Full suspension mountain bikes are better than regular mountain bikes. They are better and offer a safer ride to the mountains. While it is difficult to find the best full suspension mountain bike under $1500, it is possible.

You do not need to worry about your budget. If you can find adequately, you will easily find a full suspension bike within your budget limit. More manufacturers are willing to offer models on a medium-range or a pocket-friendly range

due to the competitive pricing trend.

You will find cross-country bikes, trail mountain bikes, or even simple full suspension mountain bikes. Here is the list of best full suspension mountain bike under $1500.

Best Selling Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $1500

1. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Bike is the best full suspension mountain bike under  $1500  for any seasoned rider. It is a feature-loaded bike that has a surprisingly low budget range.

It is quite user-friendly and is ideal for multipurpose use. The aluminum frame makes it light-weight and easy for handling. Besides, the 214-speed gear from and a TX50 front derailleur from a renowned company like Shimano makes it a formidable bike in the bumpy roads.

Moreover, this bike from Diamondback Bicycles also has an SR Suntour fork with an 80 mm travel capacity. Hence, you can get a smooth and comfortable riding experience, even on a rocky path. The most prominent feature is its mechanical disc brake that allows you to control your bike with seconds on the mountain roads.


  • It has all the mechanisms that can make your cross-country races comfortable and thrilling. The bike is ideal for single-track bike races.
  • The aluminum frame is long-lasting yet is comfortable due to its light-weight.
  • The RockShox FS30 TK Forks alone 100mmm plus travel on rocky mountain racing tracks.
  • It also has Shimano  MT200 mechanical disc brakes. So, stopping on the roads become an easy task.


  • Attached pedals for your convenience
  • The bike has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • The hydraulic, mechanical disc brakes are excellent for stopping pon mountain tracks
  • It also has SRAM NX or GX 1*11 drivetrain to shift the gears without any delay
  • RockShox FS30 forks allow the rider to get a smooth riding experience
  • Light-weight and durable


  • The price is relatively high
  • There are availability issues


If you want to buy a mountain bike that will give you service for an extended period, Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Bike is a decent choice. It has all the necessary features as a full-suspension mountain bike. Additionally, it is light-weight and easy to handle. So, it can be your best companion for the cross country races or your mountain trip during the holidays.

2. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

The next entry in this list is The Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike. It is another aluminum frame full suspension mountain bike. Hence, it is light-weight yet durable. On top of that, it has shock-absorbing front suspension forks to make your riding comfortable and more accessible.

Feature Wise, it is an excellent purchase. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike has 24-speed Shimano derailleurs, EX-Fire trigger shifters. Hence, shifting gears becomes an easy task, and the shifting time is also significantly less. As a result, the rider gets a smooth ride even on the most challenging biking trail.

Besides that, the bike has 29-inch wheels with kitted double-wall alloy rims. So, the wheels can withstand a lot of damages without any problem.


  • Schwinn aluminum double suspension Bike frame and suspension fork are incredible. They can  absorb knocks and shocks of the mountain tracks to give you a strong riding experience
  • The wheels have kitted double alloy rims that are light-weight but powerful. Moreover, 2.25 inches Kobby Wired tires are ideal for the uneven path of the mountains.
  • 24 speed Shimano EZ Fire trigger shifters and front and back Shimano derailleurs make gear changes smooth and straightforward
  • The alloy cranks from Schwinn keep the bike steady during gear change and makes maintenance easier.
  • Front and back mechanical circle brakes allow the rider to stop the bike at any track, no matter the track condition.
  • It also has heavy-duty mechanical disc brakes to allow the rider to top their bike whenever they want.


  • Larger wheels of 29 inches size with kitted alloy trim and 2.25 mountain tires
  • The EZ-Fire trigger allows the rider to change gear smoothly with the 24-speed gear shifter from Shimano
  • It is durable and great for mountain bike racing
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  • One needs to spend a lot of time or contact a professional to assemble this bike
  • The disc brakes are massive (50 pounds)
  • Hydraulic brakes would have been better
  • The 29-inch wheels can become difficult to handle during navigation in a narrow track


Overall, the Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for those who want to have a durable bike. If you can manage with its larger wheels and a heavy disc brake, you can zoom through the bumpy mountain tracks without any problem.

