Basketball Shoes for Men


Most men love playing basketball. Basketball pitches are usually made of marble, concrete, and other tough floors which demand that you wear comfortable shoes whenever playing basketball. The quality of a basketball shoe categorizes into the different materials that make the different parts of the shoe itself.

Types Of Basketball Shoe 

Basketball shoes for men come in high, medium, and low heights. High-profile shoes contain extra layers of support around the ankle for stability. As a result, they are usually heavier. Medium height shoes, on the other hand, provide medium ankle support. The layers of support resting on the ankle provide considerable coverage but not with an enclosing design. Mid-high shoes offer more flexibility for the player. Low height types of shoes have little to no ankle support but offer agility and speed.

Best materials 

Different parts of the basketball shoe demand different types of materials for maximum comfort. The upper part of the shoe should be made of leather. Leather enables the shoe not to bend easily yet remain flexible. It, however, wears off with time. Shoes whose top part has synthetic materials are more flexible and breathable. Some shoes employ layers of blended mesh to yield flexibility and breathability. Shoes with zippers, laces, and straps on the upper part add support to ankles. Buy shoes with the best combination of weight, good upper coverage, and durability to collection of air Jordan.

The mid-sole component of a basketball shoe provides cushioning. Basketball players have to run for long distances and keep jumping. This agility ought to be met with long-lasting comfort and responsiveness. The mid-sole constitutes cushioning agents such as foams, compressed EVA particles, and polyurethane. Polyurethane cushioning is dense but durable. EVA cushions, on the other hand, are lighter than any other type of cushions. Select shoes that apply decentralized pressure cushioning that maximize cushioning materials at vital pressure points. The brand description of the shoe will give this information. The materials of the outsole also determine the comfortability and weight of the shoe. This part can either be made of rubber or other synthetic materials. Select shoes that are relatively flat and have a wide surface for maximum balance. To achieve a maximum grip with the floor, choose shoes that have hexagonally shipped treads. Basketball shoes’ design matches either indoor or outdoor activities. Indoor shoes contain relatively soft outsoles, while outdoor shoes have tough outsoles.

Matching the pitch position with the shoe

The position you play on the basketball pitch determines the type of shoes you should wear. If you are a guard, choose a shoe that does not wear you down. These are low-top shoes with little ankle support for quick movement. Forward players require shoes to bear much weight for vigorous play. Choose shoes with more ankle support. For middle-ground players, select an all-purpose basketball shoe, preferably of medium height.

Selecting the best basketball shoe for men

Make sure to match the size of your feet with the shoe you pick. These sizes can vary between different brands, and you should therefore check before purchasing a shoe online. Select a shoe that matches your preference for aesthetics. Focus on comfortability, especially cushioning. Select a shoe that is durable to save on cost. You can also wear men’s basketball shoes for a lifestyle option. They give a cool look.