6 Reasons Why You Should Encrypt Your Files

Encrypt Your Files

File encryption is a standard security practice that helps to protect your digital data. It scrambles readable data into unidentifiable pieces of text, also known as the ciphertext. Once encrypted, you can only read it if you are using the right decryption code or key.

Nowadays, military-level encryption is available to anyone. You can find dozens of encryption programs online to do the work for you. And if you do use these applications, they can help prevent blackmail and data theft that occurs way too often online.

And that’s not all. Here are six reasons why you should use encryption on your files.

1. Ensure Privacy

The words internet and privacy don’t go well together. It is well-known that there’s not much privacy on the internet. It may be evident that everything you post online is available to anyone who opens the Google search engine or any social media network. But the issue with data privacy online has gone so far that not even your “private” messages are private anymore.

You are keeping or sharing your files with a variety of different services. For example, you send them via email or messaging apps or keep them in the cloud. The providers of these services can read your files to learn about you and your interests. Then they can sell this information to third parties. Those target you with personalized advertisements if anything else.

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But by encrypting your files, you make it impossible for third parties to take advantage of that data. Not even your email or cloud provider could access it without the right key.

2. Protect Files in Case of Hacks

Regardless of how well you protect your computer or smartphone, it doesn’t mean your files are secure. Anything you’ve shared through social media networks or any online platform can suffer if that platform experiences a security breach.

For example, if your cloud provider gets hacked, all the files you stored in the cloud are compromised. The only way to secure your private information is to encrypt the files. It prevents hackers from accessing data even if they breach through one of the most secure networks on the internet.

3. Regulations Demand It

If you’re running a business or you’re a part of an organization of some kind, chances are you have to follow the rules and regulations. Most privacy regulations insist on the use of encryption to protect data. Especially if you’re retrieving customers information of any kind.

There are many cybersecurity protection laws and regulations in place. You would be facing substantial financial fines if your customers’ data got compromised because of you. Thus, using encryption helps you protect your customers’ valuable data. At the same time, you avoid unwanted consequences yourself.

4. Prevent Data Theft

Data theft is quite common these days. And it brings disastrous results in most situations. Complicated data theft cases often lead to identity theft as hackers gain access to your details and banking info.

In case someone steals your device, they get access to all your files and sensitive data. Hackers could use your name and banking information to make purchases and transactions. But if you were to encrypt your files, none of this would be possible in the first place.

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5. Avoid Blackmail

Sensitive data and media can get into the wrong hands. Let’s say someone steals your device (again) and got their hands on data that you wouldn’t like to go online. It can be anything from private photos to business secrets.

Criminals could use the opportunity to blackmail you. They would request large amounts of money in exchange for the files or the entire device. But if you encrypted the same data, no one would be able to read their contents. So they wouldn’t be much of a use for criminals.

6. Prevent Governments from Spying on You

Digital surveillance has been a part of the security checks by the governments for a while. So it is in your best interest to protect your files and prevent any unwanted eyes from snooping on your sensitive data.

And it’s not only files you can encrypt. You can also go a step further and encrypt your online traffic, emails, and private messages. It prevents not only governments but anyone spying on you.

7. Start Using Encryption Today

The whole concept of file encryption might sound complicated. But you don’t have to be a hacker or an IT expert to take advantage of this security practice. Download Nordlocker for Windows for an easy way to encrypt your files. It takes only minutes to get the hang of it.

With proper encryption in place, you save yourself the headache in the long run. Good encryption software for Windows and other devices can go a long way when it comes to keeping your private files protected.