Card Games for Road Trips

Card Games for Road Trips

If you love to play card games at a gyümölcsös játékok, you can play using your tablet or bring along a deck of cards to get some practice as a passenger in a car. When you’ve got an exciting road trip across the Hungarian countryside planned, it’s the perfect opportunity to improve your skills and pass the time. Let’s see some card games for road trips.

Our expert card player, Sultés Szilvia, knows when to call and when to bluff. She’ll talk you through the games that you can play to keep everyone entertained on your next trip. Whether you’re heading to Budapest or crossing the Pilis Mountains, there’s some entertainment for you.


If you want to work on building a winning hand, then playing canasta might suit you. It’s a card game like poker, and you might also hear it called basket rummy

We like it as a variant of rummy, which is simple but fun. It gets its name from the Spanish word for basket, which refers to the tray where you usually put the discarded cards. You can play on your own online as your driver winds down the roads from Szentendre to Visegrád. Alternatively, if you brought along your friends or kids, then you can enjoy canasta with two to six players.

With two decks of cards, this card game aims to score points by melding. A meld is three or more cards of the same rank, and deuces and jokers are wild. You can have a maximum of three wild cards in a meld, and at least two must be natural (not wild). Your meld is placed in front of you. 

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Each player takes a turn to pick up a new card and discard one from their hand. The game ends when there are no more cards to pick up, and then you score each hand. Another way to end the game is if someone has discarded their last card.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is a card game played in casinos; a variety of baccarat, it’s popular as a live dealer game online. Once you know the rules, you can start your game and work on your decision-making skills. 

It’s easier to play online, as you’ll have a dealer, which leaves you to choose whether to bet on the Punto (the player) or the Banco (the bank). Like canasta, it’s a game of points, where aces are one, every other card uses its value, and tens, jacks, queens, and kings are zero. You add the value of the two cards dealt, and if it’s two digits, you subtract 10. The game aims to have a hand close to nine points. Your job is to decide whether the player or the banker will win or if it will be a tie.

Vingt-Un or Twenty-One

If your road trip is taking you through the breath-taking and curvy roads of Bükk National Park, we recommend a short and straightforward option. Vingt-Un is a card game also called blackjack or pontoon. The different names can often come with various rules. For a relaxed way to play with friends and family, we suggest trying pontoon.

Each player receives one face-down card. They look at it and decide how much to bet. You all receive a second card. If anyone has an ace and a 10, making 21 and called a natural, they must reveal it immediately. That player wins unless the banker has a natural, too. 

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If there aren’t any naturals after the second cards are dealt, each player decides whether to buy a card, which comes face down, or to twist, which means it’s face up. Alternatively, you can stand, which means you don’t receive any more cards. The object is to get 21 or as close as possible without going over, as then you must declare your hand a bust.


Road trips can get boring after a few hours, so if you want something challenging, why not try a new game? You’ll need to know how to play set card game. It uses a unique deck and will get you thinking. The 81 cards share certain features, such as colour, shading, the number of shapes, and type. To make a set, you need three cards that have all of one feature in common.

The dealer lays out 12 cards, and a player shouts “set!” when they find three that match. Then, they collect those cards. The game begins again, or if no set is found, three more cards are laid out until someone spots one. Once the deck is finished, whoever has the most cards collected as sets wins. 

Hit the Road

Next time you take a long trip, why not pack your tablet, some decks of cards, or a game set to keep you entertained? It’ll sharpen your skills for the next time you play in the casino.