What You Need to Know About Flying With CBD Gummies

Flying With CBD Gummies

You’re packing your bags, getting ready for your big vacation, and munching on some CBD gummies from Verma Farms when it hits you. Can you bring your CBD onto the plane? In this blog, you will know What You Need to Know About Flying With CBD Gummies.

Travel is stressful enough and you’re supposed to be relaxing, but now you are unsure if you can bring those sweet little gems that help your aches and pains go away and allow you to relax while you’re running to your connecting flight. 

It’s not like you are getting high on the plane (pun sort of intended). Your CBD likely has less than .3 percent THC, and may not have any at all. It seems pretty reasonable that you should be able to take your CBD gummies with you, so you toss them into your carry on. You should be able to get on your flight without anyone giving you trouble about your CBD, but will you get past security without a delay?

In a perfect world, the answer about getting your CBD through TSA would be simple, but come on. This is airport security we are talking about. Nothing is simple, and most things are rarely consistent.

 Add this to the fact that there are so many options and varieties of CBD products that most people may struggle to accurately identify differences that make or break the legality of its possession, and you may feel like you are better off just leaving your gummies at home.

Don’t cancel your flight and turn your vacation into a road trip in order to avoid the hassle just yet. You may be comforted and can ensure a smoother trip if you just have the information you need ahead of time.

 You may have images of a K-9 unit tearing at your flip flops if they get a whiff of your CBD gummies, but rest assured, your CBD gummies for anxiety are not what TSA workers are looking for. What You Need to Know About Flying With CBD Gummies-

Here is What The TSA Has to Say About CBD Products

The TSA is a federal agency, therefore it has to operate under federal regulations, but its primary concern is making sure that everyone is safe. As far as anyone is aware, popular as they are, no one ever used a CBD gummy to hurt somebody. It seems, then, like you would be home-free. But, of course, in the world of federal regulations and enforcement, nuance reigns supreme. This is what the TSA website has to say about taking your CBD on the plane:

Medical Marijuana

Carry On Bags: Yes (Special Instructions)

Checked Bags: Yes (Special Instructions)

Does the TSA seem to know the difference between hemp and marijuana? No. Are the “special instructions” easy to find? No again. Is it up to you to make a judgment call about whether you should take your CBD on the plane with you? Absolutely.

The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana is Important But Misunderstood

Anything derived from the marijuana plant is still federally illegal. It has a higher level of THC and you can get in trouble for having it when dealing with a federal entity, even in a state where it is legal. Industrial hemp, on the other hand, is legal on a federal level, so most products derived from hemp plants grown in accordance with federal guidelines are safe. 

They have a lower level of THC, and sometimes none at all. These products are generally okay, but there are a couple of states that still outlaw hemp products or CBD.

The ambiguity and misunderstanding of facts surrounding CBD can make the idea of taking it on a plane a harrowing thought. The TSA doesn’t seem to understand that CBD is not medical marijuana—which is federally illegal. It also seems to think that medical marijuana is legal if it is made from industrial hemp—which makes it not marijuana. 

Let Your Judgement Be Your Guide and Know Your Facts

The amount of hassle you get when trying to catch your flight with CBD in your bag may depend on the individual agent, their mood, the political climate, or possibly the color of your skin. You should weigh these factors when deciding whether or not to pack your CBD products. You may take CBD oils for anxiety, but will it be enough to prevent a panic attack if you get held up at security by a zealous TSA agent in a bad mood?

At a time when everyone seems to be taking CBD, you should be free to take it with you wherever you go. The World Anti-Doping Agency made it legal for athletes to use CBD for their post-training recovery. Your grandmother uses it for her arthritis. Yet as of right now, the laws are still murky and seem to be subject to interpretation. 

Even though the times are changing and laws are catching up, you may be slightly illegal in possessing some of your CBD products. Know the laws in your state, any state where you may have a layover, and the state to which you are traveling. Use a certificate of analysis to confirm the makeup of your products. You may even want to bring a printed copy with you. 

In the end, your gut feelings and your personal judgment are going to have to be your guide until the laws are more defined. The best way to protect yourself is to be as informed as possible and carry a copy of your product’s certificate of analysis with you in case of any questions. If all else fails, you can leave your CBD home and probably buy more at your final destination.