Benefits of blackout curtains

Benefits of blackout curtains

You must have heard about blackout curtains and imagined them to be some dull and unpleasant blinds. With such dark beginnings in World War 2, these curtains were introduced by Britain to hide the light inside buildings to protect them from Nazi planes. But this does not mean they are to be used to create gloom only. Instead, nowadays, blackout curtains have advanced so much that they are replacing normal curtains with lighting speed; This is because they have been introduced in a variety of ways so that you can benefit from them. There use no longer limited as they have become available to all and sundry. In this blog, you will know Benefits of blackout curtains.

Moreover, you no longer have to wait for a particular season to use them as they can be hanged all year long. Not only that curtains bring with them a plethora of advantages which makes them a must-have for all your windows! Below we have highlighted some of the benefits of this war-cum-commercial invention!

  1. Versatile:

Be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter; blackout curtains are useful for all sorts of weather. You would not have to replace them with something more viable when Mother Nature plays its tune. This because it is a multi-purpose product feasible throughout the year. The reason behind it is the material used, the quality of material enables these curtains to produce optimal results. In summers, they help in blocking the light that harms the eyes. In winter it blocks cool air, keeping your house warm.    

  1. Aesthetics

You might think that blackout curtains are as unpleasant as they sound. But do not link the word with looks. In reality, these curtains come in every color and design. They look very similar to standard curtains. Only the material is a bit thick, which makes them even more graceful. Their fall is better, and so are the shades and tones! So instead of making your home look like a war base, modern blackout curtains improve the aesthetics of your residence. As they can be customized, they can be ideal for your room. With the ever-increasing choice in fabric and color, you can opt for any style that suits you best. Thus you would not have to sacrifice style for suitability! You will be able to beautifully dress your windows in a contemporary yet useful manner without comprising anything!

  1. More Warmth
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Is the loss of heat in homes not a common problem worldwide? And this is because what we do not realize is that we invite cold by ourselves. By using thin curtains, we permit the coolness to seep in through the pores. Not only that we also allow the heat to dissipate by using such thing window protections. It is a fact that windows cause 10% of heat loss even when shut. So why not deal with this wisely instead of increasing your bill. You can eliminate unwanted draughts by using blackout curtains. Thanks to the tightly woven lining, your homes will be insulated by as much as 46%.

  1. Blocks light

As for all of us, the main purpose of curtains is to block light and give privacy; blackout curtains win the game here as well. Their design is to block the majority of the light precisely. Some of them can even block 99% of light; This is no exaggeration as the backing fabric used can cause pitch darkness as well. Closing the curtains properly not allow even a beam of pesky light to peek around. Thus if you are frustrated about the daylight breaking in at around 4 am and disturbing your sleep, then go for. These are also ideal for those who do shifts at night and need undisturbed sleep during the day. 

  1. Energy Saving

As if all the benefits mentioned above were not enough to keep you satisfied, here is another one. Did you know that the majority of the energy loss that occurs in your home is via windows which is in the form of 10-25% of thermal energy? And this is because windows are the biggest source of heat generation or conversion. So why not be wise and reduce this wastage by using blackout curtains. Thus not only will be able to keep your homes warmer in winter and cooler in summers but can also converse energy. Blackout curtains will reduce your bills by up to 25% as they will save electricity. You can heat and cool your home more economically as there will be a reduction in thermal loss. Thus energy will be saved, and your home can become an eco-friendly space!

  1. Noise reduction 

If you believe that only windows, doors, and walls can suppress noise, then you are wrong. You are unaware of the fact the curtains can sustain noise level as well. And the blackout curtains are the most efficient in doing so; This is because their lining consists of heavier fabrics that muffle noise which drastically reduces disturbance coming from outside and makes you space cozier. This filtering noise features also lead to a more peaceful ambiance so that you can sleep well. Thus can you imagine that curtains can even help you sleep better this way!

  1. Durability:

You might think that even with all the benefits stated above, blackout curtains are not worth investing in due to the cost. But what if we tell you that they cost relatively less than other window dressers. They might be pricey in absolute terms and look a little more expensive upfront. But they pay off much more quickly in terms of saving. Not only that, but it is also worth noting they can also stand the test of time; This means that you would not have to overhaul them as they are quality pieces and can save on future replacements as well. Thus in real terms, this investment even though bigger in the short run, proves to be economical in the long run. You are unlikely ever to regret them as they guarantee to pay for themselves. So instead of buying cheap buying twice, invest in these highly durable drapes!


Now that you are aware of the vast array of its benefits, we hope you will make the right choice. Be it financial, mental, physical, or even environmental, name it, and blackout curtains will serve them! So the next time you decide to purchase new curtains, we wish to see you at the blackout curtains sections. You will easily find one as they are available everywhere. The masses have begun to realize their benefits, so the manufacturers are meeting their demand! Thus you would not find it difficult to integrate them in your home as you will surely find numerous designs that suit your windows. So what are you waiting for? Be practical and wise now and opt for them. Do not wait for another war to realize their benefits. They were not only made to be lifesavers in World War 2. The wars might be over for good, but blackout curtains have a long way to go!


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