Can your bed protector maxi pad perform like this?

maxi pad

When you have incontinence issues, a restful night’s sleep might seem especially difficult. Incontinence pads are one way to preserve your mattress and bed linens if you frequently wake up or need to change your sheets. These pads are often placed over your sheets to prevent liquids from getting to your linens and mattress.

To help you sleep better (and dryer) at night, we have cello bed protector maxi pads. The nurse always recommends this to their patients and helps to keep them dry.

The cello bed protector maxi pad is a highly absorbent and waterproof bed pad or mattress protector. Suitable for use on chairs or beds.

Why use cello bed protector maxi pad

It provides features like a soft top cover fabric that increases comfort while retaining strength; an absorbent core made of virgin fluff fibres that ensure quick absorption and maximum comfort; a soft waterproof backing that is silent and minimises movement when in use; folding for hygienic bench storage.

It meets the following requirements:

  • High absorbency under pad/mattress protector for adults
  • Absorbent fluff pulp core

Who can use the cello bed protector maxi pad?

Those that you know have serious continence issues. Incontinence can be caused by a variety of illnesses, such as dementia and post-stroke. Utilizing incontinence bed pads might aid in maintaining clean linens.

Is Cello Bed Protector Maxi Pads Best for Your Needs?

We will help you to understand your need and give you all the information about this product. Contact our customer service.