionals struggle to balance their work and family life due to extended job hours. No wonder working long hours drains out the energy and leaves them frustrated. However, pursuing a career as a counselor can save you from this dilemma. A career in this field offers flexible work hours. As a counselor, you will be working around 34 to 41 hours on average per week. Further, the profession also allows you to schedule appointments with patients as per your availability. Thus, making it easy for you to have a healthy work-life balance.


One of the ideal options to choose counseling as your career path is that it offers you the opportunity to work in various settings. The field allows you to provide counseling services to people from all walks of life. Depending on your specialty, you can work in numerous work settings. Some of the different counselors are:

  • School counselor: These types of counselors usually find employments in educational institutions. They are in charge of assisting students with their academic, social, and personal life issues.
  • Mental health counselors: They provide treatment and guidance on coping with cognitive or behavioral problems.
  • Rehabilitation counselors: They work with clients dealing with trauma, substance abuse, or grief issues and help them to live a life of normalcy. The typical workplace of this type of counselor is rehabilitation service centers.
  • Marriage counselors: These counselors work closely with married couples and family members. They look for the issues affecting the relationships and find strategies to overcome them.


Many people change their work environments or even career paths because they are in pursuit of finding meaning in their work. Are you also looking for a career choice that provides you with a sense of satisfaction after a tiring day at work? Then, without any doubt, counseling is the perfect fit. 

One of the primary reasons most people choose to become a counselor is that they have a great willingness to make a difference in society. These professionals do not make any decisions on their behalf; instead, they guide clients and support them to make their own choices. Although you might not have solutions to every problem, the way you deal with your patients can significantly contribute to their well-being.

A counselor helps people to live life to their fullest. Being a counselor, you will be working closely with your clients, listening to their issues, providing them with the best treatment plans. Moreover, you might have encountered an exceptional experience with your therapist or a counselor sometime back in your life. Maybe it is the right time to help those in dire need and pass on the same emotional support. 

5. A HIGH-PAID JOB of counselor

The majority of students wish to pursue a career with a wide range of job opportunities and generous pay. However, it comes as no surprise that the more education and training, the more chances to get a stable job and earn. The field of counseling has many specializations, therefore giving plenty of room for counselors to advance in their area. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of counseling would grow significantly in coming years. Substance abuse, behavioral disorders, and mental health counselors make around $46,240 per year on average. Employment in this sector would grow by 25% from 2019 to 2029 as more people today are trying to get counseling for their mental health problems. The statistics shared above prove that now is the best time to make a career in this most lucrative and highly demanding field.


Does it ever cross your mind that many people are bottling up their emotions and not good with expressing their feelings? If you can listen intently to such people and empathize with them, then indeed, becoming a counselor is the ideal choice for you.

Many people might have called you a good listener since you can understand them well and maintain people’s privacy. You might feel intrigued with this field and are keen to understand human psychology. You wish to know what goes around the head of people and what triggers them the most. These are all the right reasons to pursue a career in counseling.

FINAL WORDS of counselor

However, before making any decision, make sure you have asked questions like; does this field piques your interests? Are you willing to turn your passion into your career? Indeed, a new job can challenge you emotionally and mentally, but don’t let the fears dominate your interests. Giving in to your fears will only leave you with what-ifs and regrets.