Bad System Config info- Easy Ways and Methods for 2022

bad system config info

How to Solve the Bad System Config Info Error

If you have been using a Windows 10 system for a long time, you may have faced bad system config info. The error occurs quite commonly, especially when some malware or virus in the system already exists. There are several ways/methods to sort out this error of bad system config info error which can solve it instantly.

It is extremely important to solve the bad system issue as soon as possible as it can bring a lot of damage/issues to your system. Moreover, if it occurs again and again, then you may lose the unsaved data as well. If you are not aware of what this bad system config error is all about, then let us discuss what happens in it briefly.

What Happens when System Config Info Error Strike? 

If you have never experienced the System config info error ever, then let us describe it for you. In a nutshell, if your system has a Bad system config error, then it suddenly crashes. While the system is running, an instant cut to the blue screen will appear with the message of the error.

Methods To Solve 

We have several/various ways that you can opt to solve this annoying error of bad system config. Let us check out some of the simplest and easiest methods that you can opt for.

System Boot Issue 

 Before anything else, the initial method that one should opt for is to give your system a thorough reboot. As soon as your system is crashed due to the system config error, you have to reboot the PC instantly. This is because the system info error may occur without any heavy reason. Sometimes, due to the harsh load of the PC, the system may crash.

So, in such cases, the best thing that you can do is you can give your system a quick reboot. If there is not a concrete reason behind your bad system config error, then your issue will be solved instantly. By restarting the PC and opting for recovery, you are able to save the PC from the system config error.

Check Your System Drive


As you might already know, Windows system 32 (the major system operative file) is stored generally on the C drive. Well, if you are facing the problem of System config error, then what you can do is change the location/drive of the file. What happens is that windows system 32 is automatically downloaded in the C drive. Once you find out some issue or error regarding the system config, then what you can do is change the destination of the System 32 file. By doing so, you may repair and avoid such errors in the future.

Use Traditional Diagnosis and Troubleshoot Methods 

Windows is an extremely smart operative system. It is smart enough to diagnose and solve many common issues that may come up. If you are a regular Windows PC or laptop user, you must be aware of how helpful the troubleshoot process of windows is. Now, when it comes to an issue like system config error, your system ends up crashing. You need to try out the system diagnoses and troubleshoot too. Well, it is not certain that your issue will get solved, but we are sure that after the diagnosis, you will get to know what is causing the error to occur again and again.

Prompt Command 

bad system info error

Another important element in the system config info error and booting is the prompt command. As we know already that you can access the prompt command window from the boot window itself. So, if your PC is rebooting after the crash from the bad system config error, then it is suggested that you access the prompt command window first.

Once you open the prompt command window, look up the windows system file by typing-

cd d:\windows


then type

xcopy *.* C:\RegBack\

cd RegBack

and end with


Windows Version and Updates 

Before we explore this method in detail, it is important that we know our system details. We mean that before considering this method, make sure that you are aware of your system’s authenticity. Around the globe/world, there are a lot of fakes and forged windows that people use to save a few dollars. What they don’t understand is that by using/buying the cracked windows version, they are indulging in illegal activity. Moreover, if anyone is using a cracked version of windows, then they cannot avail the troubleshoot and diagnose services as well.

Once you confirm the authenticity of your windows system, you can go ahead with the method. As soon as you face this error of system config, you have to open the troubleshoot center directly. Here, the system will run a general diagnosis to check the entire operating system. If there are any certain areas in which the system is having an issue, then you will get a report of it. Now, since you are using the authentic version of the windows system on your laptop or PC, you can even opt for the solutions. You can report the problem to the company, and they will help you sort it out.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Here are some tips/things that you need to keep in mind to avoid this issue or error completely.

Antivirus and Anti-malware

Since most of us rely on heavy internet usage, our systems become extremely target for viruses or malware without antivirus. So, to avoid all similar errors and issues, one can always keep the antivirus active on their PC and also keep the windows firewall settings always on. 

Disk Clean-up

Another reason for such errors is the lack of disk and space management. So, we recommend that you keep the extra and unused files in check. It happens because there are a lot of extra files and software that run in the background. Slowly, the load of these background files acts as an overload and slows down the system’s processing. Moreover, maintaining a regular disk clean-up will help you to keep your system safe and clean. 


These simple and easy methods will save your system from the bad system config info error. Make sure that you reach out for professional help or a system consultant if your issue does not subside despite opting for these methods.