Robot vacuums are becoming one of the most desirable smart home appliances. They are small, compact, and offer good cleaning. With a proper robot vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of the tiring job of cleaning your house. But what about the price? Well, you can easily find the best robot vacuum under $300.

A lot of manufacturers now sell vacuum cleaners at affordable prices. Here is the list of top five best robot vacuum under $300-

Best Selling Robot Vacuum Under $300

1. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX

In case someone wants to find a robot vacuum cleaner that will not burn their pockets, Eufy Robovac 11S Max can is the right choice. It is a small and straightforward vacuum cleaner that does its job correctly. It has multiple sensors that allow it to move around the room without any problem. You get a remote and painless installation procedure. Why not try it?


  • Maximum 2000 pascal suction power with the soundless operation. It also increases its suction power for cleaning that extra mess.
  • The slim design of only8 inches that makes less noise(only like a microwave oven).
  • It comes with an anti-scratch tempered glass top shield, infrared sensors for moving around the house. Moreover, it has drop sensing technology that prevents it from falling.
  • The machine recharges automatically, and you can use it to clean your rooms whenever you want.
  • The product has a Unibody filter that allows for mess-free easy cleaning without a lot of maintenance.
  • It has different cleaning modes, and you can choose the ideal mode to clean any surface.
  • The package contains a remote control, charging base, AC power adapter, a set of cleaning brush attachments, and an instruction manual for the user’s convenience.


  • Pocket-friendly slim robot vacuum cleaner
  • Makes less sound and is quite
  • Can clean multiple surfaces
  • Unibody filter to offer mess-free cleaning.


  • Since it has infrared sensors, it may get stuck in some places within your room, especially if the obstacle is slightly inclined at one side.
  • It requires ample space to get recharged from the base.
  • RoboVac 111S Max does not come with any latest technology.


Nevertheless, Robovac 11S Max is one of the best robot vacuum under $300.  It has a slim and compact design coupled with its noiseless cleaning. The vacuum suction power is remarkable at this price range. So, if you are searching for a budget-friendly vacuum cleaner that can offer a decent cleaning, consider it for once.

2. RoboGeel 21T

RoboGeek 21T is another reliable and budget-friendly option. It uses voice navigation technology to move around your house for cleaning.

The model is quite sturdy and does not get tripped or stuck easily. Furthermore, it also has an app that allows you to control the robot vacuum with your smartphone for your convenience.


  • RoboGeel 21T comes with innovative BoostGen Technology to efficiently clean with increased suction power(max 1600 Pa). It can quickly increase its efficiency in just 1.5 seconds.
  • The 2.8-inch slim body is enough to clean the most challenging corners of your home without any problem.
  • It has a 2600mAh battery that offers a run time of nearly 100 minutes.
  • RoboGeel 21T does not fall over edges or stairs as it has the anti-drop technology with infrared sensors and twin ban magnetic straps.
  • It has wi-fi technology, and you can connect it to your Alexa or Google Home easily. Moreover, the product has voice command controlling along with an App and a remote for better control.


  • An affordable budget robot vacuum comes with the latest technologies like wi-fi, voice command, and app connectivity.
  • It can clean rugs, hardwood floors, and regular laminated floors.
  • The innovative anti-drop technology prevents the machine from falling off the edges.


  • The cleaner does not map a room correctly. Hence, it may not finish cleaning one room before moving to the next.
  • Although it can connect with Google Home and Alexa, the connectivity time is longer than expected.


User RoboGeek is a strong contender for the battle of the best robot vacuum under $300.  It has the latest wi-fi tech, innovative sensors, and reliable suction power to clean up the mess. If you are ready to compromise for the mapping capability and smart assistant features, it is enough for you.

