Best website footers examples

Best website footers examples

This element performs several important tasks at once. And depending on the design, it can be directed to some of them or all at once in website footers. Here are some best website footers examples.

So, the main functions are:

  • Informational. Information about the company, partners, and other aspects that the user may theoretically want to know. Also, warranty, delivery, and information that you find interesting.
  • Relinking. A simple and graceful way to accomplish this task.
  • Addresses, routes, contacts on third-party sites. At the same time, and the ability to promote all the other resources of the company.
  • Stylish design element. This block now has an important stylistic meaning. Without it, the resource looks somehow unusual, unprepossessing, repulsive.

How to make a site footer

The easiest and most convenient way to get a website with the correct layout of all elements is to order a service from Studio 17. This will save you from a lot of problems at once. And it will help to unleash the full potential of the footer, turning it into a profitable tool that really does the lion’s share of the work.

Let us remind you that we work exclusively through WordPress templates, which means that we solve any problem as soon as possible. When ordering a web development service, the perfect bottom element will be included by default. But at the request of our client, we can modify it in a separate order.

What should be in the footer of the site

The answer to this question is very simple – whatever you want. Of course, it would be a mistake to pile up all the possible options. A too overloaded bottom will cause the opposite reaction. For users, this will be a place where it is better not to scroll. But if you clearly choose a few goals, a couple of small modules and links, put them down, they will look organic and perform their functions well. It is worth focusing on design, visual logic, and actual necessity. So each project has its own criteria, it all depends on the features.

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Authorship Information

This is the traditional part. It is often located at the very bottom, although there are other options. A brief note on copyright, as well as the rules for copying, distributing information contained on the site. The developer is indicated, sometimes the conditions for collecting personal data, the principles of cookies and the like.

This measure helps, first of all, to play on the reputation. If the level of companions is high. For example, brands that are currently being heard. In addition, the most famous customers are often listed in this field. It also indicates that the company is quite capable of handling large orders, very demanding requirements. After all, the interests of these brands were fully satisfied. Trust is the main ingredient in sales. And a page footer is a way to conquer it very quickly. Therefore, it will be logical to use it and hire front-end web developer.


Of course, there is no point in attaching all possible means of communication and communication here. After all, there is often a separate page for this. Everything is written therein detail and clearly. But here are the key aspects, the physical address of the main sales department and the phone number for contacting a consultant – this is almost a mandatory item. So that the client at any time, when he decided to contact the project or save the data in his diary, organizer, could do it. An e-mail address is also often posted. After all, corporate clients just work through a similar method of communication.

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Social networks

It’s no secret that it is now one of the main sources of leads. Their popularity is enormous. It is worth remembering that as the main resource links to social networks, so they, in turn, should send potential customers back. A certain cycle is created. Moreover, in most of the networks, there is simply no way to place a sales mechanism, and the purchase will still take place on the web resource.

Lead form

Various variations of the transition to order or contact with a consultant. Of course, we already have contacts here. But besides them, it may be a good idea to place direct links to the directory or, more often, to the basket. And also in the form of sending a letter to technical support or for consultation. Although, it is worth remembering that if the resource has a live chat function, then the need for such a form is dubious. Littering up the field is also not very logical, as well as too intrusive pressure on users. It is better to try to arrange everything modestly and tastefully. Remember the name of the bottom of the site – the footer. That is, a room with auxiliary functions. They should not be “louder” than the main ones.


If you are going to use such an element, then there are very few methods for this. Side menu or bottom. This is a great opportunity to visualize the address, immediately show how close the main building is. The user, with a quick glance, often recognizes the area on the map. And in his head, it is already immediately postponed that the shop is located there. And he, most likely, will not forget this information. If he is nearby, he will drop in to see it live.


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