The Best Sectionals under 2000: Stars of Your House

Top 11 best sectionals under 2000
Top 11 best sectionals under 2000

Have you just moved to a brand new house? Congratulations! Now, let’s dress up your home with a splendid sofa! Or if you are so fed up with the low-quality old sofa in your living room, it’s time to get a better one. 

So, why a sectional?

A sectional sofa offers various benefits

A sectional sofa offers various benefits

A sectional sofa will not only add an elegant look to your lovely house but is also versatile. You can freely split it into pieces, arrange it in whatever shape, and place it wherever you want!

And what can be better to have all these benefits at an affordable cost of just under 2000?

So, let’s not wait any longer! Below is our in-depth review of the top 11 best sectionals under 2000.

What to Look For in a Sectional Sofa?

If you are still cannot make up your mind yet, here is our further assistance. Refer to our buying guide below to see the essential elements to consider when buying a sectional sofa.


The frame of a sofa is just like the bones of the human body. A quality frame not only holds up all the components of the sofa but also protects it from any external force.

The frame is especially important for a sectional as it does not always stay at the same place the whole time. When using, you will move it multiple times to form different configurations. Therefore, it’s crucial that the sofa doesn’t fall apart.

So, what is the best frame for a sectional sofa?

Hardwoods are the top-notch material. They are unlikely to get crack or rotten. Therefore, a sectional with a solid hardwood frame is a wise choice. That’s why all the top 11 best sectionals under 2000 above have all-wood frames.

Besides, it would be a bonus of quality if the joints on the sofa are connected by gluing, screwing, or dowelling. And it would be even better if corner blocks are available to keep the frame in shape.


The next thing that makes up a high-quality sectional sofa is the upholstery. The perfect material for upholstery varies in different people with different uses.

If you are looking for a durable upholstery that retains its beauty after a long time of use, the tightly woven fabric may be the best choice. This fabric usually lasts for a very long time and is not easy to wear out.

Upholstery made of cotton and linens can give a charming glance and comfortable seating. However, you should keep in mind that it’s hard to preserve the sofa as well as cleaning it.

Now if you have kids or pets in your house, microfiber can be the optimal choice. This material is resistant to stains and tears. Also, you don’t have to spend much effort in cleaning it.

Leather is also a common upholstery used by most consumers. This material has a luxurious look while being durable and easy to preserve. Top-grain leather and corrected leather are the best leathers in the market.


The cushion is also a huge matter of concern. Everyone wants the best comfort when sitting or lying on a sofa. And enough cushion is necessary to have the most relaxing time.

Typically, the best filler for a sectional is the high-resiliency and high-density foam. This filler can easily return to its original form after use. Besides, it also faces a low risk of disintegration.

Meanwhile, cotton and down-filled cushions also have excellent resilience. However, as time pass, you will find it more likely to sink your body into these cushions. Of course, you may not have the chance to see its original look again.

The Stone & Beam Hoffman Living Room Sofa uses the down filling. And that’s why we said that it may not flatten out after you sit on it.

Pieces of Furniture

It’s also necessary to pay attention to what inside the box. Remember that more pieces don’t mean better sectional. You can see that most sectional comes in various pieces of furniture.

The Stendmar S150RG even includes up to five pieces. But is it the best option?

We cannot tell you for sure. How many pieces is the best or what are the best pieces? All depends on your need! The most important thing is that the sofa set fits your house and is suitable for your personal uses.

If you don’t lie down on the sofa, a chaise will be unnecessary. Or if you want extra storage space, you will love the ottoman. Overall, only take what you need!

Auxiliary Features

Sectional sofas nowadays are much different from the past. For maximum convenience, many auxiliary features have been added to give more assistance. These features can be a bonus point when you have to compare two similar items.

For example, reclining seating is one of the most favorable features. It allows users to customize the seat to achieve the best comfort. Consoles with cup holders and USB ports also gain much popularity.

11 Best Sectional Sofas Under $2000

Scroll down to find all you need to know about these 11 best sectionals under 2000! Remember to stay focused because you won’t want to miss anything!

Homelegance Platina Sectional Sofa: Best for Lounging

The first sectional sofa that Playcast Media will review today is this Homelegance Platina. Made of 100% polyester, this delicate sofa in chocolate color will be a brilliant decoration for your living room.

