A Guide for Buying a Casket

A Guide for Buying a Casket

The casket plays a crucial role in holding the body of a deceased person. Unlike a coffin, a casket is rectangular and has a hinged lid.  Experts like Gary Cubeta from Insurance for Final Expense recommend buying a casket as an essential aspect of funeral arrangements. Here is a guide for purchasing a casket to make things easy for you. 

Set a Budget

Caskets range from thousand dollars to a few thousand dollars. To prevent overspending, you need to set a budget before shopping for a casket.  Gary Cubeta from Insurance for Final Expense says that if you are buying a casket from the funeral home, you can ask the funeral director to show you the price list before showing any caskets. 

It will help you make selections as per your budget.  The funeral home also accepts caskets purchased from other providers. So explore other options as well. 

Give Thought to Your Loved One’s Wishes

It is common for people to have preferences or wishes related to their funeral. If your loved one has expressed a desire for a specific type of casket, you need to fulfill his wishes.  If that is not the case, think about your loved one’s preferences or tastes while choosing a casket. It will help you narrow down on essential aspects like trim, linings, and casket material. You can also visit Trusted Caskets in this regard.

Type of Caskets 

Caskets are made of different types of material, including metal and wood. There are different kinds of hardwoods used in the making of the casket, especially walnut and mahogany.  The hardwoods caskets are beautiful and expensive.  If you are looking for cheaper options, you can consider softer woods like poplar or pine. 

Metal caskets are generally made of bronze and copper. If you are looking for an economical choice in metal caskets, go for stainless steel ones.  There are few other alternatives available like wood veneers and wood covered in cloth.  You can also get caskets made of plastics and fiberglass, which are not yet widespread.

Casket Size 

Casket size is an essential aspect of casket purchase. The length of the casket is not a cause of concern, but its width can be. A standard casket measures 84 (L) x28 (W) x23 (T).  The size dimensions also depend on the model or type of casket you choose. 

If the deceased person is larger than the average person, you need to look for an oversized casket. The large caskets have a width of 31 inches.

Important Casket Features

Casket Lids 

Caskets come with two types of lids- full couch and half couch. The half-couch is a popular lid style. A half-couch has a two-piece lid of equal lengths. One lid piece covers the body from the waist up. If you want to reveal the upper half of the deceased body during religious verses or rhymes, go for the half couch lid style. A full-couch lid refers to one piece lid extending the whole length of the casket. 

Casket Lining Materials 

You have a varied choice in terms of casket lining materials. The preferred choices are crepe, velvet, and satin. Other options include linen or velour. Crepe is the most economical option, while velvet is the most expensive option you can choose for your loved one who has passed away. 

The fabric is installed in the casket in different ways. Some of the standard options are tailored, tufted, and ruffled.  There are several options in color and customization. For example, you can opt for a custom design that reflects a deceased person’s love for a rock band, sports team, or other personality. Greater the customization, the higher the cost of the casket. 

Special Casket Features 

The casket can have unique features like a hidden box(drawer) which can be used to store a deceased person’s favorite things.  The items kept in the drawer are buried with the deceased person at the funeral service.

Other Casket Options 

There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a casket. For example, you can select a casket with contoured sides or squared or rounded corners. Some caskets also come with “casket corners” that can be attached to the casket.  The casket corners are an excellent way to depict the person’s life and symbol of favorite sports or hobbies. 

You can also get embroidered head panels for your casket. Just keep in mind the more creative and embellished casket you choose, the higher the price will be. 

To sum up, these are some essential factors to focus on when choosing a casket for your loved one who has left this world.