3. Merax 26 inch Mountain Bicycle

A lot of people think that buying Mountain bikes in a tight budget is difficult and impossible. But, if you choose the Merax Mountain bike, the seemingly impossible task becomes possible. It is affordable and has a simple budget of $500 or below. So, if you are someone who has recently started mountain biking, it is a great buy.

The bike comes with excellent features at that small price. It has an 800 mm capacity sus[pension fork, a light-weight aluminum frame with shock-absorbent properties. Moreover, it also has 21-speed gear and derailleurs From Shimano.

The Merax Finiss mechanical disc brakes make it a top choice best full suspension mountain bike under  $1500.


  • The dual suspension offers a smooth and comfortable ride during bumpy roads and increases the herder’s control.
  • It comes with 21-speed Shimano derailleurs and shifters. Hence, a rider can swiftly change the gears with the road condition.
  • It has linear-pull brakes and mechanical disc brakes. Hence, one can stop the bike within a few seconds on the track.
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.
  • The bike is light-weight and long-lasting.
  • Weight capacity of 330 lbs.
  • Available in two color combinations- grey and green; black and blue


  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 330 pounds weighing capacity, great for heavyweight riders
  • The price is extremely affordable
  • Great as an entry-level mountain bike with loads of features
  • Linear pull brakes with impressive performance
  • 21- speed gear from Shimano
  • Dual suspension design with 80 mm capacity suspension forks


  • Some users have complained that the bike parts come with defects like the front tire on the back wheel.
  • Requires assembly which is time-consuming tasks
  • The instruction manual does not offer a lot of help


The Merax full suspension mountain bike is an excellent bike for entry-level mountain bike activities, including light racing or casual trips. It is affordable but does not compromise with the features. So, if you want to purchase your maiden bike, choose this model.

4. SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fibre Mountain Bike

Only a few models with carbon fiber frames are available in the market. Among all these models, the DECK300 mountain Bike from SAVADECK is a winner. It is durable and lasts for a long time. Additionally, The SEVADECK DECK300 is user-friendly and extremely durable.

The carbon fiber bike frame is exceptionally light-weight. The bike deserves mention in the list of the best full suspension mountain bike under  $1500. It has aerodynamic contouring and torsion rigidity. Therefore, a rider gets to have a stronghold on their bike while turning on sharp bends.

Moreover, it has a Shimano Deore M6000 Speed Control Shift lever with front and back derailleur. All these mechanisms make changing gears a smooth and effortless job.

The Michelin Country Race MTB tires are also worth mentioning. Even pro racers praise these heavy-duty tires with great accelerating speed on rough terrain.


  • Light-weight TORAY T800 Carbon Fiber frame for extra durability.
  • The SR Suntour fork with 100 mm suspension allows the rider to race through the muddy and bumpy mountain tracks comfortably.
  • DECK300 also has Shimano M6000 Front and back derailleurs
  • The bike has an MT200 disc brake with a double mechanical disk. You can stop your bike whenever you want with these powerful brakes.
  • The continental Country Race MTB tires have low rolling resistance and durable construction. Hence, you can race faster without worrying about damage or accident.


  • The mountain bike from SAVADECK has a light-weight carbon frame that is durable.
  • It is excellent for beginner cross country racers.
  • The powerful disc brakes allow you to stop whenever you want.
  • The MTB race bike tires are rugged and great for any occasion.
  • It is available in three color combinations- white, green, and black- blue.


  • The bike has wheels that are not adjusted and are obsolete.
  • Often riders complain about discomfort as the wheels are not through the axle.


The SAVADECK DECK300 is a fantastic bike that offers excellent performance. It has all the features that you need to ride safely on a rocky mountain trail. DECK300 is one of the best choices for beginner racers. If you can make adjustments to the bike as per your preferences, it will offer excellent performance. 

5. Diamondback Bicycles LUX Comp Women’s Hardtail Mountain Bike

The last option in this list of the best full suspension mountain bike under  $1500 is women. Often women riders require a unique bike suitable for their body type, and this bike can be an excellent choice for them. It is the second model from Diamondback Bicycles. It is a classic model, but it has remained a people’s favorite because of its excellent performance.

