Best Emojis Teens Use in 2020

Best Emojis Teens Use in 2020

Using the right emojis can be a bit tricky at times, especially if you’re trying to convey something that isn’t widely used. Good thing is that we’re here to help you out in choosing the right ones at the right time. So without further adieu, here are the most used emojis that will definitely help you out on the road to emoji supremacy.

Hold up, before we get started; it’s important to note that by using emojis there can sometimes be double meanings to them. So it’s important to note that you should choose the correct one to convey the message more clearly. With that said, let’s begin the journey. 

Clown Emoji, Really?

Whether you’re telling a joke, or teasing a friend on Facebook posts and messages, best say it with the boisterous clown face emoji. This emoji has prompted fun reactions among social media users who have been fools in all aspects of life but who the hell invented this tiny graphic of clownery? Was it meant to scare people with coulrophobia? 

Granted that this is used similar to a double-edged blade, it conveys that you’re either someone who loves to be fooled around with or you really are an as funny person. However, it’s usually the former rather than the latter. So better ask the person you received it from what he or she meant by it. 

Laughing Emoji, Because Why Not?

The laughing emoji is one of the most commonly used emojis out there; given that it’s meant to shorten the usual hahaha’s of a person or if someone is really lazy, then it’s going to be a lol. Regardless of which, this universally known emoji is used by all and continues to be one of the most used emojis out there. 

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Laughter, happiness, and joy is part of human behavior, and it’s good to know that there is an emoji that would best suit its needs. Given that people tend to use this emoji even when they don’t show any emotion on their face, but only conveyed through the text. It’s definitely weird that we do that, I’m guilty and so should you.

Monkey Emoji, All of Them

Ever seen those monkey emojis that look cute but sometimes annoying? Yes, we’re going to talk about those. For the uninitiated, it’s those monkey emojis that cover either their mouth, eyes, or ears. It’s a cute way of saying to someone that you either didn’t mean to say what you said, didn’t see what you saw or didn’t hear what they said. 

Cute, but very effective and that’s especially if you’re a girl, guys fall for it all the time. The typical use of those emojis is to convey a sense of cuteness as I mentioned a while ago, and also means that you didn’t mean to do what you did. It’s pretty similar to the emoji with the big eyes with a shocked expression, but that isn’t as used as these emojis really.


With so many emojis populating on social media right now, always make sure to use the right one and get with the trend! You wouldn’t want to be left behind by your peers now, would you? 

Or if you’re planning to try to make your own trendy emoji then more power to you! Just as long as you convey the meaning of the emoji or try to make it your own then you’re good to go. 

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Take note, the most used emojis change from time to time so feel free to change it up once in a while, you never know when your most-used emoji would be something so popular that the rest of your peers would start using it and pretend it was them who thought about it in the first place. Talk about taking all the credit.


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