8 benefits of having a solid logo

benefits of solid logo

Brand awareness is one of the most significant components of building your business. It is a potent combination of your vision, philosophy, aesthetical outlook, and savvy marketing to generate a clear brand identity. This individuality distinguishes your business from the competitors and evokes a positive feeling amongst the customer base. Readout below for the benefits of having a solid logo.

A solid logo is one of the most defining aspects of a prominent brand identity. It is a graphic emblem of your business, which inspires recognition and trust. It also appears on all of your tangible and intangible marketing materials, and, therefore, it is often the foundation of a successful marketing strategy. 

A well-designed and creative logo is also an eye-catching symbol that can attract consumers to your business. It speaks to your target audience and highlights your products and values.

According to Study Finds, up to 78% of the customers believe that logos are a work of art. Thus, a subpar logo immediately translates into a flawed business model and inferior products. 

Therefore, when designing a quality logo, you need to invest due diligence. Professionals at understand the importance of a great logo experience, which is why they have created AI tools to create creative, memorable logo designs for your business that will help it stand out and grow. Great designs offer numerous benefits: 

1 . Creates the first impression

When people interact with a brand, they make a snap judgment in less than half a second about the business’s authenticity. They decide in the initial second whether they want to proceed further or abandon the communication. 

Most often, the first acquaintance they make is the logo of the company. Regardless of your product’s quality or exceptional customer service, your logo makes the first impression.  

According to Eyetracking studies conducted by the Missouri University of Science and Technology, users spend at least 6 seconds looking at the logo before moving onto other websites’ content. It is akin to judging the book by its cover. If the logo seems promising, they will peruse the site and may even convert into customers. 

For small business owners, the first impression plays a monumental role in acquiring clients. Once you have established some credibility, prospects are willing to ignore a few hiccups along the conversion journey. On the other hand, an unremarkable logo sets the wrong tone from the start, and even the slightest lacking on your part can result in lost customers. 

Therefore, a versatile, well-thought-out logo can help attract potential customers and expand your consumer base. 

2 . Gives an identity 

As we discussed above, your logo is the visual representation of your brand, which promotes recognition. Another inherent quality of the logo is that it informs the customers at a glance about your business, ideology, and the products you are selling. 

The logo’s color, design element, and font have the potential to evoke particular emotions and associations amongst your loyal consumers and create the foundation of a narrative amongst the prospects. 

For example, if you have a company that sells fresh produce, the color green immediately signifies nature, health, and eco-friendliness. Conversely, a business aiming to portray warmth and seriousness would opt for earthy tones of brown.    

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According to Reboot, including a signature color in your logo design can increase brand recognition by a whopping 80%. Consequently, 95% of the top 100 businesses use only one or two colors in their logo (iMeet Central). 

Similarly, every font has a specific connotation; elegant letterings with a flair and panache express femininity, while bold typeface with sharp edges appeals to the male audience, as evident in the image below.

Conclusively, your logo design is the graphic depiction of your brand and helps you reach out and resonate with your target audience. 

3 . Highlights consistency 

When generating a cohesive brand identity for your small business, it is imperative to realize the importance of consistency. Consistent theme across the website, packaging material, and marketing campaigns channels professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness.  These are significant attributes for a new business. Moreover, Forbes reports that consistent appearance on all media platforms can increase your revenues by up to 23%. 

Logo plays an enormous role in achieving uniform branding. This image appears on all the interactive mediums such as visiting cards and emails and marketing channels, including billboards and social media ads. When people are consistently exposed to a similar logo, it fosters brand recognition. Eventually, your logo can function as a stand-alone representation which is why a professional logo design is important to have.

For example, the big, yellow M of Mcdonald’s is one of the most recognizable logos globally, even though it does not feature the company’s name or their products. Other similar examples include Nike’s “swoosh” and Starbucks’ “the siren.”   



4. Invites customer interest

Users are bombarded with a plethora of information every time they turn on a device. Consequently, an average customer’s attention span has reduced to a mere eight seconds, as per a Microsoft study.

With numerous small and big businesses vying for this attention, a well-curated logo will immediately grab eyeballs and pique a prospect’s interest. It will command responsiveness and compel the viewer to check out your brand and its products. It can even result in a potential customer converting into a loyal client.

Therefore, ensure that every design element of the logo is exceptionally eye-catching. Use color combinations that reflect your brand but are different from your competitors since you want to stand out from the crowd. Use creative symbols and visual puns that prompt a reaction from the viewer. The following logo is a fantastic example of humor done right. It is refreshing and delightfully unexpected.


5 . Builds loyalty

Fostering brand loyalty is one of the most challenging yet rewarding achievements for a small business. Once you earn customers’ trust, they are more likely to become returning clients and rely on the products’ quality to purchase even your new releases.

Your logo reinforces the feeling of loyalty towards the business. For example, a consumer had an excellent previous experience with you. When they are in the market again to buy a product that you sell, your memorable logo will beckon them to your company. They will immediately associate your logo with a fantastic buying experience and feel a sense of devotion to your brand. 

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6. Propels your marketing endeavors

As a startup company, you want to market your products on every available and plausible platform. A logo helps your marketing efforts by making your brand visible and legible. However, if your company has no logo and just a name on display, there is a big chance not many people will be able to remember your brand.

Moreover, Hubspot reports that the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text, and almost 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Thus, a logo makes your business and marketing techniques more memorable.

Finally, there is a high probability that you can secure only a tiny space for banner advertising. The limited space does not allow you to convey your company’s vision and ethics. You would prefer to use the banner to highlight your products and display your logo that conveniently directs the viewers to your business. 

7. Creates professional appearance 

A lot of time and effort goes into carving a niche for your brand. You have to analyze and assess every aspect of your business model to ensure that it generates sustainable engagements. 

When your logo is on point, it represents a company that pays attention to the finer detail of branding and is unwilling to cut corners. Subsequently, people trust the business to extend the same level of professionalism and quality to their products and services. 

Conversely, if your branding is visually lacking, it immediately negates all your efforts that went into generating a competitive business plan. A mediocre logo will deter the prospects from approaching and interacting with your company.

Thus, a professional logo design can dictate competence and trustworthiness. It establishes your business’s authenticity and positively influences the customers’ viewpoint. 

8. Produces maximum return on investment 

Something as minuscule and straightforward as a logo has an immense impact on your brand’s credibility. As a startup business owner, finances can be tight, and spending money on logo design may appear unnecessary and extravagant. You may be tempted to create something yourself to save a few bucks.

However, if your logo appears tacky or unprofessional, it immediately harms your company’s reputation.  On the other hand, a professionally designed logo is a long-term investment that functions as your brand’s visual mascot. It is also something that customers expect and look for when interacting with you for the first time.

Therefore, when brainstorming for ideas for the perfect logo, make sure that it is scalable and timeless. The logo’s scalability establishes that it looks appealing regardless of its size and can fit into smaller spaces as well. Timelessness ensures that the logo can continue to earn you customer loyalty for years to come, thus generating the maximum ROI. 

Following is an example of a versatile logo that has been around for almost fifty years:

Final Thoughts

A logo is a vital building block of a successful brand. It functions as your unique identity and has the ability to create a powerful first impression. A conscientiously designed logo calls attention to your professionalism, product quality, and credibility. Lastly, it augments your marketing ventures and generates lasting brand loyalty.