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The manufacturer has improved the model and has added some features to it. The rigged tires now have boot axle spacing, better head angle, and a better reach on the roads. Moreover, it has all the traditional Hardtail model accessories like chainstay, grip-friendly tires, etc.

It is not solely for mountain biking. The truth is this bike is suitable for different terrain like rocky mountain trails, muddy mountain trails, jungle trails, and so on.


  • It has a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame. It is ideal for women as it is light-weight.
  • The bike also has stood over clearance to make riding easier.
  • It has a Rockshox 30 Silver Suspension fork with 100mm power.
  • The SRAM NX 1X11 Speed drivetrain allows the rider to change gears whenever the need.
  • It comes with Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes that are powerful enough to stop your bike in an instant.


  • An ideal model for female riders with all the needed features
  • The durable aluminum frame is light-weight and easy to maneuver.
  • SRMA 1×11 single-speed derivation for smooth gear change function
  • Shimano Hydraulic brakes, ideal for mountain trails
  • Great as an entry-level bike for female riders


  • The customer support is not good enough.
  • The front shock mechanism is not quick, and it also does not matches the


Diamondback Bicycles LUX Comp Women’s Hardtail Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for women riders. It has everything a sting woman needs for an exciting bike race. It has its flaws, but the model is pretty decent and is a good investment. If you consider the price range, it’s one of the best models for women riders.

What to look for while buying a full-suspension mountain bike

As a rider, you need to get a proper mountain bike that is ideal for cross country racing or riding on a bumpy mountain trail. You have to consider the riding comfort, the track’s style, the intensity of the way, and many other factors before you buy your next bike.

In the other hand, beginners also need clear cut guidance on what they need to buy You can follow this guide on What to look for while purchasing a full-suspension mountain bike for choosing the right bike-

The bike style

It would be best if you chose your full suspension mountain bike according to the ride you prefer. While some are for leisurely riding, others are for pro racers. Here are some models-

Cross country or CX bike

Cross country bikes are ideal for long and downhill racing for professionals. If you are into cross country racing, a good XC mountain bike is perfect for you. They have less cushion in their suspension. It decreases the weight and also increases efficiency.

Trail mountain bike

The trail mountain bikes are one of the most versatile models that you can buy. They are ideal for all roads and can support the rider during the uphill or downhill journey with equal efficiency. If you love to go on bike rides through mountains, buying such models is the best choice.

Downhill bikes

Unique mountain full suspension bikes for downhill rides. The models are ideal for going down on terrain with speed and jump.

Enduro or All-mountain bike

Well, enduro bikes are in between the trail and downhill bikes. It would help if you pedaled harder as they have designs similar to the downhill bikes. Additionally, such bikes have better suspension and durable design to allow you to ride through bumpy tracks.

Check the suspension

The suspension is an essential feature in what to look for while buying a full-suspension mountain bike.  There are two sorts of rest that you can consider-hardtail or full suspension. Hardtail suspension is standard on Cross country bikes. Those models do not have a rear suspension, but a simple suspension fork that assists with a fascinating effect on a smooth path. Conversely, a full suspension bicycle has both a front and back stun, which gives more effect ingestion and a smoother ride. Full suspension may make it harder to climb challenging. Yet, it frequently accompanies a “lock-out” component to keep the back stun more inflexible on the ascensions.

You have to consider the frame.

In general, full-suspension mountain bikes have two types of frame-aluminum compound and carbon fiber. The bicycle’s weight, solidness, and cost depends on the edge. Aluminum is maybe the most well-known because of its lower value point and higher solidness. Carbon fiber is a mainstream light-weight other option. However, it comes at a higher expense.

Size of the wheel

Simultaneously, the 26-inch wheel was the norm. However, bigger wheel sizes like 27-inch or 29-inch have become a standard. They permit you to turn over deterrents on the path all the more without any problem. 29-inch wheels (29ers) handle more significant territory better, even though they’re somewhat harder to deal with, while 27.5 inches is a balanced choice.


All the bikes on this list are good and can offer you a great experience. You can choose your favorite full suspension mountain bike from the list as per your riding preference and budget.


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