Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool

Website Testing Tool

There is a huge need for testing websites regularly so that website traffic will be enhanced without any hassle. Every website needs to be aligned with the new browsers and operating systems for the better user experience for sure. You cannot deny this fact that your website is the face of your business and you cannot compromise on it. It is also the vital channel of revenue for your online business. In this article, you will know about Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool.

You should be very alert about it and ensure that it runs smoothly on all platforms. For ensuring it, you should go for the automated testing of your website as manually testing will take your time and effort both. It is not logical to test your website manually with the advancement of new technology. 

In this case, you should take help from an automated website testing tool like Comparium which would be the perfect option for sure. I have also tested my blog with this helpful tool on different OS, devices and several different browsers and received the results in screenshots given by Comparium. If you are having a blog and you would like to know how it looks in different devices and browsers, then you should use Comparium without any second thought. 

Features of Comparium

  • One of the best and most helpful features of the Comparium is its ability to run on different platforms and not limited to only a single platform. 
  • It supports all famous operating systems which include Windows 7/8/10,High Sierra and Mac OS X Mojave. 
  • The user-interface is incredible and you would love using this app. All the options are visible and the testing website process will be much easier now. 

It supports all modern browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari. It’s really helpful if you need to check compatibility on Safari for Windows operating system.

key Features

Benefits of Comparium

  • It takes your little time and effort. It would surely help you in meeting your overall website testing requirements for sure.
  • It has a free version for users. No need to pay anything while using its version. 
  • It makes the process of the testing website more easy and convenient. 
  • All the testing reports will be sent to your registered email address in the form of the screenshots. You would get the offline reports where you can go through your website conditions. 


At last, you should try this great automated website testing tool which is free to use for now. You would be amazed by seeing its great performance and testing process. If you are into web development and quality analysis, then Comparium should be your first choice for testing purposes.

 The basic version consists of several great features that would help test your site. There is also an automated testing feature that would help you in testing your web pages without the internet. Users can use it for free and avail its great features without paying anything. Make sure you are going through all of its features and benefits before taking your next step. Start using it and share your valuable experience here with us!