Amazing Things You Can Only Get from Nextiva


About Nextiva

As one of those VoIP providers that has been helping a lot of people communicate every single day, Nextiva has a lot of positive and negative reviews from many people around the world. It is because some of them are not grateful enough after using the service from Nextiva. However, there are also a lot of positive Nextiva reviews talking about how Nextiva helps them to communicate with the world. If you are wondering, which one of those reviews that you should trust, then maybe you need to know some of these things that you can only get from Nextiva. It is because not all of those VoIP providers are able to give these things as Nextiva does. Here are those things.

Features and Services 

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The first one is the amazing features and services. When you are talking about its features, you can be sure that this provider gives you the amazing features as the other providers do. The main difference is that Nextiva gives all of those complete features for those who already bought the VoIP plan from them. It does not matter which plan that you buy from them, you will still get all of those complete features to use. For the other VoIP providers, you might need to pay for the higher or better plan if you want to use the complete features from them. This is the first amazing thing that you can only get from Nextiva without having to spend a lot of money.

The second thing that you should know is the fact that Nextiva never had any single outage problem since three years ago. Some of you might think that an outage problem is something simple. It is because you do not feel the impact of the outage. However, for the large companies that relies communication over the internet protocol, an outage can be a great damage. Can you imagine if you are in the middle of an important conference and suddenly you have an outage? That is not something that you want to imagine since that will hurt you so much. That is why when a VoIP provider never had an outage for three years, this is a great achievement that many people will trust.


The last thing that you can only get from Nextiva is the fact that you can use the complete features despite of the device that you use. This is one problem that many people have to deal with. When you are using computer or laptop, you can use all of the features from the VoIP providers. However, if you are using your smartphone, the features are quite limited. As the result, you cannot use those features when you are using your smartphone. Though you can use various apps for your android smartphone. Fortunately, Nextiva is nothing like that. It is because even though you are using your smartphone, you can still use all of its features. This way, you do not need to worry if you are in the middle of nowhere and you only have your smartphone with you. You can still use all of the features from Nextiva.