Casino Design Secrets

Casino Design Secrets

Some of you may believe that a Online Cricket Betting ID is just an establishment or an ordinary hotel. This is partially true. In reality, casinos are designed in clever, studied, and impressive ways. For the first time ever, we can reveal these design secrets and provide a review of each one. It is important to add that there are no secrets when it comes to games. They are not rigged and gamblers do get fair play every single time.

Tall ceilings, large statues, and wide hallways

This has to be one of the first and most important secrets. Although it doesn’t look like a secret, it is. The first casino to implement it was in Las Vegas, famous Bellagio. The goal was to create a massive, elegant, and stylish space inside that will make players feel excellent and special while playing. This secret also means that Cricket ID players are not very stressed when losing money. They feel nice and they feel impressed. Since Las Vegas, we can see this secret being implemented into most, high-end casinos all over the globe. 

An online casino obviously doesn’t have this secret. However, finding the best one is difficult and time-consuming. You can check out the review of the best online casino websites and get all questions answered within minutes. After that, you will be ready to gamble at impressive Australian online casinos and win big time thanks to various perks.

Table games in groups

Table games, regardless of which one you have in mind are not appealing to casual players. These are played by high rollers or professional players. But, if we see more people at a casino table, we will want to go there and place a bet. This is why designers have been placing the games in small groups. By using this method, it is more likely to attract new players and help them stay there. For instance, Blackjack is known as a loud game and it will likely attract more players that will visit or check out close tables as well as blackjack one. 

Customers should stay in the middle

This is a secret that is known under different names but always refers to the same thing. The floor and the location of the games inside are divided in a clever way. The primary goal is to keep players in the center of a casino and make exits less visible. As such, players are more likely to stay there longer and to enjoy more. The layout is special as well. For instance, casino owners know that high rollers are interested in Blackjack, Roulette, or table games in general. Casual players prefer slots. As such, high rollers are presented with tables as soon as they enter. Casual players have a much longer route until they reach the place they want to play.

Customers should stay in the middle

The goal here is to make players go ‘’deeper’’ into a casino, testing and playing more games and gambling longer. If you visit a casino in video games you will likely see the same thing. Of course, this is a small secret that has a medium effect on gamblers and doesn’t affect gambling too much.

Slot games positioned in circles

In the 70s, slot machine games made around 30-40% of total revenue at a casino. Today, they make 75% of total revenue. Gaming machines are better than ever and more advanced. They are more appealing, easier to play and they are carefully positioned inside a casino. For instance, it is a known fact that most casual players love to play slots. But, did you know that female gamblers are more likely to play slots with some privacy? If we combine these two factors, we can deduce why casinos today have slot machines in a circular layout. This gives more privacy and at the same time makes players believe there are no a lot of games to play so they should use the first available machine. 

Time, when you were able to see long rows of slot machines, is long gone and it is less likely to come back. We must add that land based establishments have a limited number of slots. In Australia, there are over 200.000 of them. On the other hand, online sites have thousands of them, some even reaching over 3000 slots available at any given moment. 

Maze design

We must start by explaining that this secret is still present but not as much as in the 60s and 70s. The idea back then was to create a maze inside a casino and make players spend more time looking for the desired game or even an exit. There were no windows that could help you navigate and there were no clocks. The situation is still similar or can be defined as exactly the same nowadays. The culture has changed and advanced since then, but these secrets are still being used in many casinos due to their success rate. 

A maze design cannot and it isn’t used in online casinos. After all, these are websites that don’t have the ability to use something like this. However, if you visit a mortar casino, you may soon find out that you are inside a maze. Some regulations, especially evacuation plans and similar have made this more difficult for casino owners to implement but this doesn’t mean the secret is completely gone.


Next time when you want to play live game or visit a mortar casino, check out a design first. You will see most if not all of these secrets built-in and used for ages. They are simple, effective but they needed decades of perfection and research in order to be discovered and implemented successfully. Once you know all about them, you can adapt easily.