The Best 65 inch 4K TV Under 1500 For Viewing Experiences Comes To Life!

The Best 65 inch 4K TV Under 1500 For Viewing Experiences Comes To Life
The Best 65 inch 4K TV Under 1500 For Viewing Experiences Comes To Life

The best 65-inch TV under 1500 should be at a reasonable, bringing sharp images, fantastic audio with a lot of smart features, right?

Are these features what you are looking for?

If yes, Playcast Media can provide you with some products meeting these requirements.

Now, let’s go into deeper:

How to buy the best 4K TV under 1500

How to buy the best 65 inch tv for the money
How to buy the best 65 inch Smart 4K TV for the money?

$1500 is not a small budget, so you can completely expect the best TV with many outstanding features. However, you have to take into the following considerations to pick up a suitable model:

HDR (high dynamic range)

This feature shows the sharpness of the color accuracy on the screen. It means that your TV comes with a high contrast ratio viewing a brighter or darker shot.

If you want to have a TV showing bright, sharp, and crisp pictures, HDR plays a vital role in looking for it.

Smart TV features

Some people said that smart features are not as important as smart platforms. However, whether you are in need of them or not, they show the fantastic quality of a TV.

High resolution (4K Resolution)

The majority of TVs available on the market are HD, and the screen is 65 inches in width.

If you are looking for a good TV, it’s okay to pick up an HD TV with a 1080p resolution or 4K Ultra HD definition. Even you want to purchase a budget TV, it’s easy to find out one that can meet this requirement.

Just keep in mind to check the resolution before buying.

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The review of the best 65 Inch Smart tv under 1500

As we said, below are the top 7 65-inch TVs under 1500. They can meet your demands partly for sure. Please choose an appropriate model with your demands.

Samsung QN65Q60RAFXZA TV – The most hidden TV

Samsung QN65Q60RAFXZA TV

Samsung QN65Q60RAFXZA TV is the cheapest product on this list, but don’t let the price fool you. You can completely expect an outstanding feature of a high-end model:

The Ambient mode feature of Samsung allows your TV to blend into the wall. It means when it’s not in use, you can “hide” TV by choosing a background that is similar to the wall behind it. Or, you can also set up additional information such as weather, time, or news headlines.

This is a low-powered mode as a screensaver.


Even when applying imagery and live information for a long time, it won’t use full brightness and power usage as regular. Thus, you can save a lot of money on your power bills.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to enable Ambient mode:

Go to the home screen –> Navigate to the left side –> Highlight the Ambient tile –> Press Enter.

After opening the Ambient Mode with a dedicated button on the Samsung One Remote, your TV will be on a low-power state to display your images and information.

If you want to deactivate Ambient Mode, press the power button simply. In case you need to watch TV, pressing the Home button allows you to put it into a regular mode.

It’s a little hard to use the remote in a dark condition because it doesn’t come with a backlight. However, you can quickly get used to it because there are not many buttons.


  • Sharp pictures
  • Nice design


  • Too large for an average room

Samsung QN65Q60RA 4K UHD TV – The most functional TV

Samsung QN65Q60RA 4K UHD TV

Apart from the function of a regular TV, you can use Samsung QN65Q60RA as a big computer monitor.

How can?

The built-in Wifi and Ethernet connectivity allow you to use a wide range of online services such as videos, instant messaging, and social networks.

This TV also features screen mirroring and content sharing. If you already have an external device such as a PC, smartphone, tablet, camera, or USB device, connecting with your TV will show all audio, photo, and video contents on the screen.

The four HDMI inputs allow you to transmit high-quality sounds and videos from an HDMI-compliant source device to the screen of your TV. This helps you turn your home into a “professional theater” to enjoy videos and songs.

There are two USB ports. You can use them to transfer digital data or supply electric power through a cable.

This Samsung TV comes with the built-in Bixby virtual assistant and voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can use some compatible apps via the Bixby voice commands to help you get what you need quicker. However, you need to have a Samsung account as well as a data network.