So, why did we say that it’s best for lounging?

With the adjustable headrests, this piece of furniture can occupy up to three people lying to watch TV. For even more space, a bed is available at the bottom of the sofa. Freely pull it out whenever you need it!

What about when you don’t need it?

Everything is quick and tidy. Just push the bed back. Then, store your pillow and blanket in the spacious ottoman. Done! And you don’t even have to spend much effort on the next bed-using!

However, there are also complaints about the plastic legs of this sofa. These legs seem to be not sturdy enough for heavy-duty. So, make sure that you don’t overload it!

Overall, if you love to relax at your best, purchase this comfortable Homelegance Platina Sectional Sofa now!


  • Solid hardwood frame
  • Excellent support and comfort
  • Lightweight construction


  • California’s Proposition 65 warning

Divano Roma Furniture Large Classic Sofa: Best for Family

If you are looking for an enormous couch for the whole family, this Divano Roma Furniture Large Classic Sofa is all you need! So, how big is it?

This leather sofa can carry up to six people at the same time! Afraid that it won’t be comfortable for all? Don’t worry! The reclining and overstuffed seats, combined with the armrests, provide you with the maximum comfort.

Besides, although this set is super huge, you will find little difficulty when putting it together. Everything is straightforward and can be finished within hours by one strong man only.

Assembly is easy, but carrying is a lot harder though. This giant sofa is at least 300 lbs, meaning that the transporters may not assist you in carrying. Therefore, you need to prepare a little bit before ordering.

So, if you live in a big family or frequently accommodate visitors, this Divano Roma Furniture Large Classic Sofa is right for you. Do not hesitate anymore and buy it now!


  • User-friendly instruction
  • Well-stuffed seats
  • Outstanding classic look


  • Peeling leather
  • Large space needed

Stendmar S168LG Contemporary Microfiber Sectional Sofa: Best for Multi-Function

Now, let’s meet this multi-purpose Stendmar S168LG! Firstly, you may want to find out what you will get when unboxing this package.

This Stendmar sofa set comes with three separate pieces. One is the sofa. Next is the chaise. And the final is the ottoman.

But that’s not everything you can do with it!

The best thing is that you can arrange these three pieces to make a bed. And that’s not a standard bed but a Queen-size! Don’t believe it? See the picture below!

How to turn Stendmar S168LG into a Queen-size bed

The drawback of this useful sectional sofa is that the feet twist is not tight enough. This won’t be a problem if you put the sofa on a rug. However, if it’s not fixed steadily, you may have to spend time adjusting the feet to keep them in place.

So, if you are interested in this Stendmar S168LG that can be both a sofa and a bed, hurry up and order it now!


  • Comfortable seat cushions
  • Easy-to-clean fabric
  • All-wood frame


  • Unstable plastic legs
  • Heavy construction

Homelegance Rosnay Manual Reclining Sectional: Best Handy Sectional Sofa

Here is another sectional sofa from Homelegance. This time is the Rosnay collection.

You may wonder about the title we gave it. What did we mean by “handy”?

Well, the first thing to say is that you can easily adjust the reclining seats. There is a manual mechanism that allows you to get the slope that you want.

What’s more?

Now you will have everything in hand with the two consoles on this Homelegance sofa. In these consoles, you will find the useful compartments as well as the fantastic cupholders.

All you need is in this spectacular sectional sofa!

The most significant shortage of this one is that it’s too heavy. Despite its neat look, this sofa weighs up to 356 pounds. You know what it means! Don’t forget to find some strong men to do the carry for you!

Generally, if you like spending all day on the sofa, buy this handy Homelegance Rosnay Manual Reclining Sectional now to receive the best sofa time!


  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Easy-to-operate motion
  • Cushioned headrests and armrests
  • Stable construction


  • Lack of footrest

Global Furniture USA U3118C-SUBARU Sectional Sofa/Loveseat: Best for Innovative Features

Next on the list is this plush Global Furniture USA U3118C-SUBARU. You can see how we named it. Now let’s find out what are the innovative features offered by this sectional sofa!

These features come in a long list. Get ready to be amazed!