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3. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum cleaner

You do not need to spend a lot of money to buy a trendy and efficient robot vacuum cleaner. There are plenty of models with the tag of best robot vacuum under $300.  For example, the ILIFE V3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner is among such models. It is within the budget range and does what you need.- It cleans. The machine is best for hardwood or tiled floors and keeps everything shiny and clean. It has unique mapping capabilities to remove all the debris.


  • ILIFE V3s Pro has innovative tangle-free pet dander technology to pick up any pet hair and other things like debris, human hair residue, dirt, or small debris.
  • It has a slim and compact design. Hence, the machine can reach under the beds and furniture and clean the farthest corners without any problem.
  • The robot cleaner has self-charging facilities with smart sensors. It has a run time of a maximum of 100 minutes.
  • ILIFE V3s Pro comes with anti-fall and anti-bump tech that prevents it from getting damaged or tripped during cleaning. Additionally, it has a remote control and one-touch auto cleaning button on the machine.
  • The product is user-friendly and requires less maintenance. You need to clean the dust bag and filter. The filter needs replacement after one month.


  • ILIFE V3s Pro has an impressive two-hour battery life, one among the highest in this list.
  • Its compact sign allows it to reach the tight corners to clean hidden
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Anti-fall and anti-trip technology to prevent random falling off from edges’


  • It may not clean dirty carpets with proper
  • The mopping capabilities are not that much reliable.
  • The robot cleaner does not have room-scanning facilities or any other latest


It may not be one of the most tech advanced models, but the price range is affordable. The simple operating system with impressive battery life is ist main benefit. It is ideal if you only have a hardwood floor in your room.

4. Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S is one of the lightest robot vacuum cleaners in this list. It is ideal for day to day cleaning of your home. The most significant benefit of this vacuum cleaner is that it comes with a pure HEPA filter. Hence, if someone suffers from an allergy, it is the best robot vacuum under $300.  Therefore, the vacuum filters the debris while cleaning. It can also reduce your allergy attacks and provides you with a sparkle clean home without spending a lot.


  • DEEBOT robot cleaner comes with two side brushes, the central meeting that allows it to sweep, vacuum, and lift while cleaning your
  • The model comes with auto mode, spot mode, and edge mode for versatile and effortless cleaning.
  • It is compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistant and follows their voice commands. Additionally, you can also control this robot vacuum with the Ecovacs Smart app on your smartphone. The App has advanced features like status updates, direct control accessories status, cleaning modes, scheduling for cleaning, etc. to ensure you get the best vacuuming experience.
  • The product is capable of increasing its suction power during cleaning tough dirt and piled debris.
  • It can run for 110 minutes and also returns to its base after the battery is low.


  • 12-month warranty for the manufacturers. It is capable of creating powerful suction during cleaning carpets or hardwood floors. Additionally, it also comes with a suction tool for cleaning hardwood floors.
  • The electronic control of the water pump helps you to set the dripping rate.
  • It can clean any floors with different cleaning
  • The Intelligent floor detection mechanism
  • Higher battery life
  • Comes with HEPA filter


  • It is not able to wet mop and vacuum at the same time.
  • The model is a little big and may not reach for smaller areas under furniture.
  • The dust bin and water reservoir are smaller. Hence, it would help if you stopped the machine to clean the container and fill the water tank multiple times during the cleaning sessions.
  • No indicator for bin capacity
  • The App needs more features.


Ecovacs 79S is the best model under $300 for allergy patients. It has HEPA filters and many unique features that can offer efficient cleaning. Buying it is not heavy on your pocket and prevents allergy attacks from occurring frequently.

5. Amrobt SI-350D Robot vacuum cleaner

Amrobt Robot cleaner is among the most affordable cleaners that you can find within a $300 price tag. It does not come with some of the coveted facilities. But, compared to its price tag, the work performance is dependable.