Simply talk as your way because Bixby can understand the natural and conversational languages.

The drawback is that it can’t recognize all accents, excepting some popular languages such as English (US), Chinese (Mandarin), and Korean.

The voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is similar to the above, but it is specifically designed for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa app.


  • Clear picture
  • Powerful performance


  • Small sound

Samsung QN65Q7FN TV – The most beautiful design

Samsung QN65Q7FN TV

Samsung QN65Q7FN is the most beautiful product on this list, and it is also the balance between style and performance.

First of all, aesthetic excellence is expressed through how to install. You only need to attach everything into a thin cable then mount your TV into the wall. This process is very clean, simple, and compact. It won’t create a mess in the back because of minimizing wires.

After setting up, it only looks like a picture on the wall when not in use. This is not a vagrant imagination because the Ambient mode will help you “hide” this TV.

The boundless 360° design helps you focus on the inside, bringing a stunning view.

If your wall is 100% flat, you won’t see any small gap, fitting perfectly.

There are about pre-installed 23 different TV apps, and you can’t remove them. You are only allowed to delete what you install.


  • Anti-glare screen
  • Bixby voice
  • Sharp images
  • Amazing sounds
  • Easy to set up


  • Not good customer service
  • A bit heavy

Sony XBR65X900F TV – The most impressive picture quality

Sony XBR65X900F 

Though the picture quality of all the products on this list is very excellent, Sony XBR65X900F is the best of the best.

This TV features 4K HDTV which allows you to experience crisper images with more details than standard HD because of its 4.000 pixels wide.

If you haven’t been satisfied with the 4K picture, the X1 extreme processor can improve the quality of images more ultra-detailed by controlling contrast and a variety of brightness.

Here is our favorite feature:

The X-tended dynamic range pro minimizes light leakage and controls backlight levels for each area of the whole screen so that it can reach the full extreme of light. Thus, you will have more amazing experiences with deeper blacks, the beautiful night shots with full of dazzling lights. In general, the dark scenes will be darker, and the bright scenes will be brighter through Sony XBR65X900F.

The X-motion clarity technology is the combination of the light-boosting potential and backlight blinking. It leads to high motion resolution without increasing flicker and decreasing brightness.

Thus, this technology minimizes blur to help the shots with fast movements become smoother and clearer. Meanwhile, the high-speed scenes and images are also kept true without losing brightness.

Triluminos of Sony is famous for creating such vibrant colors because it can reproduce a wide 50% color gamut.

When you load online content through apps, there will be a lag. This may be that these apps make your model unresponsive.


  • Voice compatibility
  • Packaged full of accessories
  • Easy to set up


  • A bit high price

Sony X950G 65Inch TV – The best Audio

Sony X950G

Audio is the highlight of Sony X950G. Let’s discover the reasons below:

This model comes with a proprietary Sony technology, acoustic multi-audio. It can convert the whole display into a tremendous speaker.

How can?

This technology adds two sound-positioning tweeters to offer extra directional cues for your two available speakers. It results in the simulation effect of the sound emitted from the middle of the screen. The images of shots and sounds are shown correctly. Thus, you can enjoy a multi-dimensional soundscape to watch TV with more wonderful experiences.

Apart from the immersive audio, this TV also has other outstanding features for sharp images without having blur motions. 

This TV has a reasonable level of screen brightness, so it isn’t suitable to watch TV in a dark place. We strongly recommend for people who love watching TV in a bright living room.


  • Smart voice feature
  • A nice metallic build
  • Vibrant colors
  • Allowable for light gaming


  • Not-backlit remote

LG OLED55C9PUA TV – The best balance of image and sound


As advertised, this TV can be transformed into an entertainment powerhouse thanks to the advanced image and high sound technologies.

This TV is integrated with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, showing the audio quality and picture quality. Here is what you can expect from these features:

Basically, Dolby Atmos is the ultra-immersive and high-quality sound because you can feel the maximum surround sound. For example, when watching a football match, you can even hear the roar of the crowd.

