Best New Mobile Games in 2020

Mobile Games
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Gaming has become such a large industry in recent times with it growing an exponential rate, but the mobile games sub-sector is the reason why the industry is growing so quickly as it is now the industry leader in terms of revenue. Because of this, app developers are bringing out games by the day and we’ve looked into this further today with some of the best games on the market currently. 

Mobile Games 2020
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Mobile games has been able to benefit from rapid advances in technology, and it isn’t the only industry to do so. Online casinos, such as this list of non gamstop casinos, have also benefitted from this with app developers being able to create the best user experience for us punters to be able to try and produce a profit from just the use of our smart phones. 

Mario Kart Tour is one of the games that we are loving playing at the moment as the Mario series has been around since the start of the gaming revolution and with this updated version it really has taken steps in the right direction. Free to play for all, it seriously can prove to give gamers hours of fun and with the multiplayer version you can now play against all your friends online.

Mini Motorways + Mini Metro is a quirky and alternative game in which you can spend hours playing in what seems like a simple game but certainly addictive. You become the road and/or metro manager for a city and have to try and produce a network of roads and railways to enable city goers to get round the city in the most efficient way. The aesthetics of this game are unbelievable, and the fun is virtually endless.

Another returning classic that has had a revamp during 2020 is that of Words with Friends, this game is the perfect game for those who love a word puzzle or are avid scrabble players. The best thing also is the competition that this provides between you and your friends to see who is the most articulate. This game promises to only use respectful language and proves difficult as the levels go on. 

And finally, Skate City is proving to be the best skateboarding game on mobile right now in which is quite a competitive market. Although many of us are unable to skateboard in real life, this game enables us to do our best Tony Hawk impressive. Skate City certainly ensures that you can pull of some of the best combinations and timings as well as customising your character to look exactly as you wish once you unlock more outfits.