First of all, the manual reclining seat brings you the best comfort when sitting. Then, if you want to eat your dinner while watching TV, the drop-down table is there to help. Also, cup holders and USB ports are included in the list.

And those are still just the remarkable features. There are a few more left, waiting for you to discover yourself.

However, more features mean more components. In other words, it is harder to set up this sectional sofa. You will need much attachment to complete it. So, make sure to get some help if necessary.

Overall, this up-to-date Global Furniture USA U3118C-SUBARU is a gorgeous piece to add to your living room. Order it now and enjoy multiple magnificent features!


  • Chenille fabric
  • Versatile style
  • Pillow-top arms
  • Lightweight design


  • Unqualified packaging
  • At least 6 inches from the wall needed

Century Modern Outdoor Marina Collection Sofa: Best for Patio/Backyard

Now if you are looking for a stunning piece of furniture to place in the backyard or ratio, this Century Modern Outdoor Marina Collection Sofa is a must-buy.

In the backyard or ratio, the furniture has to face high risks of dirt, stain, and other contaminants. But this will not be your worry if you own this easy-to-clean sofa.

Made of water-resistant fabric, this Century Modern Outdoor sofa is can withstand all kinds of weather. Besides, the zippers on the cushions make it easier to clean in a washing machine.

What else?

This resort grade furniture stands on high-quality aluminum, supported by the sturdy and exquisite woven wicker. So, you can make sure that this sofa set will be long-lasting.

There is nothing much to complain about this one. But we prefer a little more comfort on the arms where there is no cushion. However, of course, you cannot ask for this thing on an outdoor sofa.

No need to think twice! Buy this marvelous Century Modern Outdoor Marina Collection Sofa immediately, and have relaxing tea time in the afternoon with it!


  • No assembly required
  • Ultra-soft seat cushion
  • Lightweight design


  • On the expensive side

Meridian Furniture 664-Sectional Gail Collection Modern: Best for Pets

Want to gain the best impression in the eyes of visitors? How about getting this luxurious Meridian Furniture Gail Sectional?

Designed with plush velvet upholstery, this sectional couch can easily catch the attention of anyone nearby. Besides, the chrome legs help add a metallic shine to the sofa set.

And good news for cat-lovers:

There are many reports that this sectional is resistant to cat claw, meaning that your cat is free to play with the sofa without leaving a scratch on it. Moreover, cleaning up the fur is also effortless.

Still, there are a few negative reviews about the firmness of the cushion. Some said that it was too hard to sit on. However, we believe that it will soften up in the future. All it needs is just time!

So, what are you waiting for? With just under 2000, you can get this opulent Meridian Furniture Gail Sectional. Purchase it now, and see how it daze other people!


  • Deep tufting
  • Throw pillows included
  • Lightweight design


  • Low backrest

Iconic Home Da Vinci Sectional Sofa: Best Cushioned Sofa

Let’s continue with this sectional sofa from the Da Vinci collection of Iconic Home! Upholstered in premium PU leather, this sofa will give a rich touch in your living room, office, or lounge. 

So, how well is it cushioned?

With this sectional, you will receive a multi-density foam that is not only soft but also supportive. Besides the comfortable seating, the sofa also comes with two square accent pillows and one rectangle accent pillow, giving you more support than ever.

Another advantage of this Iconic Home Da Vinci sectional sofa is its weight. It is only 190 lbs. For a sectional sofa, this number is stirring. So, moving it around will be none of a difficult task.

Assembly is simple as well until you reach the feet part. That’s when the drawback of this Iconic Home sofa appears.

In two feet attachments, you will find that there is no hole available for screwing. Therefore, you will need to drill the holes first. Make sure that you have a drill in advance!

Does this compact yet plush Iconic Home Da Vinci sectional sofa seem attractive to you? If yes, it’s time to grab it to your house!


  • Multiple colors available
  • Excellent craftmanship
  • Stylish button tufting
  • Polished silver metal legs


  • Soft clean only

Stone & Beam Kristin Fabric Sectional Sofa: Best for Heavy-Duty Yet Lightweight

A heavy-duty sectional sofa that is lightweight as well. What can be better? With this Stone & Beam Kristin Fabric Sectional Sofa, nothing is impossible.

