7 things to do before a game for a real Pittsburgh Pirates fan

7 things to do before a game for a real Pittsburgh Pirates fan

Pittsburgh is known to be a city of sports and it seems like the Pirates have received a memo for the past few decades.

This way, PNC Park is still one of the best similar destinations in the world, and we support the thought. This beautiful ballpark is incomparable.

If you’re a Pirates fan, a baseball fan or a Bucco loyalist, when you visit PNC Park for a game, there are many things to do to spend some great time. 

We want to share in this guide everything that you need to remember before you visit the town and become a spectator at one of their unique matches!

How to spend some time out of the game

Your arrival time does not always exactly coincide with the start of the match. So what to do if a few hours are left before the game?

  1. Pittsburgh is great for family vacations. The city has all the conditions for a fun and comfortable pastime if you come to play with children. Pittsburgh has an excellent zoo, Pittsburgh Zoo, which is home to an incredible number of diverse animals. Elephants and giraffes, bears and penguins. The zoo even has a special pavilion for bats and also houses an excellent aquarium that introduces visitors to the diversity of the inhabitants of the underwater world.
  2. There is a suitable resting place in the city for fans of gambling too, so they should definitely spend the evening in one of the local casinos. Both classic board games and state-of-the-art slot machines are available to their visitors, and casinos also have cozy relaxation areas and bars. If you don’t want to preen, you can also have a great time with a cup of coffee or a pint of beer in an online casino. For example, you can try to play real money slots.
  3. Fans of spa treatments should definitely visit the Spa Jema center that is considered the most popular and largest in the city. A huge selection of massages and relaxing treatments, exclusive wellness treatments and an excellent beauty salon have made Spa Jema one of the most popular establishments in the city. Pittsburgh also has a huge number of nightlife venues.
  4. Gooski’s Club is ready to offer its guests an excellent entertainment program and a bar with a huge selection of drinks. Often there are performances of famous disc jockeys and music groups. The best shopping complex in Pittsburgh is Ross Park Mall, where you can buy goods literally for every taste. For fashionable clothes and delicacies, you should go to the Station Square shopping center, where you can buy clothes, see the symbols of your favorite team and attend the fully equipped Pittsburgh Pirates match. Among the street markets, the most famous is the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip, which sells a variety of souvenirs and antiques. There you can also buy the best souvenirs before or after the game.
  5. There are several great clubs and art cafes in Pittsburgh, which fans of colorful shows will be delighted to visit. For example, Liberty Magic will be interesting to connoisseurs of illusionist shows, while those who want to have a good laugh go to the Arcade Comedy Theater art cafe. Those wishing to listen to music concerts will be happy to visit Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild Concert Hall, usually the most interesting musical performances in the city are held here. Those who want to combine business with pleasure – and listen to quality music, and enjoy chatting with friends while drinking strong drinks should head to the Rex Theater bar.
  6. Here in Pittsburgh, great tours are organized by Copper Kettle Brewing Company. Thanks to it, you can have a great time expanding your horizons about making a foamy drink and even trying to brew it yourself, and, of course, trying the final result. You can also study drawing in the North American city, which can be done in Painting with a Twist studio. Another studio – Chop, WOK & Talk – invites its visitors to have a great time learning culinary in a family-friendly atmosphere. So if you really have some free hours, spend them on one of these wonderful excursions.
  7. Among the entertainment centers in Pittsburgh, LumberjAxes should be highlighted first. Here you can have fun playing a popular American game – throwing a plastic ax. The ScareHouse club is perfect for those who want to be “afraid” – the fact is that great shows of this kind are held here. The Pinball Perfection entertainment center is great for those who miss pinball and arcade games; here you can find games for every taste. Those who prefer bowling will have a great time at Arsenal Bowl. The local bar offers a fine selection of drinks, and musicians often perform at the special venue on weekends. Those who want to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates match, which you might have missed, inspired by the city’s entertainment spirit.
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To conclude

Pittsburgh Pirates team is a legendary franchise dating back to 1881. Their first match was played in the 1903 World Series, but was lost.

Nevertheless, many world championships have been won by the pirates since that time. They won the last World Series in 1979 and over the last 25 years they had just a few winning seasons.

As a result, the environment of the stadium itself will not be convinced to take part in the Pirates game for the competitiveness of the team. Moreover, PNC Park is perhaps the country’s most beautiful park, where the atmosphere is just as exciting as the game itself. 

So, visit it with no doubt and spend great time during the game and before it!


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