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  • Amrobt robot vacuum cleaner has the smart mapping function that allows it to map the area to find the best possible cleaning route. It notifies the user of the mapped path and coverage area through the App. You can also monitor the maps and cleaning performance from your smartphone.
  • It has the mopping power of 1800 Pa with a powerful suction ability with a 2-in-1 cleaning facility. Hence, the robot vacuum cleaner can efficiently clean hardwood floors, carpets. It also has an advanced filter and trash can to keep the debris.
  • The product has six different cleaning modes- automatic cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, mop cleaning, zigzag cleaning, and scheduled cleaning. You can choose any of these modes for the exclusive App or through the remote.
  • The anti-collision buffer layer protects your furniture from damages during the cleaning. Additionally, Amrobt vacuum cleaners also have anti-drop technology to prevent falls.
  • The 2600 mAh battery allows it to run for 120 minutes after a single charging session. It also returns to its charging base automatically as soon as the battery drops.


  • 12 months warranty from the manufacturer
  • Six different cleaning modes
  • Intelligent mapping technology to find the best possible routes
  • High battery power with a longer run time


  • Available modes often do not work
  • The cleaner often does not complete cleaning a spot before moving to another.
  • Makes too much sound while cleaning
  • The brushes get loose during cleaning and may get detached from the robot
  • It is a little thick in width and may not reach under the toe kicks or the cleaning cabinets.
  • The suction power is weak.


If you have a relatively large home with hardwood flooring, the Amrobt vacuum cleaner can be the right choice. It is a little noisy, and you may need to get used to its features. But, the performance is impressive.

Advantages of robot vacuum

Simple To Use

One of the main advantages of robot vacuum cleaners is that they are straightforward to utilize. It runs itself as you choose the cleaning model and all the other settings for vacuuming. Place the gadget on the floor in a fitting beginning spot, and you’re all set.

Furthermore, numerous models have been refined throughout the years to act naturally directing and comes with intelligent features, which means accidents are turning out to be increasingly more far-fetched as the innovation develops. That implies you don’t need to stress your vacuum is breaking down or getting stuck on a surface.

Time saver

One of the most attractive advantages of robot vacuum cleaners is that you don’t need to be available when the vacuum is working. A self-sufficient robot vacuum cleaner does not require any surveillance and cleanses your house faster than you think.

You need to turn it on, and it will accomplish all the work for you. Hence, you do not need to spend time cleaning your home. Instead, you can spend your time doing any work during this time.

Can clean different surfaces and any dirt

The main advantages of a robot vacuum? It can work on different surfaces like carpets, laminated surfaces, hardwood floors, etc. Therefore, you can clean anything without any problem. Additionally, the robot vacuum cleaners can handle a wide range of dirt and debris also. From fine dust to piled up debris- these machines can clean anything.

The machines can also distinguish the measure of cleaning required in various circumstances and will more than once go over a zone until it is perfect. This degree of detail with regards to cleaning is unmatched in other comparable items.

Efficient machines

Robot vacuum cleaners come with intelligent features like infrared sensors—mapping abilities, multiple cleaning modes, etc. Additionally, the machines also have remotes and apps so that you can control it from your smartphone. Robot vacuum cleaners are efficient and last for a long time.

Small size, Compact and Easy to Store

A robot vacuum is a lot smaller than an upright or canister vacuum cleaner and, in that capacity, can without much of a stretch be put away in pretty much any space — in a wardrobe, under a bed, or any place you have room. This makes the item perfect for any property holder with constrained extra room or is attempting to scale back their things.

Hence, if you have a lot of furniture or have significantly less space to store any machine, buying a robot vacuum cleaner is the best idea. The smaller size and compact designs are one of the best advantages of robot vacuum cleaners. So you do not need to rearrange your furniture or home and store the machine in a small space without any problem.


If you consider the advantages of robot vacuum cleaners under the price tag $300, they are quite reliable. All these machines work well and offer proper cleaning. Additionally, the reasonable price also keeps your expenses to a minimum. Therefore, if you are willing to make a new addition to your smart gadget line-up, a robot vacuum cleaner is the best.


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