Designed in classic style incorporate with the nylon performance fabric, this sectional sofa is well-qualified for  heavy-duty uses. Meanwhile, the lightweight structure enables comfortable transportation.

Can you guess how light is it? The previous Iconic Home sofa has an impressive weight. But this one is even more noteworthy with only 138 lbs. Hardly can you find any sectional with this weight!

What about the downside?

The sofa looks nice but it’s not comfortable enough. Your body may not sink into the seat as deep as you want. Also, it may not be perfect to lie down on it for relaxing.

Generally, this vigorous but light Stone & Beam Kristin Fabric Sectional Sofa is an ideal choice for those looking for more than just relaxation. Buy it now, and experience how well it works!


  • Solid hardwood
  • Laminate wood frame
  • Durable construction


  • New fabric smell
  • On the expensive side

Stendmar S150RG Microfiber Big Sectional Sofa Set: Best 5-In-1

This time we will meet Stendmar again. The company did an excellent job with the previous S168LG. Now, let’s see how well this Stendmar S150RG works?

Firstly, please take a look at the title we gave it! Can you guess what does 5-in-1 stand for? Well, you got three pieces with the last one. What about this one?

Yes, in total, you will receive up to five different pieces of furniture when buying this sofa set. The list consists of a left sofa, a corner sofa, a right sofa, an armless chair, and an ottoman.

Imagine how many styles you can arrange these pieces into! The sectional sofa is now more fun than ever!

On top of that, these pieces can fit a standard door frame, so you won’t have to struggle much when moving it into your house. There is only one piece that needs more care to pass the door.

Although letting this sofa set get into your house is quite simple, carrying it is a real fight. This set weighs up to 500 pounds in total. For each piece, you may need at least two strong men to handle the task.

So, if you need a giant sectional sofa set for a variety of use, this Stendmar S150RG will be one of the best deals you can have.


  • Modern style
  • Solid all-wood frame
  • Stable metal/wooden legs
  • Various setup impossible


  • On the expensive side

Stone & Beam Hoffman Living Room Sectional Sofa Couch: Best for Comfortable Use

The final sectional today belongs to the old friend Stone & Beam. So, with this Hoffman collection, what will you get?

What we love most about this one is its comfort. With the high-performance polypropylene, this sofa is perfect for heavy wear. This also means that even after a long time using, you will still get exceptional comfort.

Things even get more comfortable as the fabric is stain-resistant. Spills, pets, or kids. This Stone & Beam sofa helps you solve all your problems! Everything you need to do is relax.

The biggest minus point of this one is that there is not enough stuffing. This makes the seat stay sinking after you stand up. This is quite annoying when the seat may not flatten out. But anyway, this is not a big deal.

So, is this comfortable Stone & Beam Hoffman Living Room Sectional Sofa is what you are looking for? If yes, it’s time for shopping.


  • Solid hardwood frame
  • No assembly required
  • Durable construction


  • Difficulties in installation
  • Expensive cost

Our Best Choice

Now, you may wonder that among the top 11 best sectionals under 2000, which one is our best choice. Well, the answer is:

Century Modern Outdoor Marina Collection Sofa!

This item is quite prominent compared to the others. It’s the only outdoor sectional sofa on the list. But that’s not why we chose it.

Talking about the bright side, this one is an extraordinary yet graceful decoration for your patio or backyard. The quality of this sofa is also of high level with ultra-durable construction and easy-to-maintain design.

On the dark side, lacking armrests is just a minor shortcoming. Since it is born for outdoor activities, you won’t need many pillows on the arms.

So, those are the reasons why this Century Modern Outdoor Marina Collection Sofa is our best choice. Of course, you don’t have to impose our opinion on yours. Please feel free to choose what is best for you!

Make Your Decision

Playcast Media have been through a long way to finish our thorough review of the top 11 best sectionals under 2000. Now it’s time to make your decision! Did you find the perfect one for yourself?

If yes, do not waste more time! Grab your wallet and start shopping now! We hope that the sectional will help elevate the appearance of your house.

Last but not least, remember to give us a like and share to encourage our work. And if you still cannot find the best one for you and need more help from us, let us know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading until the end, and we wish to see you again!


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