What is the best part?

It comes with a wide range of tweaks and enhancements, which allow you to reproduce the original audio more accurate.

When it comes to Dolby Vision, you will have wonderful TV viewing experiences with fantastic color, contrast, and brightness of images.

Specifically, the 12-bit color depth of Dolby Vision can create 68 billion standard colors. The highlight of Dolby Vision is the brightness which is up to 10.000 nits of maximum.

The price is over 1500 a little. So, perhaps it is too much for some people with a tight budget.


  • Beautiful design
  • Full package


  • Overheat

TCL 75R617 TV –  The best gaming TV

TCL 75R617 TV

If you are a gamer who is looking for a TV to play a game, TCL 75R617 is a suitable option.

With the 75 inch screen and 4K display, you can get amazing gaming experiences with great dark shadows, highlighted bright, vibrant colors, and low input lag.

With Auto Game Mode, this is an excellent responsive TV because it provides you with the lowest latency, smoothest action, and the best picture settings for playing a game.

This TV features Dolby Vision which brings impressive visual experience and striking HDR contrast while playing a game.

The natural motion technology offers a smooth rate so that you can entirely focus on the soccer pitch, battlefield, and racetrack.

You can connect the TV with your headphones to enjoy your game quietly without disturbing everyone. This is convenient to play in the middle of the night.

Some customers have the screen banding issue, so you should check the model before paying.


  • Voice control
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish design


  • Heavy

When is the best time to buy a TV?

When is the best time to buy a TV
When is the best time to buy a TV

After knowing “what” is the best 65-inch TV under 1500, now, it’s essential to learn “when” is the best time of the year to buy it.

Let’s help you solve this economic issue. Here is the fact:

Most on and off retailers provide their customers with great discounts on TV on a seasonal basis.


Typically, the first week and the last week of January are the ideal time to purchase a new TV.


This is a smart financial step because, in this period, the majority of manufacturers and retailers reduce prices to sell the remaining inventory to make room for new products.

It’s very common to see reducing 30% of the price in the first week of the year.

Two weeks before Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is the most significant sports event of the year. So, many TV manufacturers and retailers take advantage of this chance that millions of Americans are interested in the big game to sell TVs. There are many great deals in this time for the large game-oriented big-screen TVs.

The last week of March and the first week of April

Consumer electronics manufactures usually launch their new products at a specific time every single year. And for TVs, it’s early spring. The appearance of the newest models leads to 25%-35% discounts for old products.

Pay attention that it’s hard to see a discount for the latest 4K Ultra HD Model.


If you aim to small TVs at a reasonable price that works well for a dorm room or a college apartment, August when is the back-to-school shopping season is perfect. In this time, you can find out 32-inch – 46-inch TVs at a discount.

Black Friday

This is the best time to buy a new TV for a reason. It is the opening salvo in the holiday shopping season. You can easily find out some deep discounts on both regular and high-end TVs (about 60%).

December 26

After a day of Christmas, it’s a good opportunity for retailers to deal with the inventory left. It is because companies are done perusing post-holiday sales on this day.

They need to clear the shelves for new TVs so that you can expect a discount of up to 30%.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is a worthy day to wait for. Note July 16, starting at 3pm on your calendar.

Whether you love Samsung, LG, or Sony, there will be bargain-basement prices on this day.

What is the best choice?

For us, Samsung QN65Q7FN TV is what we are looking for. We love its beautiful design and simple installation without leaving a mess. We are satisfied with both its look and performance. This TV brings wonderful experiences of sharp images and clear sounds.

Enjoy your film with the best 65-inch TV!

Now, it’s your turn to let me know your choice? Which one is the best 65-inch TV under 1500? Please let me know your answer as well as the reasons why you pick up it? Which benefits did it bring? Also, don’t forget to share this post, if you find it informative and useful.

Thank you for reading our article! Playcast Media hope you have a wonderful day!